Can Weed Go Bad? Here is Everything You Should Know!

can weed buds go bad

Many marijuana users ask themselves if it is possible for weed to spoil. To be sincere, it’s unlikely that a majority of individuals have a supply sitting around for so long that it spoils. They are too caught up with dabbing, smoking, vaping on it or trying some new ways of consuming the same stuff.

However, this is indeed a valid question. Suppose you manage to buy some excellent BC Bud from an online dispensary and decide not to consume everything at once. Let’s decode the answer to this question:

Does Marijuana Go Bad?

This question is usually asked by people who love smoking weed; they want to know whether consumption of the “BAD” weed could make them sick just like eating spoiled milk. The response to that is probably yes and probably no. That’s because what you feel varies depending on how serious the issue is with the cannabis or cannabis product itself. It is very important that you buy your weed from a well known seller like West Coast Bud making sure that it is fresh and of excellent quality.

If cannabis is simply old, it is most probably safe for consumption. This means that it will not make you ill, but overall, the experience of smoking this particular stuff will simply suck when compared to a fresh one.

Mostly, stale weed is too irritating to one’s breath and may cause some serious cough accompanied with burning feeling on the throat. Also, less potent than its other fresh counterparts is a common characteristic of aged weed when compared to the latter variety. Therefore depending on the kind of strain used, your journey may not be enjoyable as you wished it to be.

So, that’s the answer to your question of if weed can get aged and go bad. In other words, it does not technically spoil. Instead, it loses potency while messing up with your smoking experience.

Could Moulding Be The Cause of Bad Weed?

Mold growth is one derogatory manner through which cannabis may spoil posing health risks of the highest order. Serious health problems may arise from marijuana containing mold. For this reason, it is important that you check if the cannabis bud in your hands is decomposing. If yes, then throw it away now. Otherwise, you risk everything – if you keep it close with other weeds then maybe you will spread around some spores and get molds everywhere in your stocked weed.

Some of the usual forms of mold in cannabis are:

  • – Aspergillus
  • – Bud Rot or Botrytis cinerea

Among the mentioned types, the Bud rot of Botrytis cinerea is arguably less dangerous. But it can cause serious harm like lung damages. Inhalation of aspergillus results in an infection known as aspergilloma whose symptoms range from chronic fatigue, coughing up blood or having blocked air pipes. It may even progress to invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, which could turn out fatal or deadly if left untreated for long enough. You should steer clear of both molds when consuming weed.

Curing and Drying Should Be Properly Done

It does not matter if you grow your own marijuana or buy from reputable vendors and have them shipped to you; curing as well as drying shall aid in maintaining the freshness of your weed for an extended period.

Proper curing and drying or the freshly-cut marijuana assist in taking care of these important factors in keeping weed over long time:

  • Facilitates breakdown of chlorophyll content
  • Enhances overall cannabinoid profile
  • Minimizes any rough inhalation effects
  • Stop growth of mold

For one to have calm smoking time, the less chlorophyll content – the better tasting it is. A cannabis bud with high chlorophyll content has a grassy or woody flavor.

Your marijuana will develop a better cannabinoid profile if it is properly cured and dried; this is what determines the efficacy of your weed. These are the types of chemicals contained in your bud such as THC, THCA, CBD, CBG, CBN among others and they will give you a psychoactive effect or medicinal relief which you have been chasing all this while. 

Curing and drying are important; without them, your marijuana will not give you the feeling that you expect from it and, to be honest, it would be a waste of time smoking such cannabis.

Lastly, the curing and drying process make cannabis inhalation better and also create an environment where moisture cannot cause mildew in the marijuana.

How can you identify an old weed?

It is not difficult to detect old marijuana as long as one can identify the signs. Below is a description of how one can tell that marijuana is aged:

  • Appearance: A dried weed looks brittle, brown and lacks the bright green color of a new marijuana. However, keep the fact that various strains can have different appearances in mind.
  • Aroma: Normally, fresh weed has a sweet smell while stale weed may lack this property with added musty aromas. 
  • Texture: The nug on an old weed will crumble under the slightest pressure applied with the fingers and may even break up or turn to powder when one tries holding it too hard.
  • Snap vs. Crack: One can do a simple test by taking a small piece of the cannabis and squeezing it gently. In most cases, high grade marijuana should snap indicating that it is fresh and contains some moisture. On the other hand, stale marijuana tends to crack, showing that it is dry and brittle.
  • Taste and Experience: Smoking or vaping poorly stored weed may have a biting effect that makes one cough and experience discomforts. It might have an incorrect taste, while the smoke could be even more irritating than that from fresh marijuana.

If you consider these pointers, determining whether you have fresh or aged marijuana will be easy, hence assuring an enhanced experience altogether.

It is important that you keep your cannabis well so that it can remain fresh. The best way to do this is by using air tight mason jars. These jar prevent mold growth which is a threat towards the marijuana quality because they cut out the air circulating through.

Nonetheless, protecting your weed is not as simple as sealing the jar. Although great moisture controllers, mason jars may not protect your stash from high temperatures delivered by the sun. Therefore, for optimum preservation, make sure that you keep your marijuana in a place protected from direct sunlight and too much heat.

Through following these easy but important measures, one will be able to increase the life span of their cannabis while keeping it fresh for a long time. Thus, remember to seal tight, and keep out of light for you to enjoy smoking your esteemed herb.


Even though marijuana does not spoil like fresh food, it may lose strength, taste bad or just go bad with time especially if not kept well in places where it can be exposed to certain elements such as light, air, and moisture. Therefore, for you to make sure that your cannabis commodities remain of high standard and contain maximum strength; they should be well kept in cool, dark and air tight conditions. Moreover, it is important that people remember to watch out for when some edibles or other marijuana related commodities will expire so as they don’t put themselves at any risk and also get the required results from using them.

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