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Live Resin

Freshly harvested cannabis plants are used to make live resin, which is a cannabis extract that contains many cannabinoids and terpenes and has a very strong taste. Live resin differs from conventional extractions where the marijuana must be dried and cured prior to processing it; rather, it involves using flash-frozen freshly harvested cannabis. The procedure is important in safeguarding the natural chemicals of the plant such as terpenes to give out an extract, which is bold enough in taste.

Live Rosin

On the flip side, live rosin refers to a cannabis extract that does not employ any solvents but is manufactured by squeezing either marijuana flowers/buds or hashish. It keeps the original cannabinoids and terpenes intact since it is a delicate form of extraction that does not make use of any solvents; therefore, the product obtained is pure and very strong. Live rosin is highly recognized for its clean flavor as well as well-rounded impact.

Live Resin vs Live Rosin

Even though Live Resin and Live Rosin can give users strong cannabis effects, they are not the same thing. The Live Resin has stronger taste because it keeps some of the volatile terpenes, while Live Rosin is free of any leftover solvents but has pure taste. Moreover, people who prefer an extraction method without using solvents may like Live Rosin better, whereas those who like rich terpene profiles would buy Live Resin.

How to choose Live Resin or Rosin

The choice of live resin or live rosin depends on what someone likes and wants to achieve after all. You should think about the taste that you like best and whether or not you have any preferences towards the solvent free extraction. Moreover, it is important to consider how strong they are and what kind of cannabinoids are present in both products so that they fit well into your personal requirements. Don’t forget, you always have the option to buy Hash or any other cannabis products at West Coast Bud.

Mental Effects

  • Euphoria: Euphoria can be achieved using both Live Resin and Live Rosin which bring about intense feelings of joy and pleasure.
  • Creativity: After using any of the extracts, there have been claims of increased creativity and motivation; hence they are well liked by people in the art and music industry.
  • Relaxation: Although delivering a strong punch, the two concentrates enable users to relax and let off some steam as well as reduce anxiety.
  • Focus: Although highly potent, certain consumers experience a smoother and more focused effect with Live Rosin than Live Resin.

Physical Effects

  • Pain Relief: Just like THC Distillate, Live Resin and Live Rosin are popularly known for analgesic properties and, therefore useful in the treatment of chronic pain illnesses.
  • Appetite Stimulation: Consumption of these extracts may also increase users’ appetite (or “munchies”); this could be favorable for patients with appetite suppressant undergoing treatments.
  • Sedation: At higher dosages, both forms of extracts lead to drowsiness thus they can be used during the evening.
  • Relief from Nausea: Live Rosin or Live Resin may help in relieving nausea as well as gastrointestinal issues for some consumers.


Beginners should consume small amounts of live resin or live rosin and only increase the dosage if necessary. These extracts are so strong that even a drop can pack a punch. Before you buy Live Resin or Live Rosin and start using any cannabis extract in your self-care program, ensure to speak to a healthcare professional first, particularly when you have any underlying health concerns.

How to Use

  • Dabbing

Dabbing is a well-known technique which is applied in the intake of concentrates such as Live Resin and Live Rosin. The process involves heating a specialized dab rig to high temperatures then putting a small amount of the concentrate on the heated part and finally drawing the produced vapor through a mouthpiece. It is characterized by quick action and very strong flavors.

  • Vaporization

There are vaporizers which provide an easy way of using Live Resin and Live Rosin. Loading a bit of the extract in the vaporizer chamber, setting the temperature right, and taking in the vapor produced is all that is needed for this method of consumption. With vaporization, one can be very certain about dosage while the experience itself is much smoother if compared to dabbing.

  • Mixing with Flower

Adding some pieces of dried flower in a joint or bowl can be used to tame the effect, and for that reason many people do it. If you prefer a milder experience, just crumble a little bit of the concentrate over your cannabis flower of choice, mix it up nicely, and proceed to consume as usual.

How to make an order

West Coast Bud is a reliable dispensary to buy Live Resin and Live Rosin of the highest quality. Below is an easy way through which one can place an order from the website:

  1. Go Through the Products: Look at all the different kinds of Live Resin and Live Rosin options that are listed for sale on the site. There are many options available, ranging from different strains to various strengths.
  2. Include in Cart: This is as simple as clicking on the “Add to Cart” icon for each preferred product. Just click on it and all the items will be included in your cart automatically.
  3. Check Your Order: Take a moment to look over your order before you move on to the checkout stage so that everything looks right. In case of any errors, it is possible for you to remove some items or increase their quantities.
  4. Proceed to Checkout: To make the purchase, select the cart symbol, and you will be taken to the checkout page. Ensure safe entry of your payment and mailing details by following simple instructions given.
  5. Make an Order: Press the “Place Order” button after confirming all the information about your purchase. Shortly after that, you will get a confirmation email containing your order details.