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The popularity of questions on how cannabis is used has greatly increased after many marijuana commodities were legalized. Of all these, smoking cannabis flowers remain highly demanded by most users considering that the most common way of consuming marijuana is smoking. Nevertheless, there is much more to the consumption of cannabis than smoking alone.

Have you ever tried other marijuana products? There are so many ways of taking cannabis that can suit different people and serve various purposes. However, for those that are inexperienced in marijuana and trying to use it for the first time, there may be difficulties in choosing from too many options available.

What is Cannabis?

Marijuana or cannabis is a flowering plant species under the family Cannabaceae. It contains cannabinoids in high levels such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), which cause most of the plant’s effects.

Humans have used cannabis for many years because of its threefold uses: medication, fun, and raw material. The plant’s psychological impact includes making an individual feel high, calm or relaxed as well as increasing sensitivity hence many people use it as a leisure drug. Nevertheless, cannabis can be considered a medicine, and studies continue to reveal more about how effective it could be for treating different illnesses like chronic pain, epilepsy and even anxiety and depression, especially when speaking of Indica strains.

Inhalation Methods to Consume Cannabis

Among the different ways to consume cannabis, inhalation is seen as the prevalent approach. This way of consumption is not only popular, but it allows one to feel the effects very quickly. It entails inhaling the vapor or smoke produced from combusting cannabis flowers or concentrates. There are inhalation techniques that range from the conventional type to ones that are highly advanced. In this regard amidst many options, smoking with pipes or joints, using bongs or bubblers as well as dabbing with specialized equipment appears interesting. However, every approach is beneficial and harmful in its own way hence requiring a closer analysis of the same. So let’s explore what distinguishes each inhalation way.

Smoke cannabis with Gravity Bongs

One gets a very strong type of marijuana when using gravity bongs because they function differently compared to other conventional apparatus meant for smoking. The reason why this is different is because when using the gravity bong – the smoke is squeezed and concentrated by the atmospheric pressure, unlike in the case of water filtration employed by the ordinary bongs.

Starting with a big vessel such as a pail or container full of water, the procedure kicks off. A bowl that contains marijuana is positioned on top of this reservoir. As soon as the bowl is lit, the user plunges it inside the water-filled vessel, making sure that smoke fills most part of the container.

To create a partial vacuum in the container is very important. Lifting the bowl as one sucks in through an attached pipe or tubing allows for pushing out the internal air hence creating a vacuum. The act of doing this makes the smoke to be forced inside the vessel thus filling up the space with very strong marijuana smoke.

After vacuuming, one takes a deep breath using the tube/hose which sucks the smoke out of the container. This form of inhalation gives a very strong dose that produces an intense psychoactive effect on the brain as compared to the usual ways.

Smoke cannabis with Pipe

People who want to explore sophisticated ways to consume cannabis may turn to glass pipes. It follows a straightforward process, which can be considered as a ritual, and by following some simple steps one will be able to smoke cannabis with finesse:

  1. Grind Your Cannabis: To ensure that you have a good smoking experience, break down your Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid buds into smaller, manageable pieces. For accuracy, use a grinder or your fingers for a more hands-on approach to make sure the texture is just right for smoking.
  2. Pack the Bowl: Take the finely ground herb and put it in the bowl section of your glass apparatus carefully. Be careful not to stuff too much as this may block air passage and prevent proper burning.
  3. Light the Cannabis: Lighting a flame source is done when the bowl is well set using the flame source. Draw some little smoke by making sure that the flame touches the plant while following some inhalations – what was once part of a plant becomes a very pleasant smelling smoke that rises out of the pipe.
  4. Breathe in and Let Out: Inhalation should be continued evenly as smoke containing aromas is drawn into the respiratory system. After that, you can release the mouthpiece and allow the smoke to scatter around while leaving behind a faint smell of the chosen strain.
  5. Repeat as Desired: Take as many trips through this experience as you wish, enjoying all of the different tastes and feelings that come with each breath. 

