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The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates 1

Many people think about thick, sticky buds that contain lots of THC when they talk of cannabis concentrates. Nonetheless, there is a wide selection of concentrate varieties today, all having different properties as well as terpenoid profiles. To obtain these concentrates, one extracts the THC and CBD content from the resinous glands called trichomes using […]

What is CBC oil? Everything You Need to Know About

What is CBC oil? Everything You Need to Know About 3

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of CBC oil and what exactly it is? This remarkable cannabis extract is rich in cbc cannabichromene, a cannabinoid that doesn’t affect your mind but has numerous potential health benefits. Cannabinoids are the chemicals that are responsible for the impact of marijuana on people when consumed; these interact […]

Everything you need to know about Cannabinoid (CBG)

Everything you need to know about Cannabinoid (CBG) 4

CBG, a compound found in cannabis, does not cause a high. This substance is prevalent across various cannabis strains, standing alongside THC and CBD as a notable component. Not limited to cannabis, it is also naturally synthesized by the human body. Cannabinoids are produced by cannabis and they include cannabigerol (CBG), one of the chemicals […]

CBD vs CBN vs CBG vs CBC: What’s the Difference?

It is likely that you are aware that marijuana is a medicinal plant containing several active agents. Cannabidiol is one of them and at the moment much discussed for its beneficial properties. However, there are other cannabinoids in cannabis that are also favorable for your health and well-being, and may be useful if you’d like […]

Cannabis Edibles Recipes – Our 10 Favorite Recipes You Can Make at Home

Introduction to cooking with cannabis Few things are better than a delicious homemade meal, and now that cannabis is being legalized in more and more states (and countries), making your own infusions is easier than ever. From salty sandwiches to sweet treats and everything in between, we’ve compiled the best recipes for marijuana-infused foods from […]

Does Medical Cannabis Help Treating Anxiety and Depression

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Medical marijuana has been used for many years to cure different types of diseases and disorders. People have started using medical cannabis as a way of reducing cases of stress-related illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depressions. Many professionals and patients recognize that marijuana contains some important properties, which may be beneficial in one’s health. […]

What is hash (hashish)?


Hashish/Hash is a tightly compressed resin extract obtained from female Sativa cannabis plant. Medically and recreationally, it is used widely due to its THC strength which makes it highly psychoactive. It may have a THC content level of 20 percent up into 60 percent as it is derived from the Sativa plant. Hash is derived […]

How To Use & Clean Bong: Everything you need to know

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The bong is a filtration device that looks like a smaller and portable hookah. It is considered as an important marijuana accessory among serious cannabis users. Picking out the right bong can give anyone a hard time, whether they are just starting to use weed or they have been doing it for years and want […]

Difference Between Weed And Hash

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Cannabis has become increasingly mainstream for both medicinal and recreational use, capturing the attention of many newcomers. Among the myriad of cannabis products, confusion often arises between weed and hash, leading consumers to ponder which is the superior choice for their needs. In this article, we’ll dive into the distinctions between hash and weed as […]

Different ways to consume cannabis

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The popularity of questions on how cannabis is used has greatly increased after many marijuana commodities were legalized. Of all these, smoking cannabis flowers remain highly demanded by most users considering that the most common way of consuming marijuana is smoking. Nevertheless, there is much more to the consumption of cannabis than smoking alone. Have […]

What Is Shatter?

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Shatter refers to a form of marijuana extract that is glass-like, and it contains higher levels of THC than most cannabis products. This product is produced by dissolving the cannabis herbs in some hydrocarbon like butane, and the reason behind that name is its tendency to break in pieces. With the expanding varieties of cannabis […]

What Is THC Distillate And How To Use It?

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In the pages of history, marijuana has always been used as medicine to treat different illnesses. Over time, there have been developments of THC distillates which may be an effective answer in helping many people with their treatment. These are incomparable products in the market due to their high level purity and unmatched cannabinoid content […]