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Can Your Weed Go Bad? Here is Everything You Should Know

can weed buds go bad

One of the most enquired queries among weed lovers is whether marijuana can go bad. Honestly, most users do not have a stock lying long enough unused to go bad. They are too busy dabbing, smoking, vaping, or trying out any new method of using the same.

But this seriously is a legitimate question. What if you get your hands on a high-quality BC Bud online and don’t want to smoke it all in one go?

In this article, we will help you decode the answer to this question:

Does Marijuana Go Bad?

When weed lovers ask this question, they are generally wondering whether consumption of this so-called “BAD” marijuana can induce sickness in a way that is similar to drinking rotten milk. The answer to this is, “Maybe.” This is because the effects you feel depends on the intensity of the issue with the weed or weed product. It is critical that you purchase your weed from a reputed seller for BC bud online to ensure it is fresh and of the highest quality.

If cannabis is simply old, it is most probably safe for consumption. This means it will not induce sickness but the overall experience of smoking this particular piece is definitely going to be low-quality as opposed to a fresh one.

The weed that has gone old often tends to be harsh to your respiratory system. This means the smoking session will be accompanied by a lot of coughing along with a burning sensation in your throat. Moreover, old weed can be termed minimally potent when compared to its fresher counterparts. So, depending upon the strain, the trip might not be as great as you would have wanted it to be.

So, this answers your question about whether weed can go bad from the aging perspective. In simple terms, it doesn’t actually go bad. Rather, it loses its effectiveness while seriously messing with your smoking experience.

So, how exactly does your weed go bad?

Could Moulding Be The Cause of Bad Weed?

Now, one of the most derogatory ways for your cannabis to go bad is the moment when it starts getting moldy. Weed with mold formation can lead to serious health issues. This is why it is critical that you cross-check whether the marijuana bud in your hand is rotting or not. If so, throw it away immediately. As keeping it in close contact with your weed collection might spread out the spores causing mold infestation to your entire stock.

The common variants of cannabis mold include:

  • Aspergillus
  • Botrytis cinerea or Bud Rot

The Bud rot of Botrytis cinerea can be termed as the least harmful among the two mentioned above. However, it can lead to serious health issues such as lung damage. On the other hand, inhaling aspergillus can cause an infection named aspergilloma which induces symptoms ranging from severe fatigue to cough or bleeding airways. It can also lead to an invasive form of pulmonary aspergillosis. This can be fatal when not treated in time.

It is important that you avoid both these molds before the consumption of weed.

Curing and Drying Should Be Properly Done

Whether you are a grower yourself or tend to purchase BC bud online from a reputed seller, the curing and drying process can help keep your weed fresh for a longer time.

Proper curing and drying or the freshly-cut marijuana help cater to these vital services for longer storage:

  • Helps break down the chlorophyll content
  • Aids in improvement of the overall cannabinoid profile
  • Reduces any chance of rough or harsh inhale
  • Prevents the growth of mold

When it comes to a peaceful smoking experience, the lower the chlorophyll content, the better its flavor. A cannabis bud having too much of the chlorophyll content will lead to a grassy or woody taste.

With proper curing and drying process, your cannabis acquires an improved cannabinoid profile, which decides the overall efficiency and quality of your BC bud online. The cannabinoids present inside your bud, namely THC, THCA, CBD, CBG, CBN, and others, help provide you a high and medicinal relief that you have always been looking for. With proper curing and drying, your cannabis won’t be as effective & enjoyable as you would want it to be.

Finally, the curing and drying process helps improve the inhale quality of cannabis. It also helps prevent any growth of mold by the removal of excessive moisture present in the weed.

How can you identify an old weed?

  • Look for weed that looks too brittle and brown
  • Fresh weed gives pleasant aroma while old weed doesn’t
  • An old weed will fall apart with normal touch
  • Good weed snaps while old weed cracks
  • Old weed tastes off with heavy coughing experience


In order to keep your cannabis fresh for longer, you need to keep it inside airtight mason jars. These jars are perfect for cutting off the oxygen supply, which is a major factor that, in typical scenarios, contributes to molding. However, it might not protect the weed from heat or sunlight damage. This is why you need to store the same in a place that is away from direct incoming sunlight.

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