How to Use Marijuana in Different Ways

how to use marijuana in different ways

Cannabis or marijuana has found its application across many generations. As more places legalize it and the more people accept its use, there is a need for one to know how to use marijuana safely as well as what it does and experience one has with marijuana. 

People can consume marijuana through different ways and this gives rise to varying effects profiles and onset times. However, smoking is still highly used and this involves combustion of dried flowers of marijuana that are either rolled into joints or placed in pipes/bongs which are then smoked. The act of inhaling vaporized smoke from marijuana known as vaping. Vapours are inhaled during vaping which may be produced from vaporizers. Those who do not like smoking have also adopted edibles like candies, cakes or eating marijuana-infused food/drinks. Moreover, there are other options like tinctures as well as topicals that can be used to medicate or get someone high without their knowledge.

Marijuana Effects

Marijuana has different effects on different people based on the kind, strength, how much is taken, and individual factors. Two main cannabinoids contained in Cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which when combined with the endocannabinoid system can lead to a variety of effects.

The psychoactive effects in marijuana like euphoria, relaxation, distortion, temporal spatial perception, increased sensory perception, and better art or music creativity are all as a result of THC. It contains a non-psychoactive compound called CBD that is recognized for its healing properties such as; relieving pain, reducing anxiety levels, fighting inflammations and it also has some properties which protect human brains from any damages.

Different Ways to Use Marijuana

Marijuana can be taken in many different forms as explained earlier which gives room for selection depending on what one would like and wants. These are a few of the top ways of how to use marijuana today; from the conventional means of smoking to ingestion of food products and from time to time known as “space cakes”:


Up until now, the act of smoking marijuana remains one of the most popular methods of using it. It involves inhaling the fumes from cannabis that has been set on fire. There are various tools for this like cigarettes, cigar wraps, large water pipes also known as bongs, or regular pipes and they all have special ways in which they alter what you smoke.


This is a hand-rolled cigarette filled with finely ground marijuana flowers. It takes some practice and skill to roll the perfect joint, but many weed lovers prefer it because it is easy to carry around. Moreover, it takes very few tools to roll a joint, and it can be done fast.


The form of a blunt is similar to a joint but larger and packed with more marijuana, which means people smoke for longer periods when they choose blunts instead of regular joints. Also, because blunts are wrapped with tobacco leaf, there is a taste that some people think makes cannabis smoke better.


A device utilized for smoking cannabis is known as a bong. The smoke, particularly warm, is made to pass through water before finally reaching the lungs in order for the user to have a smoother experience while inhaling. Moreover, there are unique types of bongs which have numerous features and are believed to offer better filtration.


These are small portable pipes used specifically for smoking marijuana. The pipe normally has the bowl (in which weed is placed), a chamber that contains the smoke and a mouthpiece that is linked to inhalation. It is possible to manufacture them using materials like glass, timber, metals, among others and they are also portable.


Vaping marijuana has gained popularity among weed lovers because it is better in many ways. This is because by heating cannabis at high temperatures but without burning it, vaping enables one to take in the vapor rather than smoke for a smoother and arguably healthier experience.


  • Healthier Alternative: The act of smoking involves combustion that results in poisonous agents and carcinogens. In this regard, vaping eliminates these toxic substances since there is no need for lighting the product being vaped. 
  • Precise Temperature Control: By adjusting temperatures, users will be able to release particular tastes or get desired experiences from time to time. 
  • Efficiency: It is believed that vaping marijuana extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from the herb more effectively than smoking does. The vaporizer heats up all parts of the marijuana evenly so that there is greater volatilization and consumption of most active compounds. 
  • Convenience and Versatility: Vaporizers are available in different forms, sizes and style (for example, Weed Vape Pen) thus giving customers many choices to pick from. Most importantly, a lot of them can also accommodate various types marijuana like dry herbs, concentrates, or oils; hence they are versatile.


Dabbing refers to the consumption process of cannabis concentrates which may include wax, shatter or oil. This entails putting the extract on a hot surface like a nail/banger then inhaling the vapor using a dab rig. The inhalation of such vapors is known to bring about a very strong and almost instantaneous psychoactive “high” effect. 