Smoke cannabis with Dabbing tool

Dabbing cannabis concentrates is an activity meant for experienced marijuana users who can handle strong doses of THC in their purest form, giving a very strong high.

Dabbing involves vaporizing a minute amount of concentrated extracts such as waxes or oils. It is a process which mostly utilizes some specific apparatus that aid in the inhalation like nail, and water pipe resembling dab rig.

Firstly, the nail should be warmed by use of a butane torch until it glows red hot. After that, a very small dab of concentrate is put on the hot nail and it vaporizes there right away. Inhalation of this kind of vapor through the dabs rigs results in a high dosage level of cannabinoids combined with terpenes.

Because of how strong and quickly the effects kick in when one dabs, users must be very careful not to overdo it for a pleasant time.

Smoke joint

Perhaps, nothing is more old-fashioned than smoking a cannabis joint. To create the joint, one rolls dried cannabis flowers inside a thin rolling paper or a tobacco leaf wrapper which is known as a blunt. 

These are very convenient ways for most individuals because the joints can be carried around, used without problems, and conveniently consumed. One benefit of smoking Cannabis through the joint is that it allows one to determine the amount smoked with ease, and this can be achieved by adding tobacco into the joint to make a cross joint. 

Inhaling smoke from a joint provides quick onset of action, making it a good option for those seeking fast relief. 

Vaping Cannabis

Many people prefer vaping cannabis because it is seen as a less contaminated and safer substitute for smoking the herb traditionally. With vaping, there is no ash due to absence of combustion thereby lowering the risk of contact with dangerous poisons that come from setting fire to leaves and herbs. This single factor makes many people go for vaping whenever they are using marijuana.

Fortunately, there are many types of vaping gadgets meant for marijuana smoking in the market today. People who smoke cannabis can either choose the very portable vape pens or go for the sophisticated vaporizers available in different designs. With these various devices, one can either use dried leaves or thick liquid extract, depending on flexibility and convenience.

Despite this, safety should be given the first priority while using cannabis vaporizers. All vaping devices do not have the same features. For that reason, one should make sure they buy specialized equipment meant for marijuana use to minimize risks.

In addition, it is very important to control the temperature well while vaping. If cannabis is overheated, it may let out some dangerous substances that will compromise the essence of vaping with regards to one’s health. Proper regulation of your device’s heat properties will make vapes more comfortable and secure, protect marijuana integrity and enhance medicinal properties.

Oral methods to Consume Cannabis

The popularity of oral consumption approaches is increasing due to the various effects they produce and as more cannabis products become available. Cannabis oils have high content of either THC or CBD while tinctures are quickly absorbed when placed under the tongue. Edibles such as cakes and sweets last for a long time. Although it takes longer to start working than when inhaled, this alternative ensures that one takes a specific amount of dosage and stays high for some time period, which is why it is gaining popularity among cannabis lovers.

Cannabis Oils

Wondering about cannabis oils? In short, these are strong liquids extracted from the marijuana herb whereby they contain high amounts of some chemicals such as THC and CBD. It is possible to take these oils by mouth; they can also be included into foodstuff or drunk; finally, one may apply them on certain body areas to avail with localized therapy and prevent swelling.

Medical cannabis oils are mainly employed medicinally due to their ease of use and privacy. These come in different forms such as THC oil, CBD oil, CBN oil, and CBG oil among others all having specific effects. Understanding what makes every oil different is important if one is to get the most out of them.


THC oil is an extract from cannabis resin, which is known as tetrahydrocannabinol. It has a large amount of the psychoactive compound THC that gives rise to the feeling of being “high” and it is closely related to the consumption of Sativa marijuana. Normally, THC oil is employed for fun, although it may also help combat depression due to its elevating properties. Ingesting THC oil is possible through various ways; for instance, one can take it straight or include in edibles, and just like any other cannabis oil, it tastes very earthly, making it more suitable as an ingredient.


