Exploring The Medical Advantages of Medical Marijuana

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Medical cannabis has been discussed widely for many years. In the US, it is regarded as a Schedule I substance similar to heroin and LSD, however, medical marijuana is highly accepted especially in certain nations such as Canada, and it can be bought at the neighborhood or online store. Just type “BC Weed Online” and see the results.

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of medical marijuana as well as the health advantages related to it.

So, what exactly is Medical Marijuana?

The term medical marijuana is used to mean either the natural vegetation from which the drug has been extracted or a similar synthetic substitute that mimics it. Although different varieties of medical cannabis contain an estimated 100-plus cannabinoids, these last two are highly noticeable. CBD and THC are found in every type of “medical marijuana,” although there can be many other important compounds present as well.

What are some of the diseases that are cured by the plant?

There are many lethal diseases that medicinal cannabis can help cure. Some of the conditions that can be combated using this medication include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and very serious vomiting, although there is a wider range of potential examples.

These compounds in marijuana known as cannabinoids act like some endogenous products. Therefore they can be used to treat various types of diseases as well as different health problems.

The importance of medicinal cannabis in alleviating suffering and enhancing the condition among patients of such disorders cannot be overstated. Ongoing studies and experiments are focused on determining the complete extent of medicinal cannabis and its properties so that there would be hope for people who need help that can be provided by using such medicines.

It works as follows for certain diseases:

  • Decrease of anxiety
  • Destructive for cancer cells and prevents tumor growth, also known as an anti-oncologic property.
  • Anti-inflammatory action and relief of pain
  • It also helps relieve spastic movements in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

But how do you consume it?

It is easy to use medical marijuana as there are many ways of using it. These are some examples:

  • Smoking: Works instantly.
  • Vaporizing: It has an immediate effect too.
  • Topical application: This can come in the form of lotion, spray, cream among others and can be applied on the skin.
  • Ingestion: Eaten as cookies or lollipops, with effects commonly starting about one to two hours later.
  • Sublingual administration: It involves putting some drops under the tongue, and the user experiences its effects afterward.

However, this is not enough because there have been many repeated investigations regarding medical cannabis most of which indicate its efficacy. Take a close look at the illnesses and disorders that can be treated with this compound.

Eradication of Cancerous Cells

Studies have indicated that cannabidiol arrests the proliferation of a gene called Id-1. They carried out tests on aggressive breast cancer cells characterized by high amounts of Id-1 protein expression and found that medical cannabis slowed down the progression of cancerous cells. Because of this, medical marijuana is currently used to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in important parts like the brain, breasts and lungs.

Prevention from Alzheimer’s

The degenerative nature of Alzheimer’s disease on brain cells which results in memory loss is well known. Studies carried out by Kim Janda from Scripps Research Institute show that medicinal marijuana may be able to slow down the process of plaque formation through inhibition of the enzymes that are responsible for producing them. Many people around the world saw this breakthrough and now many companies are trying to find a solution for Alzheimer’s using natural compounds from plants.

Relieve from Arthritis

Medical cannabis, for example BC weed online, eases pain, reduces inflammation and induces sleep is a finding from studies. People with arthritis have greatly gained from this medication.

During the study, the patients suffering from the ailment were given pills for killing pain but some received harmless medications too. It was observed that the use of derivatives was more effective than the use of plain alternatives.

Improved Motor Skills for People with Parkinson’s disease

In Israel, research has indicated that smoking cannabis may be very useful in relieving pain. As a result of this discovery, many people think that there will be a great increase in the number of marijuana users, especially among patients with Parkinson’s disease who cannot coordinate their limbs very well. However, new drugs are constantly being developed which may change the situation and availability of treatment options in the future.

The Israeli government has made cannabis legal to enable such investigations seeking ways of enhancing its medicinal use. By taking this kind of proactive approach, the authorities have given a green light for research on marijuana’s healing properties.

Curing Crohn’s Disease

In Israel, a study was done and it showed some hope for patients suffering from Crohn’s disease. This is a digestive illness which causes a person to undergo certain issues like severe pain, throwing up all the time, and very much losing weight. It has been noted that out of eleven patients, ten got better (five went into complete remission).

A decrease in the Symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome

Seizures and significant developmental delays are the main symptoms of Dravet’s syndrome. A medical doctor gave a medicine made from cannabis which had been prescribed to one of its patients in some scenes of the film titled “WEED.”

Surprisingly, the therapy worked very well as the patient could now only experience seizures less than twice per week. After this incredible breakthrough, other kids suffering from Dravet syndrome were given similar treatments whereby they also responded well.

Decrease in Anxiety

According to a study done in Harvard University, medical marijuana has the capability of reducing anxiety. It was carried out in the year 2010 and showed that cannabis heightens positive ion levels and is a sedative at smaller dosages. 

These medications can be found on the internet too. Just type in BC weed online, and you will see many varieties for sale. 

Nevertheless, taking too much marijuana or medicine may make one more anxious and prone to feeling threatened.

Helps the Reversal of Carcinogenic effects of Tobacco

Some people argue that medical marijuana helps to improve how the lungs work and raise lung capacity. In relation to this, an interesting investigation was done for twenty years. It had a total of five thousand one hundred and fifteen (5,115) individuals involved in the study.

Results showed that smoking pot today then again for a month every day for five years straight leads to an improved lung capacity among smokers of marijuana when compared to baseline at start but worsens with time as is expected for tobacco smokers. However, there are objections that the extended inhalation of cannabis smoke – rather than any inherent medicinal properties of cannabis itself – accounts for such improvements.

Protecting the Brain after a Stroke

Recent animal experiment reports claim that marijuana smoking guards brain from stroke damages through reducing the affected zone. This is not an isolated case where cannabis has shown that it can protect one from certain neurological damages. It is also said to help in cases of Alzheimer’s disease as well as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

There are several reasons why medical marijuana is good for your health. The availability and benefits of commodities such as BC weed online from West Coast Bud have tremendously grown due to the emergence of online trading.

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