  • Potency: cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, and budder, and contain high amounts of cannabinoids particularly THC in comparison with cannabis herb itself. Through dabbing, one can take in many cannabinoid compounds quickly and easily; therefore, the consumed dosage becomes much stronger than that of the conventional form of intake.
  • Fast-Acting Effects: dabbing speeds up the process of taking in marijuana and leads to immediate effects because cannabis concentrates are highly potent and vaporize quickly. Inhalation occurs as the cannabionoids are vaporized at temperatures which are too high before being absorbed into the bloodstream through inhalation at fast rates. 
  • Efficiency: Cannabis concentrates have high levels of cannabinoids than traditional cannabis flowers meaning that users can get on target with less dosage. This efficiency may save costs in the end since users would take smaller amounts of concentrate for similar effects as larger quantities of cannabis flower.

Edible Marijuana

Food and drinks are some examples of Edibles which are infused with cannabis extracts. For example these may consist of candies, chocolates, baked products, and even salty snacks. When people are wondering how to use cannabis they rarely think about edibles. Meanwhile these days there are many ways to eat marijuana and get high.


  • Longer lasting effects: when the liver metabolizes cannabinoids, they take longer to act, but their effects last more time too. A slow extended release could be effective for someone who needs symptom relief for about three to four hours long and therefore preferable for those seeking continuous dosage patterns.
  • No Respiratory Problems: edible marijuana avoids inhalation and is thus better suited for individuals at risk of pulmonary complications or those who dislike smoking. 
  • Exact Dosage Management: with edibles, one can control dosage down to the last detail so that consumers have the chance to take very little amounts if they want. 
  • Versatile: edible marijuana can be incorporated into a wide range of food and beverage products, including chocolates, gummies, cookies, brownies, and infused beverages. 
  • Easy to Take: consumption is just eating and drinking, which makes it convenient for people who cannot easily smoke or vape. Eating on the run or having a quick bite alone is possible with edibles since they provide an easy and quick to take food that doesn’t require any special devices.

Cannabis Drinks

There is a rise in popularity of cannabis-infused drinks within the marijuana sector. These beverages include teas, coffees, sodas, and flavored waters infused with THC or CBD. It’s refreshing to have marijuana drinks as an alternative to the usual edibles.


  • Discreet Consumption: With such beverages, one can take marijuana in a manner that is not easily noticeable. 
  • Precise Dosage Control: The available commercially sold marijuana beverages have indicated dosages that enable one to take controlled amounts of marijuana. This is crucial in helping one monitor their intake properly especially for people who have certain medical conditions or are less tolerant to such substances.
  • Easy to Incorporate Into Daily Routine: just like normal drinks, cannabis beverages can also be taken on a daily basis e. g., plain water, juice, hot beverages like tea etc.
  • No Respiratory Irritation: By taking marijuana drinks, one avoids inhalation hence lowers chances for respiratory irritation which is linked with smoking or vaping. 
  • Customizable Flavors and Formulations: There are different kinds of flavors and formulations in marijuana drinks that can be chosen and they are also available in the market for consumption by people having dietary limitations. 
  • Social Acceptance: marijuana beverages form part of the accepted culture in many places where weed has been legalized hence it solves a problem on how users can enjoy themselves without being seen as breaking the law when they smoke or vape.

Marijuana Tinctures

Marijuana tinctures are liquid marijuana extracts taken sublingually in most cases. This is another way on how to use cannabis. It involves immersing cannabis flowers in either alcohol or glycerin so as to draw out the cannabinoids as well as terpenes. The dosage of tinctures is accurate and their impact is quickly felt.


  • Precise Dosage Control: most tincture come with droppers that enable easy measurement and administration of precise quantities of the medicine. 
  • Quick Onset of Effects: when taken into the mouth, under the tongue through which it is quickly absorbed into the blood circulation system, marijuana tinctures have a fast onset of action compared to fat/chocolate-based edibles.
  • Discreet and Portable: these tincture bottles are tiny, unobtrusive, and can be carried without any problem, therefore they fit well for traveling purposes. 
  • Versatility in Consumption: however, there are many ways people can take them such as mixing with food, putting on drinks or using on the skin for some relief alone. With this variety, users are able to customize their consumption approaches depending on what they want and/or require.
  • Long Shelf Life: under proper storage especially in cool dark places, tinctures normally have an extended time before expiring. 
  • Reduced Respiratory Irritation: marijuana tinctures are given through the mouth, thus reducing chances of respiratory harm. For people with breathing problems or those who do not like smoking weed, this is one of the safest forms of taking cannabinoids.

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