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How to Use Marijuana in Different Ways

how to use marijuana in different ways
Now that the cannabis is legal in Canada for both commercial and recreational purposes, you can now get creative with it. Many people still think that smoking is the only way marijuana can be used. But there are many ways cannabis can be consumed. You can now buy marijuana online in Canada from a reliable dealer. The best news is that you can buy marijuana in various forms. If you are not a natural smoker, you can eat cannabis or drink or use it in various other ways.
Cannabis has always been popular as a smoke or joint. Now that people can easily access them without fearing arrest, the popularity has only soared. The stigma attached to the cannabis is now pretty much gone, especially with the discovery of CBD benefits.  People are always looking for ways to consume cannabis whether for medicinal or recreational purposes.
In this post, you will find about the various ways you can use cannabis and enjoy it with friends or alone.

What is Marijuana – for the beginners

People already know about marijuana, but many people don’t know exactly what it is. For the record, marijuana and hemp belong to the same cannabis plant species, but they are quite different. Marijuana is one of the two subsets of the cannabis plant. It has high percentage of THC which is responsible for the “high” people experience. Hemp is usually used for the medicinal purpose, marijuana is mostly used for recreational purposes mainly because of the psychoactive effect it has on consumers. More research in needed to be done on the effects of marijuana as medicine. As for now, people can buy marijuana online in Canada and use it for various recreational purposes.
Smoking is the most common and well-known ways of consuming cannabis. The marijuana users roll it into cigarettes also known as joints and smoke it. You can use a pipe or bond to smoke. Bongs can be bought online or rented. Make sure that you use high-quality bongs and pipes so that they don’t crack when you heat them. Bongs can filter the smoke through the liquid so that you can enjoy pure smoke without any marijuana particles. You can also smoke marijuana in a blunt. A blunt is a cigar whose contains(tobacco) can be replaced with marijuana. Hookah is one of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana. It is also a very traditional way of smoking.
Vaping is another popular way of consuming marijuana. It is relatively new but it has become very popular now. Vaping is a method of consuming marijuana by vaporization. In this method, a vaporizer is used to heat the marijuana to a certain level. The vaporization is stopped before the combustion and it is them inhaled as a vapor. Many people use this method over others as they claim they get better high with a vape. It also produces less smoke than the smoking method. You can buy marijuana online in Canada along with various vaping equipment and enjoy it.
Dabbing is the next popular way of consuming marijuana and it is quite similar to vaping. The only difference in that it uses THC resins extracted from the marijuana plant and it can be in many forms like oil, wax, budder or shatter. You can dab with the help of a glass pipe or a bong. The method includes heating of the pipe or bong with a blowtorch, after which the resin extract is put in it. Almost immediately the smoke comes out. Many people claim that dabbing provides better high than any other popular methods. When done correctly, dabbing can produce clean and pure form of smoke, which is easier on the lungs than the traditional smoke.  Make sure you buy high quality marijuana online in Canada from a reputed dealer and dab your heart out.
Edible Marijuana
Marijuana is also consumed orally. Edible marijuana has seen a rise in popularity since the cannabis was made legal in Canada. Edibles are food items that has cannabis in it. It can be anything from candies, cookies, snacks, bars to treats and more. Pot brownies are one of the most popular types of edible cannabis Edible marijuana can be made without the THC so you don’t have worry about getting high when you don’t want to. While it may take some time to get high, but it is more intense that other forms and last longer in comparison to others too. Many people use edibles to consume cannabis when they want it for pain relief. It can be consumed via cannabis infused butters, oils, and other fats. There are literally so many ways you can consume the cannabis and enjoy the high while enjoying your favorite snack.
The oils extracted from the marijuana plants is also a type of edible cannabis. It can be used in cooking, baking, and for various other purposes. You can infuse the cannabis in the edibles like cakes, cookies, ice cream, lollipops, gummy bears, cereal, granola bars, and more.
Marijuana can be consumed through drinks too. You can infuse your favorite drink with marijuana and enjoy the beverage. Drinks are one of the least common way of consuming the cannabis. Brew up your favorite tea or coffee and add a bit of marijuana in it. You can make your tea or coffee with or without the psychoactive effect. The store-bought cannabis coffee or team has enough of THC to get you high. If you are thinking of getting high, then the store-bought beverages are one of the best options. The list does not end here. There is a whole range of cannabis drink that you can use, such as soda, lemonades and cocktails. There are so many types o cannabis drinks available in the market to choose from. You can create your own unique drink or buy from the market. Just make sure to buy the best quality marijuana online in Canada for the best results.
Marijuana Tinctures
What are marijuana tinctures? They are the liquids extracted from the marijuana plants and has been infused with alcohol. It is usually consumed orally by putting a few drops on the tongue and then it absorbed in the bloodstream. This type of marijuana is highly concerned and acts fasts, which is why it generally used for medicinal purposes. There is also a certain amount of abuse involved in it. Since its is fast and intense, many people use it to get high quickly. If you are using this method make sure that you are doing it correctly and safely.
The Bottom-Line
These are some of the best ways you can consume the cannabis. These are also the various popular ways people like to consume the cannabis. You can smoke, eat, drink, and consume it in various other ways.
West Coast Bud is an established source of buying marijuana online in Canada. We aim to provide high quality marijuana products with the help of MMAR certified producers to provide the best medicine to our patients. E-mail West Coast Bud at [email protected] for further inquiries.

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