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Traveling with cheap bud, Canada? Here are some tips & tricks to check out!

cheap bud canada

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for more than a year now. It is obvious that traveling with the cheap bud, Canada, might have crossed your mind,and you might be ready to experiment the same. However, what most cannabis users do not know is the fact that traveling with marijuana or cannabis can get a tad bit complicated. This is especially true if you fail to research things. 

On 17th October 2018, cannabis attained a legal status in Canada. However, the laws associated with the use and possession of cannabis has been evolving at a constant rate. In order to help you explore the potential possibilities and evade the misconceptions related to cannabis travel, here is an in-depth blog for you. 

Federal Rules to Follow with Cheap Bud, Canada

As per the latest Cannabis Act by Canada, the territories & provinces are solely responsible for the determination of rules associated with cannabis. This includes aspects such as possession limits, minimum age, as well as public use of cannabis. You also need to keep in mind the miscellaneous restrictions imposed by the government for use or possession of cheap bud, Canada

As a traveler, you need to keep these rules in mind & abide by the same when packing in the cannabis buds or using it in another territory or province. 

Things such as “It is legal in the province I live in,” might not potentially work as the federal rules and regulations differ from one place in Canada to another. Although the general usage rules are the same, the amount or quantity might differ significantly. 

Can you fly with cannabis in your possession?

Flying with marijuana or cannabis inside the territory of Canada is completely legal as far as you adhere to the minimum possession limit and age requirement, as stated for use by the government. Travelers that are planning with fly within Canada are allowed to carry about 30 grams of marijuana in their checked or carry-on luggage. 

However, you might be required to arrive earlier than the flight timing for additional questions that might be asked by the security. You might also be required to go through a second screening depending on how well the initial screening goes with the security. 

If you have been carrying cheap bud, Canada, that is more than the allowed recreational limit; you might have to show medical documentation to prove your need for this amount of cannabis. Failure to show up appropriate documentation might get you in legal trouble, as listed under the federal rules for cannabis use and possession. 

Can You Travel Out of Canada with Cannabis?

Now, the answer to this question varies depending on your destination. You might end up in a country where cannabis is illegal both for recreational as well as medical use. Apart from Canada, Georgia has legalized cannabis only for consumption and possession but not for the sale of the same. So, if you are carrying cheap buds, Canada, via a flight to Georgia, you are allowed to do so as long as you stay within limits. Further, if you plan a visit to South Africa, possession of cannabis to a certain limit is legal. However, the sale of the same is still illegal. 

Some more countries that have legalized cannabis for medical use include:

  • Uruguay (Purchase prohibited for foreigners)
  • US (Legal in 11 states, illegal at the federal level)

So, depending on where you plan to visit in the world, the rules to carry marijuana can change. 

Now, transportation of cannabis across any of the international borders is completely illegal, with no exceptions. Even if the destination has legalized cannabis, you cannot carry the same. This rule is applicable for any product that contains cannabis like oils, edibles, or concentrates, regardless of the amount. 

Even with medical permission, you cannot carry marijuana when going out on a holiday or trip to a foreign destination. To be on the safe side, it is better to leave the cheap bud, Canada, at home. Even if you are stopped at the security with marijuana in your luggage, it is better to come out with the truth instead of twisting the tale. You are more likely to be left with a warning if you stick to the truth.

Other issues related to traveling with cannabis

As per the U.S. Customs & Border Protection, the Canadians that have any kind of affiliation with the cannabis industry can be allowed a visit. This includes anyone with ownership of the legalized cannabis company or someone who works for the cannabis company with legal status. 

However, for someone who wishes to travel to the United States with regards to a reason that is associated with the marijuana industry, they might be refrained from attaining entry to the U.S. They might either be denied an entry or completely detained as per the circumstance. 

Can you drive with marijuana?

Just like alcohol or any other drug, driving to any place while being high is completely illegal. As of now, the law officers are doing their best to enforce the driving stances for marijuana users. However, it is imperative that you refrain from using cheap bud, Canada while driving. 

However, if the marijuana is just sitting inside your vehicle, and you are tested to be sober, you might be led off with a simple warning. Keep in mind that the possession rules might vary according to the state you visit in Canada. So, it is better to refrain from carrying it or at least have your medical or purchase receipt to help your case. 


Unless absolutely necessary, you should try and refrain from carrying marijuana or cheap bud, Canada, while traveling. It is important that you follow the rules in your area of residence as well as the area to which you plan to travel. Given the fact that the rules in Canada differ with the change of province, it is important that you know all the federal rules and act accordingly. When being questioned by a federal officer for the purpose of carrying marijuana or cannabis to a location of interest, make sure you are completely honest and cooperate with the officer in charge. This will help avoid any conflicts that might happen due to non-adherence to the local rules. Lastly, be safe when carrying cheap bud, Canada, and at all cost, avoid getting high as you drive. 

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