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Sativa vs. Indica Highs: What Research Tells Us

Prepare to be disappointed. According to smart people who study cannabis, the effects weed has on you has nothing to do with its classification of indica or sativa, the width of its leaves or its height. In fact, using these terms are looked at as a smart marketing tactic as they are a good starting point for most people’s knowledge bank of cannabis. All sativas will not give you focus, creativity or energy and not all indicas will knock you out, so temper the expectations you have for any strain you’re smoking.

Indica & Sativa Origin Stories

“Sativa” and “indica” were used in the 18th century to describe different cannabis species. Sativa described European and Eurasian tall, thin hemp plants with narrow leaves. Indica described the varieties of hemp discovered in India. Short, bushy and with wide leaves, these plants typically grow fast.

How Can Marijuana Enhance Parts of your Life?

As the stigma of using weed recreationally continues to lose its power, hopefully the same will happen regarding its enhancement uses. Cannabis as an aphrodisiac is nothing new; it has been used for sexual health by African and Chinese cultures as well as Germanic tribes. Because if you can buy marijuana online, it may be time to spread the word. The benefits of marijuana never cease to amaze. Here are 4 ways marijuana elevates experiences to the next level. Read them before you immediately buy marijuana online or run to your local dispensary!

  • Creates a Stronger Emotional Connection
    When smoking marijuana, there’s a tendency to be more open and receptive to your partner’s emotional and physical cravings. Obviously, this improves communication – it’s gratifying to have a deeper connection with someone you trust and love – but it also helps you maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Improved Creativity
    A dull mind leads to stale creativity that feels like a chore. How sad. Weed enhances hyper priming, a cerebral process in charge of creative, abstract thoughts you have under the influence. It allows you to respond differently and think of ideas that may surprise you!
  • Heightened Sensitivity
    Tactile inputs are increased making you feel a greater rush of various sensations. Explore your senses. Sight, touch, sound and hearing.
  • Increased Powers of Visualization
    If you can think it, it gets a bit more real. The opposite is true as well. Those lacking in the fantasy area, can have improved fantasizing sessions in their heads with weed. We all know what dirty thoughts can lead to when your partner comes home.

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Buy Indica Strains

Known for their distinctive fat leaves and short flowering cycles, indica cannabis plants are also relatively small in stature, often growing under six feet tall. Indica strains are the ones to put you to sleep, or help relax you after a long days work, you can often tell the difference when smoking Indicas when your eyes become blood shot red.

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Buy Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are excellent for daytime users because most find that the Sativa high is more energizing and uplifting. These strains are not known for knocking you out or keeping you on the couch; these are more famous for their intense cerebral high.

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Buy Hybrid Strains

The effects of the many different strains of cannabis are as varied as the needs of the people who use them. For many users, recreational and medical alike, hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds. As expert breeders gain more knowledge and ability over the years, the get better and better at selecting for desirable traits in their strains. The end result is strains with more benefits and fewer drawbacks.