Is “Shatter Weed” the Future of Cannabis? A Glimpse into the Days to Come

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While the traditional ways of smoking weed are still popular, more and more pot smokers are in need of an alternative that is heavier and hits a whole new high. The latest craze in the market is “Shatter,” which is a concentrated derivative of weed that flaunts as much as 80 percent in terms of cannabinoid content. If you are planning to give this glassy and smooth substance a quick try, you can order the same by looking for reputed sellers for BC bud online

What exactly is Shatter?

Shatter is a form of the dabs or marijuana concentrates that are produced via the extraction of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. These are the psychoactive elements present within the marijuana plant. Other popular marijuana extracts include “Budder,” that flaunts a creamier & wax-like texture. 

You can also go with the marijuana oils that are golden in color with a honey-like consistency. For all the marijuana dabs, the extraction process involved running the plants through a solvent. In most cases, the solvents used are Carbon Dioxide, Butane, or Propane. Depending on where you are buying your cheap bud, Canada, from, the extraction process can vary. 

After the plant buds are kept in the solvent for a certain amount of time, the resulting mixture is evaporated to get rid of the chemical content. After the evaporation process is completed, the resins are gathered to create the desired extract. 

Shatter Weed: History

Somewhere around the start of the mid-2000s, there was a major shift in the existing cannabis market. More and more weed smokers were shifting from smoking to dabbing. However, several historians over the years say that the cannabis extracts have been a part of the market for quite some time, specifically since the 1940s. With time, there has been rapid revival and adaptation with regards to the extraction practices. 

Extracts were way better in terms of potency, convenience, and ease-of-use. Even though shatter came into being only recently, cannabis use has been relevant from ages with several experiments to increase the potency. Regardless of history, getting your favorite cannabis extract or bud has become way easier today with services dedicated to purchasing of BC bud online

The Making of Shatter

If you have ever seen boiled caramel cool down slowly at room temperature, you can see the formation of a hard, glassy sheet. A similar conversion process is seen with shatter as well. It is the marijuana resin that cools off forming a glass-like sheet that cools down to yellow color. This sheet when dropped, tends to shatter and hence the name. 

You can find it in either thin-sheet forms or thick, taffy-type consistency that sells at a higher price tag given its potency. Depending on your need, you can buy it from online dispensaries dedicated to the sale of high-quality cheap bud, Canada. Since cannabis is no more illegal in Canada, you can always get yourself some shatter from reliable sellers for BC bud online

Potency of Shatter

Of all marijuana concentrates, shatter houses the highest potency. It runs through an additional process for filtration that helps remove the naturally occurring waxes and fats. This is how shatter manages to pack in such high amounts of active ingredients as compared to regular BC bud online. To explain this context, regular weed buds when smoked houses mere 5 to 18% cannabinoid content. 

While the extra filtration process does optimize the purity of shatter, it also removes the plant’s dark hydrocarbons termed as terpenes. This is what makes up for the scent and flavor of marijuana. 

Smoking Shatter: The Process

Smoking shatter tends to be a fairly expensive process that involves the use of a bong. You can surely crumble the shatter and add it to your joint but that just downright cavemen-style. These shatter-smoking devices can range from anywhere to $100 to $200 per piece. The bowl-like nail of the bong is where the shatter is kept and heated. The users heat the content to 575-625 degrees in the Fahrenheit scale. Heating to this temperature requires the use of a high-quality butane torch & metal dabber for even heating of the material inside. 

The result of this is an instant vaporization process that creates a potentially dazzling high. You can get a range of variants for shatter by opting for purchase through dedicated dispensaries for BC bud online. While you are at it, you can also get high-quality cheap buds, Canada, from these websites. 

Difference between Shatter and Wax

While both wax & shatter flaunt similar potency, there are several critical physical differences between the two. Here are some of the known differences listed out for you:

  • Wax isn’t as stable as shatter, but it surely is easy to handle
  • Shatter lasts longer as compared to wax
  • Wax covers a large surface area & degrades faster
  • Shatter is stable but tends to harder when it comes to handling

The prime difference between shatter and wax is mainly its finishing process and temperature.

What does the future mean for Shatter?

While the legal status for shatter as equal as that of any other weed product, the future is always unpredictable. If you take a look at the pattern, more and more users are now switching from the classic old weed buds to the extracts given their high potency. 

The future for shatter seems all bright and golden, given that it brings a whole new high for users with similar health benefits as weed bud. So, if you are excited to try this new concentrate, you can get one from reputed sellers for BC bud online


Depending on whether you need THC shatter or CBD shatter, the potency of the product can vary indefinitely. While CBD might not give you the high you need, it surely houses a range of health benefits that work well for your body. With THC, you get the required high along with the health benefits that are similar to CBD concentrates. So, if shatter is your new choice of the day, make sure you buy it from a seller that is reliable and provides the highest quality extracts at pocket-friendly prices. 

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