Top 8 Recreational Marijuana FAQs Answered for You

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As the sales for recreational marijuana increase with the legalization in Canada, more and more buyers are now confused as to what their legal obligations are. There are several other issues or queries that remain unsolved or unanswered till date. Given the fact that marijuana has been a hush-hush topic to date, some questions haven’t been answered, and potential customers remain ignorant of the same. 

So, if you have plans to mail order marijuana in Canada, here are some frequently asked questions answered for you.

But, before we jump into the questions, let us take a look into the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. 

History of Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Cannabis was recently declared legal for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. It was legalized at a national level for medical use back on 30th July 2001. This legalization protocol was issued by the government body Health Canada & the grain, seed, as well as fiber production, was legalized under the Health Canada license. 

On the other hand, recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada after the Cannabis Act was introduced on 17th October 2018. This made the country 2nd in terms of Cannabis legalization after Uruguay. 

As per the announcement of the Canadian federal government, the recreational cannabis use would no longer be considered a violation of criminal laws from 17th October 2018. 

Before you go ahead and opt for your mail order marijuana, here are some of the common cannabis-related queries answered for you.

Marijuana FAQs Answered

1-Where can I purchase recreational marijuana in Canada?


If you are looking for recreational marijuana in Canada, you can look for dispensaries that have been licensed by the MRA or Marijuana Regulatory Agency. There are several online as well as offline dispensaries you can mail order marijuana from. However, make sure you look for a license issued by the MRA to confirm the authenticity of the dispensary. 

2-How much cannabis can I legally have under the recreational marijuana license?


Depending on the type of marijuana you want to purchase, the amount that can be legally possessed varies from one person to another. However, the first thing you need to keep in mind that you are of legal age to mail order marijuana in Canada. 

Here are the legally safe amounts you can have on you for recreational use.

1-You can have about 30 grams of recreational cannabis legally if it is dried or of the following types:

  • Fresh cannabis-150grams
  • Edible product- 450grams
  • Liquid product-2100grams
  • Solid/Liquid Concentrates- 5grams
  • Marijuana plant seeds-30

2-You can share 30 grams of recreational marijuana with adults of the legal age.

3-One can legally mail order marijuana dried & fresh along with cannabis oils only from an authorized territorial or provincial retailer. 

4-If you are looking forward to growing marijuana at your house for recreational use, you can do so for only 4 plants per household. (Note: the number doesn’t signify per person, rather per residence)

5-You can legally make products from cannabis, such as drinks and food. This is true as far as the organic solvents aren’t used for the creation of concentrated products. 

If you fail to adhere to these amounts, as stated above, there could be a legal penalty that follows. 

  • Fines/Tickets for a very small amount above the prescribed limit
  • Larger amounts call for prison time that goes up to 5 years

3-What are the types of marijuana products I can buy legally in Canada?


Marijuana today isn’t limited simply to the dried buds. You can get ample marijuana derivatives and products in the market that can be bought legally. 

In Canada, you can legally mail order marijuana or its products such as:

  • Shatter
  • Distillate
  • Edibles
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Hash
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules

4-How much with legal recreational marijuana cost?


The prices for marijuana sale are up to the discretion of the retailers or the dispensaries selling the same. Given the fact that you are looking for mail order marijuana for recreational use, you can be assured that the pricing will be higher for it as compared to medical marijuana. As per the marijuana laws, recreational marijuana comes at an excise duty of 10% along with the state sales tax.

5-Can I legally smoke cannabis in public?


Smoking, along with marijuana smoking, has been listed under the prohibited acts by the local government. This is why it is important that you know where you can smoke cannabis legally. If you are at a restaurant or any similar public building, smoking the same is strictly prohibited. You can make use of your residence or friend’s residence as long as the homeowners have approved for the same. However, the consumption of cannabis in public places, vehicles, or any similar places is strictly prohibited. 

Law enforcement officers are legally authorized to arrest the individuals suspected to be driving while being under marijuana influence. The law malefactors can be issued a ticket or civil infraction if it is suspected that they have been consuming or have already consumed and are currently under the influence. 

6-Can I use marijuana if I lived in a rental house?


If you are living in a rented property, the property owner or landlord of the same can prohibit the use of marijuana in the property, which includes growing or smoking. However, they do not have the right to prohibit the use of the non-smokable variants of marijuana like edibles or concentrates. 

7-Can I grow marijuana for personal use in Canada?


People are legally allowed to plant as many as 4 plants within their premises for personal recreational use. However, they need to keep in mind that the plants shouldn’t be visible to the public or from any public place. They should be present within an enclosed space that is equipped with functional security devices to restrict access of outsiders to the same. 

So, always mail order marijuana, keeping this in mind. 

8-How will the use of marijuana impact my work or employment with a firm?


Employers are allowed to conduct random drug testing, pre-employment screening, & maintain a zero-tolerance policy inside the workplace for the employees. This gives them legal rights to fire, refuse to hire, or discipline the employees that are tested positive for cannabis consumption. However, they cannot enforce these rules unless the same has been written down in the handbook provided to the employees by the employers. Each rule and regulations need to be noted into the handbook for having any legal implications.

So, if you have obtained cannabis via mail order marijuana, make sure you look through your employee handbook to check any regulatory rules in place. 


When it comes to marijuana, this plant has always been debated and is still under controversies in several countries. So, if you are someone looking for mail order marijuana, Canada, the key is to study through all the legal obligations that come with the use of marijuana. So, be safe as you enjoy your favorite weed bud by adhering to the legal rules and regulations of safe marijuana use. 

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