Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana: How to Use this Miracle Plant?

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Marijuana has been a subject of discussion in the medical field and law for a long time. With continued scientific research showing its potential advantages, more and more nations are starting to take on board the legalization of this multipurpose herb.

Nonetheless, those who are new with marijuana may find it difficult to follow the dos and don’ts. The other issue is that they might end up buying bad cheap marijuana. This can be from either the physical stores or the online dispensaries. However, it is crucial to remember that not every cheap product is of low quality.

Through this blog post, we will attempt to enlighten readers so that they are able to make out premium weed from the one which lacks enough strength or pure enough.

Cannabis: How does it affect you?

The different varieties of this miracle plant have different effects on people. For instance, some people feel like sleeping after a puff of weed while others feel that it energizes them. Therefore it follows that cannabis has differing impacts depending on the particular kind employed.

One can choose an appropriate cannabis variety while going for cheap marijuana and vice versa. This includes cannabis plants that help in; inducing sleep, relaxing, reducing stress, giving energy, making you feel high and many more other ways based on the kinds available for use. 

Normally, one would prefer to use a Kush strain for chilling out after work due to its typical Indica properties. On the other hand, there are also some hybrid strains, which as their name suggests, is a combination of two types or forms of cannabis indica and sativa ones but with dominance of one over another kind. If you decide to buy top-quality affordable marijuana, the hybrid plant has certain unique effects which are a mix from both varieties.

Components of Marijuana

Understanding marijuana and how it affects the body is crucial before purchasing weed for sale from an online store like Weed Coast Bud.


The cannabis plant contains a compound that is very strong and makes people feel different when they smoke it. THC is famous because of the way it makes one feel good but also has some pain killing effects.


In case you want cheap CBD-rich marijuana, then you must know what one can gain from using it after eating or smoking. Many people know cannabidiol as a compound present in cannabis that has medicinal value due to its unique properties. The compound is famous for easing off anxiety-related issues while also being a good analgesic that can suppress pain. Other than this, there are also some reasons to believe that CBD may provide some kind of antioxidants too and therefore be useful to you in certain cases.


This compound is majorly present in hemp products and is sometimes referred to as cannabinol. Smoking or eating it does not cause a psychological high as with THC.


This cannabinoid, called cannabigerol, is medicinal like CBD. CBG may be useful in diseases such as glaucoma and irritable bowel syndrome.

Edibles: How to Consume Them?

For those who will take cheap first timers or try out edibles from good weed quality, there are a few things to do. Don’t forget that these edibles may pack a punch depending on the particular type of marijuana employed. Therefore, if you are inexperienced in the matter, it is crucial that you do not consume all of it at once.

You might not expect how edibles will affect you when you’re just starting with cheap weed and trying out some new ones available. Moreover, such edibles take time to operate hence deceiving you into taking too much only for you to be very comfortable. This should lead you into taking precautionary measures like starting with a small bite then increase as seen fit.

Ensure that you take your precautions while buying cheap weeds as a beginner and see that the THC content in the edibles is within certain boundaries. It makes sense to use low THC products at first, increasing dosage only when you know what effects it should have on you.

Smoking or Vaping: What should you go for?

The popularity of vaping pens among cannabis lovers has seen an increase in the number of individuals who now vaporize rather than smoke their weed. Vaping technology has advanced such that it is now smaller, portable and cheaper.

When thinking about buying marijuana at a low cost, why should you choose vaping? Here are a few advantages:

  • Evading cancer agents contained in smoke of customary marijuana smoking.
  • Getting rid of the natural smell that comes when marijuana burns.
  • Keeping intact the health-giving components of cannabis.
  • Having a slower vaporization rate that allows one to control every bit of the experience better.

Naturally, people have their own tastes and habits that greatly influence whether they prefer smoking or vaping. It is possible for some people to like both ways. In vaping, users can ensure that they apply optimum heat to their cannabis extract/bud so as to get maximum benefits from the plant itself.

Smoking/Vaping of Marijuana Responsibly

It is important to be responsible while taking marijuana/weed since this applies even more when smoking or vaping. Therefore, one should take into consideration his/her environment, surrounding, and applicable statutes while buying affordable weed for smoking or vaping purposes.

Below are some few things that you should remember before you smoke or vape marijuana:

  • Respect the decisions of others: Do not force your friends or colleagues to use marijuana. They are entitled to their own choices regarding cannabis.
  • Marijuana consumption should stay out of the workspace: Using marijuana at work could be seen as breaking the rules on the company’s side and yours too.
  • Respect private property: Don’t use weed in somebody else’s home if they haven’t allowed it. Remember to always say please first.
  • Know yourself: Be aware of how much you can handle and consume marijuana in a responsible manner. Taking too much may result in bad trips or other adverse reactions.
  • Ensure product quality: Check if the cheap weed you’re buying is of good quality and doesn’t contain impurities. Purchasing from a trustworthy and licensed online dispensary like Weed Coast Bud ensures product safety and quality

Hydration Matters

In case you have ever had a session smoking or vaping top shelf low cost marijuana, then you must have felt how it dries you out starting with the lips all the way to the throat. After using the weed, there might be an increased urge of taking some water or food. It is important to take a lot of fluids even when smoking so that you can avoid this irritating thirst.
Not drinking enough water today may leave you with a hangover tomorrow just like alcohol. Moreover, it could leave you with dehydration symptoms. Hence, it is advisable that you keep a big bottle of water nearby so that you can drink on it when necessary and keep yourself hydrated all the time.


Are you a beginner in consuming marijuana? The best thing is to begin slowly and learn about the ways of using cannabis. Should there be any health complications on your part, then it would be wise to have an opinion from your doctor first before including cannabis in your medication. A health provider will be able to give some advice, and maybe even recommend some good quality but cheap weed, which might help with the symptoms.

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