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5 Best Cannabis Concentrates for the Beginners

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If you are starting with cannabis, you are probably confused where to start, which product to choose and so on. You are not alone. Now that buying cannabis is legal in Canada, there are so many types of cannabis products available in the market that can even confuse an expert cannabis user. The confusion can grow when you are not comfortable smoking or for some reason don’t want to. The great thing about cannabis is that they are available in many forms to suit different needs. 

Cannabis concentrates are perfect for beginners in so many ways. They are easier to use and you can choose from different concentrates types to match the level you are at. 

What is Cannabis Concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are extracted from the cannabis plants and have higher level of potency than any other form of cannabis. They are also known as the marijuana extract or cannabis extracts.  A cannabis concentrates have higher level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or Cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike the flower, the cannabis extracts have higher THC level that can range between 40 to 80%. 

Cannabis concentrates can be used with or without high. For people who are looking for best high can try these concentrates. At the same time, people using cannabis for medicinal purposes will find concentrates perfect as they do have higher dose of CBD in it. 

A cannabis concentrate can provide high, gentle, intoxicating, non-intoxicating, and pure pleasure depending on the type of products you use. 

What are the Types of Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates come in various forms. You can choose as per your requirements and some forms provide better high than the others. Depending on your experience, age, tolerance level, age and preferences buy cannabis concentrate that matches your needs. 

For the beginners, here are the 5 best cannabis concentrate options:

  1. CBD Oil 

CBD oil or the hemp oil is perfect for anyone getting started with cannabis. CBD oil has abundance in cannabidiol or the CBD. It is a non-smoking and non-intoxicating method of using cannabis. CBD oil is highly effective in dealing with health issues like chronic pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation and other related issues. Hemp oil is a type of CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp plant have less than 0.03% of THC which is why it is used for making CBD products for medicinal purposes. 

2. Vape Oil 

Vaping is one of the best ways to consume cannabis if you are a starter. Vape oil is a type of cannabis concentrate that comes in portable pre-filled vape pen. All you need is a battery and an oil cartridge. Vaping is a very convenient way to consume marijuana. You can use it for THC or CBD consumption. The vapor coming out of the vape pen is dense and has high level of CBD or THC as per the need. If you need high concentration of CBD or THC, the vape oil is the perfect option. 

3. Tinctures 

Tinctures are high in concentration and were usually used for medicinal purposes only.  A tincture is a liquid containing high level of CBD and THC. It is extracted from the cannabis plant using the alcohol extraction method, which pulls out various beneficial cannabinoids including the CBD and THC. You need to be very careful when using it as its concentration is very high. You can use tinctures under the tongue and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds. Tinctures concentrates are available in a wide range of flavors and potencies. 

4. Hash 

Hash or hashish is one of the most popular type of marijuana extracts or concentrates. It is made from the resin of the cannabis plant and usually consumed by smoking a small piece. You can use a pipe, bong or vaporizer to consume hash. It has high THC level and is perfect for people who are looking for getting high. It is a an easy to use products and provides the desired effect. 

5. Ingestible oil capsules

Ingestible oil capsules are one of the best ways to consume cannabis concentrates. These capsules are a great source of THC, CBD and various other cannabidiols. If you are a beginner, make sure to start small with a low of dose of 5 mg of cannabinoids and gradually increase the dose. Make sure that you buy it from a reliable seller. Capsules are easy to use and provide a prolonged high or relaxation depending on the type of product you are using. 

How to buy cannabis in Canada

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, there are many ways you can buy your favourite cannabis concentrate online. Choose a reliable online cannabis dispensary in Canada. Make sure that they have a wide range of cannabis products to choose from. It is important to buy high-quality products when it comes to cannabis. Different provinces have different age restrictions and the amount you can hold at a time. Look for sellers who are licensed and certified sellers with great reviews. 

The Bottom-Line

Cannabis concentrates are one of the best ways to get the desired amount of THC or CBD depending on your needs. These five mentioned cannabis concentrates are perfect for the beginners. You can buy cannabis online in Canada easily from a reliable seller. There are so many ways you can consume cannabis and concentrates offer the perfect way to get the desired level of high or pain relief. 

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