Is “Shatter Weed” the Future of Cannabis? A Glimpse into the Days to Come

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Cannabis consumers have started preferring stronger and more intense marijuana products. The exact generation is here with a vengeance – introducing “Shatter.” This product, known for having very high amounts of cannabinoids reaching records of eighty percent in some cases, is now being commonly referred to as “shatter” among the cannabis community and those who would prefer an even stronger, bolder intoxicant. It got its name from the fact that it resembles brittle materials which break easily when one tries to handle them and is described as having a glasslike appearance.

To cater for such demand on this thick, highly packed extract, buying shatter now comes with zero worries especially if you go through specialized dispensaries like West Coast Bud. Customers can buy any of the available shatters conveniently after just clicking on trusted vendor links without going through difficult moments. Whether you are experienced in using weed or you just want to try it out someday, there is nothing like shatter for taking your cannabis experience to a whole different level.

What exactly is Shatter?

Among the dabs or marijuana concentrates is shatter which is taken to stand for all. An extraction process is used to get these concentrates which isolate particular cannabinoids from cannabis plants e. g., THC and CBD. Besides shatter, there are other many forms of concentrates that include their individual character and nature. For instance, one may refer to “Budder,” which is known for being smooth, having a consistency similar to wax that melts. Comparatively softer than shatter weed, this kind of Bud der is also much malleable hence posing a simple case for itself in comparison with other kinds. These differences arise in turn from the application of disparate but complementary extraction and processing methodologies in the course of manufacture. These different types of marijuana concentrates highlight how adaptable and progressive the cannabis sector is nowadays. The industry has managed to develop various products that provide unique experiences, some examples being Shatter which looks very brittle and breaks easily while others are like Budder that have smooth consistencies and melt quickly when handled properly.

Alternatively, one may go for marijuana oils which are seen by their honey-like consistency and golden color. The extraction process in making all marijuana dabs entails using some kind of solvent on the plant material. Examples of these solvents are Carbon Dioxide, Butane, or Propane. The extraction process might not be the same depending on where you are getting your cheap weed in Canada.

When the solvent has soaked the plant material for some time, any remaining chemicals are eliminated by evaporating the mixture. After collecting the resins following the evaporation stage, a product can be made.

Shatter Weed: History

The cannabis market witnessed a turning point at the start of the second decade of the new millennium. Many marijuana users switched from smoking to dabbing as this happened. Nevertheless, some scholars claim that these types of cannabis extracts date back to the beginning of the 1940s. With time, there has been an incredibly fast evolution and change in extraction techniques.

The strength, ease of use and portability of these marijuana extracts like shatter weed have made them very popular. Although this is a new way of consuming cannabis, it is something that humans did for a very long time as they tried increasing the potency found in marijuana. No matter where one loses his favorite herb or extract from, the evolution of specialized commodities like buying BC bud on the internet means it is always just a few clicks away. There are different types of platforms which provide different kinds of services and through which one can get what he or she wants easily and quickly due to the great number available.

The Making of Shatter

The solidification of caramel which forms a hard and glassy sheet when left to cool slowly at room temperatures can also give an insight on how shatter is formed. The same thing happens to shatter as well. It is primarily cannabis resin that solidifies into a glassy sheet, sometimes yellow in color, and aptly named so because this shard is prone to breaking.

Shatter comes in thin-sheets or thick taffy-like forms. The ones with the latter form are usually more expensive as they are considered stronger. Depending on your preference, you may buy yours from e-store dispensaries that specialize in selling cheap but top-notch quality cannabis flowers in Canada. It’s now easy to get shatter online from BC bud providers since weed is legal in Canada.

Potency of Shatter

Among the various cannabis extracts, shatter is considered the most potent. It goes through one more filtering phase whereby all-natural waxes and fats are effectively taken away. This additional filtration helps in ensuring that shatter has much more medication than your average bud. For instance, a normal marijuana bud has a cannabinoid content of about 5-18% that can be smoked up on average.

Nevertheless, the filtration process improves shatter’s purity in many ways, but it also has a negative side. Specifically, these processes take away the terpenes, which are defined as the most lightweight hydrocarbons derived from cannabis – from the distillate. Such terpenes are important because they help give weed its special smell as well as taste properties. Therefore, although shatter weed may have higher strength and purity levels, it could miss some of the complex sensory effects caused by terpenes. However, end-users are provided with a strong product that may lack in all respects of the marijuana plant sensory stimulations.

Smoking Shatter: The Process

Smoking shatter weed is not cheap, and it mostly needs a bong. It may be possible to crumble your shatter and put some in the joint although this way is seen as primitive. A shatter smoker’s set may cost anywhere between $100-200. The shatter is placed and melted in the bong through a bowl-shaped nail. This leads to instant evaporation of the product which is highly psychoactive at times. One can buy BC bud online and check out different kinds of shatter available when they visit specialized dispensaries in Canada. Moreover, West Coast Bud sells Canadian flowers that are both top-highest on quality but cheaply priced too!

Difference between Shatter and Wax

Although both wax and shatter are equally strong, they differ significantly in their physical properties. See below for a few key ones:

  • Shatter is more stable and hard to manipulate while less problematic than wax.
  • Wax has shorter durability as compared to shatter.
  • It covers a bigger area and breaks down faster.
  • On the other hand, shatter is stable but may prove difficult to handle because of its high level of hardness.

Shatter and wax differ mainly in terms of how they are processed at the end and the temperatures used.

What does the future mean for Shatter?

Even though shatter is treated like any other marijuana commodity under the law now, what lies ahead is a different story. Looking at how things are going, most users of cannabis seem to be moving away from the conventional leafy greens and towards these types of oily extracts that pack more punch.

It seems like there is hope for the future of shatter as many people may experience a different kind of enjoyable moment that is also healthy like using weed buds. In case you want to try out the market available concentrates then make sure to trust only reputable vendors selling BC bud online.


The strength of shatter varies depending on whether it contains THC or CBD. However, CBD shatter is not psychoactive but has many medicinal properties that are good for us. On the other hand, THC shatter is linked to the required intoxicating effects and may have some positive health effects just like CBD extracts. 

It’s important that people who enjoy shatter get the chance to buy it from reliable sources selling excellent but cheap products. Therefore, buyers should make sure that they purchase from trusted sellers who can offer them with first class commodities having the right potency and level of quality. In addition, a variety of options means that there are many different kinds of each shatter brand so that every consumer could prefer something else instead of one uniform product available on market today.

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