Does Medical Cannabis Help Treating Anxiety and Depression

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Medical marijuana has been used for many years to cure different types of diseases and disorders. People have started using medical cannabis as a way of reducing cases of stress-related illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depressions. Many professionals and patients recognize that marijuana contains some important properties, which may be beneficial in one’s health. In this piece, we will look at some studies done on marijuana medication by experts at West Coast Bud, discuss the advantages as well as disadvantages of using cannabis in treating such psychotherapy issues, and finally give some tips on choosing appropriate strains for those who want comfort alone.

What Is Anxiety?

It is usual for people to feel anxious occasionally – it is a normal emotion which can also be helpful. However, if one’s anxiety levels are always on the rise and they reach a point where they are too much then this could translate to an anxiety problem. There are many types of illnesses that fall under the category of anxiety disorder, all of which are characterized by an unreasonable sense of fear or apprehension: generalized anxiety disorders, social phobias, panic attacks, as well as obsessive compulsive disorders (among others). People undergoing such anxiety attacks may experience symptoms like increased pulse rate, tightness across chest, breathing at a quick rate, and thoughts that seem to follow each other too fast. Although anxiety may be caused by events, stimulants or genetics and therefore difficult to avoid or prevent, it can be controlled by using effective coping mechanisms.

What does the current research say about cannabis for anxiety?

Despite being a recent area in medical marijuana studies, there are numerous researches indicating its potential in combating these diseases. Studies indicate that medical cannabis can reduce symptoms of various anxiety conditions such as social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder. Additionally, some researches indicate that cannabis may be useful in treating specific types of non-medical anxieties concerning various illnesses or diseases such as chronic pain as a result of the medicinal properties it contains. In view of this information, there is hope for a healthier society if more studies are conducted in the field of medical cannabis.

How does Cannabis Help Treating Anxiety? 

Cannabis helps to reduce anxiety through its influence on certain brain substances. THC, which is the most important compound responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana, acts like endocannabinoids. These types of endocannabinoids are essential in controlling the mood, helping one cope with the anxious moment as well as mitigating different symptoms linked to most psychiatric disorders. For this reason, it follows that cannabis may improve one’s mood while decreasing anxiety-related problems – thus promoting general state of health. 

The side effects of using cannabis for anxiety

Many anxiety patients claim that they get better when they use marijuana, although there are some negative effects to be considered. The most common side effects that have been reported include increased appetite, dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, and paranoia. However, it may also cause increased anxiety in some cases, with different people responding differently. For this reason, before thinking of cannabis as a treatment for anxiety, one should try other treatments first. Talk to an expert before making any decision on what course will best meet your particular necessities and how medical cannabis may fit into the therapy if at all advisable.

Is it worth using medical cannabis for anxiety treatment?


Starting to use marijuana as a remedy for anxiety may help with the fear and concern that come with such illnesses. Additionally, marijuana is commonly used as a substitute treatment option for anxiety because it has low addictive properties and less adverse effects when compared to most anti-anxiety agents.


One should remember that use of marijuana to cure anxiety has many other effects. To add on that, the use of cannabis is associated with dependency properties that can lead to withdrawal syndrome. Therefore, it cannot be assumed safe even when used with some anti-anxiety drugs as this may cause a dual effect. 

How to choose the right cannabis for anxiety treatment

It is important to note that medical cannabis does not come in one variety – especially for anxiety. By understanding where these commodities come from, one should be able to determine which kind of marijuana is good for anxiety and why. There are some types that may have a lot of THC cannabinoid known for worsening the symptoms of anxiety, and others may be higher in CBD compounds with its favorable properties. For this reason, it is crucial that one looks for a commodity that has the right combination of these agents.

In addition, there are many forms of cannabis available for purchase, so one should think twice before choosing any kind of marijuana. The market offers a wide range of cannabis products including flower buds, tinctures, edibles, extracts, and capsules among others. Some individuals might go for non-smoking options like eating or using cannabis-infused lotions. It would be wise to talk to a doctor or someone specializing in marijuana treatment about what kind of strain suits you most.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a very serious illness which greatly tampers with the emotional, psychological and social image of a person. It usually comes with many emotional challenges that make it difficult for someone to operate well in their day to day life, either at their places of work or at home. It is estimated that there are about 280 million patients of depression worldwide characterized by sadness and reduced interest in enjoyable activities.

