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Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana: How to Use this Miracle Plant?

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Marijuana has been a subject of discussion in the medical field and law for a long time. With continued scientific research showing its potential advantages, more and more nations are starting to take on board the legalization of this multipurpose herb. Nonetheless, those who are new with marijuana may find it difficult to follow the […]

Is “Shatter Weed” the Future of Cannabis? A Glimpse into the Days to Come

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Cannabis consumers have started preferring stronger and more intense marijuana products. The exact generation is here with a vengeance – introducing “Shatter.” This product, known for having very high amounts of cannabinoids reaching records of eighty percent in some cases, is now being commonly referred to as “shatter” among the cannabis community and those who […]

Everything you need to know about marijuana for stress reduction

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It is often claimed that marijuana can help people to relax and reduce stress. Nevertheless, studies show that this effect is greatest in strains with little THC. In the present day, a lot of doctors support marijuana for dealing with stress, as well as its anti-inflammatory nature and other important uses. Below are key points […]