CBD for Arthritis Pain: What You Should Know

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People have always used marijuana as a way of helping out ease of pain and inflammation including arthritis. Health workers also recommend medical cannabis for arthritis patients in states that allow its use. The popularity of CBD for arthritis has increased over the years because it is seen as an effective way for dealing with chronic pains and inflammations.

Here, we will look at different kinds of arthritis and consider whether CBD could be an effective treatment for this ailment. Through this examination, we hope to reveal some of the ways that CBD may be beneficial when used to treat arthritis-related problems.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common health problem which causes inflammation, swelling and ultimately destruction of the sick joints. The major clinical manifestations are swelling and tenderness of the affected joints. Although arthritis is not entirely treatable, most treatments focus on relieving symptoms.

A search for “What is Arthritis?” an online database brings up different forms of the illness like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, and childhood arthritis. One should know how to control and reduce the signs and symptoms that arise in these diseases so as to improve the general well-being.

Understanding the Different Types of Arthritis.

It has been mentioned before that arthritis can be classified into five main types. These affect people in different age brackets and cause them not to move well, swell, become stiff as well as experience a lot of pain.

  • Among all the forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is one of the most common ones and it can also affect every joint. Nevertheless, people suffering from this illness often feel pain in their knees, hips or backbone.
  • RA is not limited to joint inflammation. It may also affect the skin, lungs, or even blood vessels. It could result in bone erosion as well as joint deformities.
  • Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes physical pain all over the body and also leads to difficulties in thinking. People suffering from this disease usually have problems sleeping and they are also easily fatigued.
  • Intense pain attacks characterize gout, which usually occurs as acute nocturnal monoarthritis flares beginning at the metatarsophalangeal joint of the great toe in most gouty patients.
  • Difficulties arise when children with juvenile arthritis try to walk. It may cause handicaps but there are cases where kids can get cured for good.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound that is being used all over in helping cure different diseases; hence, many people want to know about it. Among other compounds that are found in marijuana plants, CBD which is an acronym for cannabidiol is one of them. CBD oil is gotten from hemp because of its high CBD and low THC content. This has made CBD gain recognition as an important aspect of medical cannabis since it is seen to work on many occasions. In modern society medication is normally associated with positivity and therefore patients should not shy away from using it to treat their normal illnesses so that they can get better quickly. The use of hemp oil or cannabis oil in treating the symptoms of various illnesses is what is known medically today as “medical marijuana”. The use of CBD hemp oil has been confirmed to ease the symptoms of patients who have similar diseases like social phobia, depression disease, and disorders with inflammations. Lately, most people diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and chronic illnesses among others seem never to be comfortable with anything else except cannabis medication nowadays!

How CBD Can Help Treat Arthritis?

It is a well-known fact that medical marijuana is beneficial to patients with different kinds of illnesses, especially if it contains CBD.

CBD use in arthritis has for a long time been discussed; in fact The European Journal of Pain has at some point discussed it , saying does it help in relation with arthritis pain and inflammation? positive outcomes have been obtained in relation to individuals suffering from arthritis thereby putting to rest any doubts on the efficacy of CBD towards arthritis patients. However, there is still not enough data on CBD products’ effects on humans, and therefore, it is difficult to draw any firm conclusion concerning this issue alone. Many studies have shown that CBD is effective against pain and inflammation, which is why many patients claim that it helps them with the pain on the joint especially when they use products high in CBD content.

Hence, there is great potential in using CBD to treat arthritis. Nevertheless, one should only think about such treatments if they have tried all other normal ways of treating arthritis first and they did not work. In addition to this, it would be wise for one to seek the opinion of a healthcare professional before taking any action as regards changing medicines so that they can be sure that it serves the particular requirement of the person in question.

How CBD Reduces Arthritis Pain?

CBD compound derived from marijuana affects different functions in the body and especially in the endocannabinoid system. One important system is the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for how we sense pain. Therefore, one may make a conclusion that CBD helps in overcoming some problems with pain, which appear during the use of this substance. Although, it depends upon the kind of CBD employed by users as some people think that applying it on the skin has better attributes towards easing arthritis issues. It is important to consider other factors too like sleep, weight, eating etc.

What is better for arthritis pain CBD or THC

It is possible for you to know that marijuana is not a single compound but comprises different compounds among them THC and CBD. The component known as THC is responsible for the “high” feeling that is associated with marijuana use and it has been found through research that CBD is more focused on pain relief which occurs around the localized area. Even though THC can affect the way you sense pain in your head, taking too much of it can lead to harmful side effects and make the situation even worse. For this reason, it is common advice to go with CBD-based products when seeking for solutions against chronic pain or inflammations with a low risk profile available.

Are there any side effects of CBD to be aware of?

Even though THC can cause both physical and psychological dysfunctions, CBD mostly leads to many disadvantages. However, we should remember that some people may feel like eating less, sleepy or sluggish with CBD use. CBD is not the same for every person, some are very responsive even to small dosage quantities. Nevertheless, taking CBD in a responsible manner may reduce the chance of these side effects. Moreover, other than being safe for use it should be noted that CBD products may also be taken alongside medication but under the advice and guidance from healthcare professionals only or else it could be harmful.

Ways to use CBD for Arthritis Pain Treatment

Using CBD for Osteoarthritis

It is important to check whether CBD products interact negatively with other drugs taken alongside them, especially if one is thinking of using them for Osteoarthritis. It would be best if you talked to your doctor about that.

The information given by individuals who handle such a type of arthritis indicates that CBD has been efficient when it comes to mitigating osteoarthritis pain while causing few side effects. From the feedback obtained from patients managing this form of arthritis, the use of topicals with high CBD contents has been found to be very effective in easing Osteoarthritis related joint pains and hence possibly blocking short lived inflammation in the joints.

Using CBD for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Most people who use CBD in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis find that it slows down the progress of the condition due to its anti-inflammatory nature. Besides, since the immune system is what gets affected by rheumatoid arthritis in attacking the connective tissues on the joints, consumption of CBD may have positive effects on one’s health through modulation of certain brain receptors linked with immunity. In addition, these products reduce stress, anxiety and lack of sleep which are experienced in rheumatoid arthritis cases because of pain, hence, giving one more justification for including CBD in arthritis treatment programs.

Using CBD Oil & Creams to Treat Arthritis

CBD users with arthritis have discovered that using topicals is very effective in dealing with pain and inflammation. CBD oil taken by mouth may help with ordinary pains, but the inclusion of CBD cream can provide a quicker solution for spot-on pain. This is where the use of CBD cream comes in handy for arthritis pain while choosing CBD oil for arthritis guarantees flexible use with good results in every case scenario.


There is a lot of hope in the effectiveness of CBD in alleviating symptoms linked to different kinds of arthritis. These commodities affect some parts of the body like those responsible for feeling pain from arthritis such as the brain and immune system. Although more studies are necessary to completely understand the overall healthy effects of CBD on our bodies and minds, first-hand reports gathered from arthritis patients indicate that the use of these products leads to a better life as they work well and reduce pain as well as swelling on the joints.

Hence, in case you have similar problems, it would be wise for you to seek expert advice on what form of CBD, dosage level, and way of using it alongside your current treatment plan safely and effectively. Nevertheless, one should note that medicating oneself with cannabis alone might not produce positive results as anticipated, hence proving why it is crucial to seek professional help.

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