People experiencing major life transitions, going through tough times, or having family members diagnosed with this disorder may experience depression. Nevertheless, like marijuana being used to ease anxiety, it could be used as one of the ways of dealing with depressive symptoms.

What does the current research say about cannabis for depression?

There have been many researches done which propose that cannabis might relieve the signs of depression such as low mood and tiredness as well as lack of energy for usual chores. Moreover, cannabis consumption has been reported to be helpful among many patients suffering from treatment resistant depression. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that some studies show that cannabis may worsen depressive symptoms, especially when it contains high levels of the psychoactive compound THC known for causing paranoia if taken in excessive dosages. Hence, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth study in order to better understand the relationship between cannabis and depression, taking into account its complexities. It would be advisable to seek expert advice while dealing with cannabis use for depression treatment because of its complicated nature.

How does Cannabis Help Treating Depression?

Studies have shown that there is an increase in inflammation in the peripheral and central systems of depressed patients. Cannabis has potential to reduce brain inflammation, which is thought to contribute to depression. Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a significant part of the proper functioning of the body that is responsible for controlling different activities such as mood. This helps in fighting depression as it causes an antidepressant impact on those who suffer from it. In addition, cannabis can help relieve the usual symptoms of anxiety associated with depression. Therefore, there is great promise in including cannabis in treatment plans for depression to ease these symptoms and enhance general health.

The side effects of using cannabis for depression

Just like anxiety, using marijuana for the treatment of depression has its advantages. Nevertheless, one should be cautious about the expected negative impacts. Some of the known side effects that have been stated to occur commonly include dry mouth as well as increased appetite, dizziness and also drowsiness seen with cannabis use in some cases. Others may include increased appetite, dizziness, and drowsiness. Although those who take cannabis when they are depressed feel better, it is important to remember that one may feel unsafe or unsettled especially when he or she takes too much of it. It would be prudent enough to determine whether there exist any predisposing illnesses that could heighten the vulnerability of these symptoms.

Is it worth using medical cannabis for depression treatment?


Depressed patients have reported reduced levels of sadness, hopelessness and anxiousness after using marijuana, which indicates that marijuana could be a good drug in the future for depression. Also, the use of cannabis in depression may offer some anxiolytic properties that could help reduce feelings of unease. It provides a viable substitute for those patients who are resistant to or intolerant of conventional antidepressant drugs.


Regarding the drawbacks of utilizing cannabis for depression, it’s crucial to consider potential side effects and its interaction with other prescribed medications for depression. Additionally, one must be mindful of the risk of addiction, as abrupt cessation of cannabis use can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

How to choose the right cannabis for depression treatment

In depression, it is advisable to give priority to cannabis strains which have high CBD content because they are known for causing sedative, anxiolytic as well as soothing effects. However, one should also consider that there are some types of strains which may contain high levels of THC and still be seen as having antidepressant properties due to their ability to cause an ‘uplift’ and increase in energy which are very important in such cases of depression. In addition, with many forms of the drug on offer, one can easily get the right one. Some patients may take cannabis packed foods and overcome their depression but it is important to keep a close eye on the dosage of edibles – to prevent over consumption. After all is said and done, every individual has the freedom to choose what kind of cannabis product they want to use. However, considering the amount of THC and CBD for its optimum function in therapy would make sense.


For a long time, people have argued about whether medical cannabis can help in dealing with anxiety as well as depression, thus requiring an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons to fully understand it. It is inconclusive whether “Is cannabis beneficial for depression and anxiety?” can be answered, but it carries so much importance on a person’s general health that many would say so too, given the high number of testimonies on such issues. In addition, cannabis provides a substitute for non-compliant patients with conventional approaches to treating depression and anxiety, which may have less adverse effects than some conventional drugs. Although it is possible to determine the appropriate kind of cannabis for depression in every case, one must remember that cannabis might not fit all individuals. In that case, therefore, it is important to seek expert advice before trying out any other form of treatment in order to achieve the best results.

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