What is hash (hashish)?


Hashish/Hash is a tightly compressed resin extract obtained from female Sativa cannabis plant. Medically and recreationally, it is used widely due to its THC strength which makes it highly psychoactive. It may have a THC content level of 20 percent up into 60 percent as it is derived from the Sativa plant.

Hash is derived from cannabis plants whereby the resin glands have been removed from the plant material; hence it is highly potent and much stronger than marijuana flowers. This can be found either in the form of a ball/sheet that is ingested through smoking most commonly; similar to weed, all one has to do is grab some then slot it into any rolled marijuana bud, alternatively a plain cigarette, or consume it alone for smoking.

How Is Hash Made?

Hash can be made using various techniques, some of which are non-solvent based and do not require sophisticated laboratory apparatus. Ever thought about how hash is made? Do you want to attempt making it yourself? It’s simple – take cannabis resin, which you’ve rolled into a ball with your hands, and remember that this process would give you bad hash in case carried out with low quality flowers or trim. Then just squeeze the flowers and collect the sticky resin. Generally, there are many ways of making it at home.

As for the industrial methods, there are tumbling drums which can make hash. Inside the machine, frozen buds spin around knocking off the resin glands. Afterward, everything passes through a sieve that eliminates the plant material. To end the matter, this is dried, heated then pressed into a brick of hash.

What types of hash are on the market?

In case you decide to explore the world of hashish, there are many different products available in the market for you. Every variety uses a particular way of being made and has distinct properties that create a range of different experiences for people who like these kinds of things. Here we will examine closely a few well-known forms: Bubble, Lebanese, Afghani, Charas, and Moroccan.

  • The Bubble hash 

Bubble hash is named so because of its flaming reaction property, which is as a result of making it through a process that uses ice water, agitation and sieve. The THC levels in this kind of hash may go as high as 90%, making it one of the strongest varieties around.

  • Lebanese Hash

Lebanese hash is a pure and strong type of cannabis that is made through a long process involving the careful use of dried kief. The resin glands of this prized strain are obtained by hand selecting each trichome, then working on them individually to make sure nothing but pure essence remains behind.

  • Afghani Hash 

Afghani hash is derived from the Indica strains and it has a distinct taste of soil. It involves gathering very fine power called kief from dried marijuana flowers then separating trichomes and making them elastic with the help of added moisture (like tea or water) to produce something loved by experienced users.

  • Charas Hash 

Charas hash is a genuine hand-made product, which involves massaging healthy marijuana plants so as to extract the black resin that is so much desired. After this, great expertise is applied in rolling the resin into balls that give users a strong smell and make them feel like they have consumed real old-school hash.

  • Moroccan Hash

Moroccan hash – famous due to its unique taste and soft feel when touched. Manufacturing of this type entails heating marijuana for decarboxylation, sieving it to remove the trichomes, then squeezing the obtained resin into a uniform hash pad, ready to be enjoyed by enthusiasts worldwide.

What makes hash different from other cannabis concentrates?

In case you cannot decide whether to use hash or any other form of cannabis concentrate, remember that hash is not as strong as most other extracts. Unlike other cannabis concentrates, hash has existed since ancient times and can also be manufactured using different types of solvents thereby increasing its availability for domestic purposes. 

Generally, the majority varieties of hash are better suited for beginners just trying out marijuana given how much THC is contained in them. These ones will not give an unforeseen high, making it difficult for one to take too much of hash relative to your typical high-THC cannabis products.

How to smoke hash?

Smoking hash is possible in numerous ways; hence, it should not be difficult for marijuana experts or newbies to determine which is the best way to consume cannabis products. Because this is a concentrated substance – remember that it contains much more THC than herbal cannabis (which usually has some 15-25% of THC). Therefore take a little bit first and increase the amount so as to determine the proper dosage and achieve a desirable effect. Now, consider three common ways that can help determine the most appropriate one of smoking hash.

