THC E-Liquid vs. THC Concentrate: Which Should You Choose?

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Today, more & more stoners are opting for the use of vaping devices for the consumption of marijuana. The reason for this choice is pretty clear. The vaping devices are easier to use, cleaner, as well as potentially safer. However, as the marijuana industry grows and the options expand, things can get confusing. One such confusion is between the THC E-Liquid and the THC Concentrates. 

So, if you have plans to purchase the THC e-liquid for sale, make sure you read through this article thoroughly. 

Smoking Alternatives: THC E-Liquid

Vape Liquid or E-Liquids involve a broad range of liquids that are meant to be used with the vape devices. All of the vape juices are created from propylene glucol, vegetable glycerine, as well as a combination created from these two. From here on, it can easily be infused or packed in with desired elements such as CBD, Nicotine, THC, or similar flavors. Even though nicotine has acquired its fair share of popularity, THC has recently started sharing this limelight. 

So, if you are looking for a THC e-liquid for sale, you will surely see good demand for the same. 

What is the THC E-Liquid?

THC E-Liquid is just what it stands for: a vaping liquid that consists of THC as opposed to nicotine. The THC E-Liquid for sale is generally packaged with the pre-filled cartridges, which can be inserted with the vape pen. After this, the pen shall heat up the liquid and turn it into THC vapor to ensure consumption. 

What is the amount of THC in the E-Liquid?

On average, the THC E-liquid for sale manufactured by reputed sellers is known to possess somewhere around 10 percent of THC. Now, this might not sound a lot; however, considering that some variants of THC concentrates tend to be strong, you will surely get a good high out of it. 

THC E-Liquid Benefits

The prime reason stoners choose THC E-Liquid over other variants is the fact that it doesn’t involve combustion. Vaping keeps you safe from the carcinogenic side-effects of that comes from traditional smoking.

Listed below are some of the noted benefits that come from the consumption of the THC E-Liquid:

  • Portable
  • Discrete Consumption
  • No Smoke
  • Potentially Lower Price Tag

How does THC E-Liquid Benefit You?

The THC E-Liquid will surely bring you the same high, like smoking the marijuana plant. However, the associated odour is way less with the E-Liquid. Plus, the high you get with the THC juice is tad bit purer. With the THC E-Liquid for sale, you get to consume fewer ingredients that help eliminate marijuana’s unwanted earthy and leafy taste. 

Could you experience side-effects with THC E-Liquid?

While in general, THC e-Liquid doesn’t have many side-effects for the stoners, no element is 100 percent free from issues. When consuming a significantly high amount of E-Liquid, it can lead to mouth irritation or throat irritation issues. 

In general, there are multiple side-effects that come with THC depending on whether you smoke, vape, or ingest the same. These issues include paranoia, fatigue, dry eyes, dry mouth, or headaches. If ever there is any such issue or side effect with you, it is a sign that you need to reduce the overall amount of e-liquid being consumed. 

Can THC be vaped legally?

Given the fact that marijuana is legal in Canada, the same rules apply for THC e-liquid for sale as well. So, to answer the question, THC can legally be vaped in Canada. However, the limitations to THC are applicable as per the law known for marijuana extracts. 

So, depending on where you live in Canada, THC e-liquid is legal, but the amount that is legally allowed can vary. 

Where can you buy the THC E-Liquid for sale?

You should buy your THC E-Liquid for sale only from trusted retailers. Any type of e-liquid that is purchased via the black markets tends to run a risk of serious health issues and potential contaminants. You can select from a range of dispensaries such as West Coast Bud to fulfill your needs. 

Selecting the Best THC Cartridge

Every stoner/vaper has some of the other favorite brands for purchasing THC e-liquid for sale. When selecting the best THC cartridge, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind:

  • THC Level:

For the money you pay, you would obviously want a high THC level with your THC e-liquid for sale. You need to find a level that is just right. If you have just started with THC Vaping, starting with a lower THC level would be perfect. 

  • The Price:

A good price is something very amazing. However, purchasing THC vaping liquids at unbelievably low prices could be a sign that the manufacturing quality is very poor. Keep in mind the fact that poorly constructed THC cartridges can be dangerous when vaped. 

  • Manufacturer:

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the manufacturer you are making the purchase from is trustworthy. The discounts and low prices aren’t worth your time and money unless they come from a reliable source. 

How is THC Concentrate Different from THC e-Liquid?

The difference between THC concentrate & e-liquid can be a tad bit confusing at times. So, let us take some time to distinguish between the two. 

In simple words, THC is a word used to describe “dab.” With the concentrates, you get access to a thing that is closest to the pure THC. With the concentrates, the end result is an intense high packed with better flavor. Concentrates tend to be complicated as compared to the e-liquids. Plus, they take longer to get acquainted. 

In general, the term THC concentrate applies to:

  • THC Wax
  • Wax Budder
  • Shatter 
  • Wax Crumble

What is the percentage of THC in the concentrates?

THC concentrates tend to house a higher THC level as opposed to the traditional smoking techniques or the THC e-liquid for sale. Some of the THC concentrates might house about 80 percent of the compound. This means that a simple puff of the concentrate might have similar effects as vaping 8 puffs of the THC e-liquid. So, when using the THC concentrates, be ready for intense and sudden high. 

So, try not to overdo the same if it’s your first time. 

THC Concentrates vs. THC E-Liquid: What Should I Choose?

Now, the entire thing boils down to personal choice & the type of high needed. Most people go for both THC e-liquid for sale as well as THC concentrate depending on their mood. The right way is, to begin with, the THC e-liquid and get acquainted. Once you are done with the basics, you can consider upgrading to the THC concentrates. 


If you are someone who wants to avoid the side effects of smoking, opting for the THC e-liquid is the right choice. For newbie’s, the idea is to start with a small amount and build-up as you go. Plus, you can also gift it to your friends or loved ones, if they are hunting for something new in the market to get a good high. 

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