CBD Oil is a different kind of cannabis oil than THC because it does not make you high. It is extracted from hemp flowers, leaves as well as stalks and contains high amounts of CBD which differentiates it from other marijuana products. This medication has gained a lot of popularity for its medicinal properties such as easing out in depression symptoms, lowering chronic pain, and curing different syndromes. The product is versatile with many ways of using it hence attracting clients from every corner of the world. Ingestion is the most common form of consuming hemp-derived CBD oil. Specifically, many people take a few drops under their tongues or add them to drinks for quick and easy ingestion.


Are you familiar with CBN oil? Even though there are other types of oils from cannabis that are more popular, this offers unique benefits worth exploring. Cannabinol oil or CBN oil is derived from a cannabis plant and occurs after THC is exposed to heat or light for a long period. CBN oil differs from THC oil because it has a lower psychoactive effect but remains highly interesting due to its sleep-inducing nature. Many people who have continuous pain and lack of sleep are now using CBN oil and finding relief from their symptoms. It is increasingly being seen as a good solution to sleeping problems and preventing bad dreams, thus gaining momentum in the market as a natural remedy for sleep enhancement and overcoming nightmares.


Lastly, let’s delve into CBG oil. This is one of the cannabis extracts that is becoming popular among many people in the health industry today – Cannabigerol oil, derived from hemp plants. CBG differs from other psychoactive cannabinoids in that it is non-psychoactive. Because of this trait of CBG compared to the others, many people now prefer using CBG especially when they are seeking some medication but not willing to get high of any kind. Some studies indicate that CBG oil could be beneficial in the treatment of various conditions such as inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

CBG oil can be taken in different ways such as putting under the tongue or spreading on the skin. People are using CBG oil as a wellness product more than ever before and the trend seems to be continuing. With the help of online sellers, getting CBG oil has become very simple nowadays; thus anyone who wants to take advantage of its numerous health benefits will be able to do so without any accessibility problems.

Cannabis Edibles

If you want cannabis that will affect you for a longer time but without being so obvious? Then you need to try cannabis edibles. These tasty products contain THC, CBD or other compounds of marijuana; thus when consumed they provide an inconspicuous and easy-to-use substitute for smoking and vaping. There is just too much of everything; starting from delicious gummies, chocolates, yummy baked products and even drinks available for sale.

Contrary to smoking or vaping which take effect instantly, edibles have a slow onset period that varies between half an hour to two hours. The effect lasts for a period of 4 to 12 hours after it has been absorbed through the digestive system thus giving a prolonged psychoactive/medicinal effect. They give users a very long experience that does not require them to take too many doses all of the time.

One should be very careful and begin with a small amount of edibles. The best way to prevent taking too much, which may lead to side effects, is by patiently watching until one sees all the effects. Begin with low dosages; then marijuana edibles will treat you well.

Cannabis topicals

These topicals are unique as they provide a way of exploiting the medicinal properties of cannabis while avoiding the psychoactive high. By applying these cannabinoid-infused topicals on the skin (they come in different forms such as creams and lotions), one is able to get a targeted relief for pain or inflammation.

While cannabis ingestion involves absorption of the compounds into the bloodstream, topicals act on specific areas after passing through the skin. Because of this property, they are very effective in dealing with different types of skin diseases like acne, psoriasis and eczema among others, offering relief from pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Cannabis topicals have a major benefit in that they can provide relief without causing any psychoactive effects. As such, individuals can take advantage of the healing properties during the day or when they need to think straight, since these will not get them high.


When you start exploring cannabis, you will find out that there are so many things you can do with it. The right choice of consuming it depends on many different aspects. These may include but are not limited to one’s preferences or goals as well as individual tolerance levels.

Inhalation may be chosen by people who want fast results because it has an immediate effect. On the other hand, there are oral techniques which allow for inconspicuous dosing that can appeal to the subtle-minded user. Many users who have skin diseases prefer applying cannabis topically as it helps them get localized relief.

Everything narrows to what one decides to go for. Nevertheless, one should consider the pros and cons of every approach. It would be wise to begin trying out a low dose of medication when you are exploring something new. By doing so, one can prevent consuming too much and reduce the chances of any unfavorable side effects.

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