  • Smoking hash in bowl/joint

For the application of this technique, get some hash, cannabis tops, rolling paper, and a lighter. When electing to use a joint for smoking hash, it is recommended that you mix it with marijuana because hash by itself does not burn well. 

Roll the joint as you would normally do, just before closing it – put some cannabis above the rolled paper; this way your joint will be stronger.

On the other hand, if you like to smoke your hash through a bowl, don’t worry because the procedure is very simple too. All you need to do is place the hash over the weed in your everyday bong or bubbler bowl. This way of doing things guarantees an enjoyable smoking experience that carries down both products uniformly.

  • Smoking hash with Hot knifing

In case you may prefer not to use rolling papers for smoking hash or may be thinking of trying out something new, then the hot knifing is your best bet. You will need a pair of knives that have been heated up. Ensure they are heated until they glow red. Put your hash between the two heated knives when everything is set. The hash will produce some strong smoke when it comes into contact with the hot knives. Take in the smoke and feel what happens next. People resort to using this technique when there is nothing to smoke with conventionally, or just as a party trick.

  • Smoking hash in a pipe

There are close comparisons between smoking hash through a pipe and smoking cannabis. This means that it can be a good choice for people who are starting to use recreational substances. In case you want to know how best to take part in the consumption, it’s very simple. The following is an brief education to begin with:

Preparation: Start by preparing your hash for the pipe. Grind it so that it is easier to combust evenly. By passing it through the flame and applying little heat under, the gentle crumble on top should make it manageable enough to smoke.

Loading the Pipe: After crumbling the hash properly, put it in your pipe as you would with any neat tobacco product. Ensure that the bowl is filled evenly with shredded pieces of the stuff for optimal airflow.

Ignition: Now that you have loaded your pipe, light up the hash with a lighter or match stick. Draw on the pipe gently while moving the smoke through the chamber and into your lungs.

Integrating Cannabis: If one desires something different, he or she may think of putting a layer of hash over marijuana and then they both can be consumed through pipes. Including this mix may increase its smoothness and strength hence providing a better quality high.

  • Dabbing hash

Experienced marijuana users may prefer dabbing hash. Therefore if you wonder whether it is possible to smoke hash using a dab rig – yes. The answer lies in using one, and a dab rig is required for smoking hash through this means. To smoke hash through a dab rig, one should know that It’s just like a glass bong except for the fact that there’s a nail instead of a bowl which you have to heat up. It is important to note that when the nail turns orange, let it stay so for around three seconds then put a small piece of hash on top of it. In the same way as with any other cannabis extracts, throw a carb cap over the top of the hash, lift it up and begin inhaling for the effects to follow.

What are the health effects of hash use?

Hash is widely used by many for fun. It gives a high that is much more euphoric than that obtained from cannabis flowers. Besides, hash promotes relaxation, sociability while also helping in overcoming certain social fears. At times, some people prefer hash over marijuana due to its greater efficacy at curing illnesses; this implies that you will experience less discomfort, have an improved mood, and cope better with stress-related issues.

Does hash have any side effects?

If you decide to smoke hash, be prepared for its side effects. Overconsumption of hash may have other unfavorable psychoactive side effects like hallucinations, vomiting, psychomotor impairment, drowsiness and/or hypersomnia since it’s a potent product. Additionally, there are those who mention an enhanced sense of panic among some users, again highlighting how different people react differently to the same dosage of this compound. Prior to using the hash, it is important for you to know all these side effects; therefore, it would be wise enough if you seek the opinion of a specialist who will let you know if there is any underlying disease that may prevent you from taking your sedative marijuana.


For several years, hash has served as a potent cannabis extract, offering users a sleepy yet incredibly happy and difficult-to-achieve-with-cannabis-buds kind of a high. This is quite adaptable with various options available for its preparation; this has therefore made it very common among different cultures across the globe. There exist a lot of dispensaries that offer good quality hashes for sale; however, one should be certain to purchase from trusted vendors only like West Coast Bud. However, never forget that you should consult medical personnel first when using marijuana medication because it may have side effects, which are not what you desired.

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