5 Best Cannabis Concentrates for the Beginners

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If you’re not used to cannabis, you may feel like there are too many different products to choose from and not know what to do. It’s okay—lots of people have this problem. One thing that can make it better is knowing that now that weed is legal in Canada, there are even more options than before. This might seem strange, but it’s true (some people who already use marijuana all the time might also be confused by this). It can be even harder to decide what to get if you don’t like smoking or if there’s another reason why not.

Luckily, there are lots of kinds of cannabis and ways to take it depending on what you need. For beginners especially, certain types like cannabis concentrates are great because they’re easy to use and offer different experiences for different people.

What is Cannabis Concentrate?

Extracts from cannabis plants, known as cannabis concentrates, have much more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) than other types of cannabis. People call them marijuana extracts sometimes. Compared to cannabis flowers, concentrates can have from 40% to 80% THC.

Cannabis concentrates can be used in many different ways so both people who use it for fun and those who use it as medicine like them. If you want a strong feeling of being high, you might like concentrates better than other forms of cannabis. This is because concentrates have higher amounts of THC in them. Also, some concentrates have lots of CBD (more than flowers do), which means they might help with certain health issues but not make you feel stoned.

What happens when you use cannabis concentrates? It depends on the person and the product: some give really strong highs while others don’t get you as “high” per se but still offer great relief (thanks again CBD!).

What are the Types of Concentrates?

You have a variety of options when it comes to cannabis concentrates, so you can pick whichever one works for you. Keep in mind that certain kinds will make you higher than others. To choose the right product, think about how much experience you have with cannabis, how old you are, how much you can handle, and what you like.
For newcomers, here are five recommended cannabis concentrate choices:

1. CBD Oil

CBD oil, which is also called hemp oil, is great for people who haven’t tried marijuana before. It has lots of cannabidiol, but not enough to make you feel high or anything. You can do lots of things with it besides smoke it or put it under your tongue because there aren’t any side effects—you just rub it on from outside! Just like other CBD products, this oil can help with all sorts of different problems like feeling tense all the time or never being able to relax.

2. Vape Oil

Vaping seems like a great way to use cannabis, especially for beginners. It’s easy to do, since vape comes preloaded with concentrate that you can take with you and not worry about anyone smelling. All you need to get started is a battery and an oil cartridge.

If you want to consume THC or CBD in a way that produces lots of vapor quickly, vaping is the way to go. Some vape oils have additives to make the liquid more dense, meaning you’ll get more vapor (and thus more of the active ingredients) per hit. It’s important to note though that this isn’t true for all brands or types—some produce less dense clouds even if their package says otherwise.

3. Tinctures

In history, medicine was the major application of tinctures that contain high amounts of CBD and THC. Cannabis derived these liquid products using alcohol extraction whereby many useful cannabinoids such as CBD and THC can be extracted. It is recommended to be careful with tinctures because they are very strong. Most commonly applied under the tongue, tinctures should be held for about fifteen or twenty seconds. These are available in different flavors as well as strengths so as to meet various tastes and requirements.

4. Hash

One of the most popular marijuana concentrates nowadays is hash. It is derived from cannabis resin and mostly consumed in little bits. A pipe, bong, vaporizer can be used to take hash, which contains high amounts of THC for maximum impact enthusiasts. This is because hash is a simple and efficient commodity that provides users with what they want very easily available.

5. Ingestible oil capsules

The best way of taking in cannabis concentrates is through swallowing some oil capsules. The capsules contain THC, CBD and other important cannabinoids in a form that is easy to use. Beginners should take small amounts, such as 5mg of cannabinoids, and then raise it bit by bit if necessary. However, one must be careful to buy good capsules from a trusted vendor for safety reasons.

The capsules are easy to use and guarantee a continuous impact of either a long lasting stimulation or calmness, depending on the nature of the particular product.

How to buy cannabis in Canada

The availability of cannabis concentrates over the internet has significantly improved since the legalization of marijuana in Canada. It is important to make the right choice when one is choosing a reliable Canadian online marijuana dispensary. One should confirm that they have various kinds of weed products available for clients and customers who may need different ones. As one buys cannabis, they should prioritize its quality and therefore go for the West Coast Bud – top notch ones.

Remember also that there might be different rules in each province concerning the age at which one is allowed to buy cannabis as well as the maximum amount that can be bought or kept by an individual user. Therefore it is recommended that you look for vendors who are licensed, accredited and well recommended like West Coast Bud.

The Bottom-Line

There are different cannabis concentrates that one can use in order to get the right content of THC or CBD depending on preferences. If you are starting out, then these are five cannabis concentrates that you should consider. It is possible to buy weed from a reliable vendor West Coast Bud when you purchase it through the internet. The availability of different consumption methods makes concentrate the perfect answer for achieving an appropriate level of intoxication and analgesic effects.

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