What is hash (hashish)?


Hashish (or hash for short) is a resin extract from marijuana plants that’s been tightly compressed, and it’s usually delivered from the female Sativa. plant. It’s commonly used for medicinal and recreational use, and because of its THC potency, it provides powerful, mind-altering effects. It can contain from 20% to 60% THC because it comes from the Sativa plant, and since the potent trichome heads were separated from the cannabis plant material, hash provides high effects, and has a strength that’s much more potent than from cannabis flowers. It comes in the form of a ball or sheet, and it’s typically smoked, much like weed, you just need to take a piece and add it to a packed bowl of cannabis flower, sprinkle it on top of your joint to increase its potency, or smoke on its own.

How Is Hash Made?

There are many techniques that can be used to make hash, and hash production doesn’t require any solvents or special lab equipment. If you wonder how is hash made and want to try it yourself, you can just roll cannabis resin into a ball by hand, and you need to keep in mind that you won’t get good hash from low-quality flowers or trim. You can rub cannabis flowers with your hands, and then scrape the sticky cannabis resin. In general, there are many ways to make it at home.

As for the industrial methods, tumbling drums can be used to make hash. Frozen buds rotate inside, dislodging the resin glands, and after that, everything is sieved through a screen to remove the plant material. As a final step, it’s dried, heated, and pressed into a brick of hash.

What types of hash are on the market?

If you decide to look up the hash on the market, you’ll see a variety of types there. Their main difference is the hash production, and the most common ones are Bubble, Lebanese, Afghani, Charas, and Moroccan.

  • The Bubble hash 

It’s made with ice water, agitation and a sieve. Bubble hash has its name because when it’s exposed to a flame, it bubbles up. This hash type can contain up to 90% of THC, making it among the most potent ones. 

  • Lebanese Hash

Lebanese hash is made by dry-aged kief that’s pure and potent, after the removal of plant trichomes, processing the resinous glands.

  • Afghani Hash 

As for the Afghani hash, it’s made from Indica strains. The kief is collected from dried cannabis flowers, and in order to separate the trichomes, the water or tea is added to result in an elastic consistency.

  • Charas Hash 

Charas is a type of a handmade cannabis extract, and  it’s made from rubbing the live cannabis plant until you get the black resin that can be rolled into a ball. As an example, you can check out Nepalese Charas Hash on our website if you like this type of hash

  • Moroccan Hash

 This type of hash requires heating cannabis to decarboxylate it, and after that, it’s sieved,  detaching the trichomes, and pressed to make a nice hash pad.


What makes hash different from other cannabis concentrates?

 If you hesitate between other types of cannabis concentrates and hash, you need to know that hash is less potent than other extracts. Hash has been around for thousands of years, unlike other cannabis concentrates, and they can be made with various solvents, making hash easier to get at home. In general, most types of hash are a better choice for novice users of cannabis because of their THC potency, compared to other cannabis products with high THC content, and they won’t provide the unexpected high, so it’s harder to overconsume while using hash.

How to smoke hash?

 There are many ways to smoke hash, and it’s not a problem to find the most suitable method for cannabis veterans or even beginners. Since hash is a concentrate, you need to keep in mind that it’s much more potent than cannabis flowers (the THC content there is about 15-25%), so you need to start with a small amount and slowly increase it to find the right dosage and get proper effects. In order to find the best way to smoke hash, let’s take a look at the most popular methods.

  • Smoking hash in bowl/joint

For this method, you’ll need hash, marijuana flowers, rolling paper, and a lighter. If you decide to smoke hash in joint, you should add cannabis there because hash doesn’t burn that well on its own. You need to start rolling a joint, but before packing everything up, you can sprinkle a little bit of hash on top of your ground cannabis, it’ll increase the potency of your joint. 

As for the other way, if you choose to smoke hash in a bowl, it’s just as simple, you need to place hash on top of the cannabis in a bowl of a standard bong or a bubbler.

  • Smoking hash with Hot knifing

That’s one of the easiest ways to smoke hash if you don’t have rolling paper or just want to try something new. For the hot knifing method, you need two heated knives. You need to make sure they’re heated to a glowing red, and after that, you can place your hush between them. The smoke that’s released after that is potent, and you can inhale it to get high. Many people use it as a party trick, or when they just don’t have access to any other materials required to smoke cannabis.

  • Smoking hash in a pipe

Smoking with a hash pipe is not much different from smoking cannabis, and it’s probably the best way for novice users because it’s not complicated at all. To learn how to smoke hash in a pipe, there are a few steps for you to follow. You just need to prepare your hash before adding it to the pipe, and you can do that by grinding it and placing it under the flame to make it more crumbly. After that, you can place your hash into the pipe, and smoke it. You can also add it as a topping while smoking cannabis in a pipe, it can provide you with more smooth effects.

  • Dabbing hash

Dabbing hash can be a good choice for experienced cannabis users. So if you’re curious – can you smoke hash in a dab rig? The answer is yes, and for this method of consuming hash, you’ll need a dab rig. To smoke hash out of a dab rig, you should understand that It’s similar to a glass bong, but there’s a nail instead of a bowl, and you need to heat the bottom of it. After the nail turns orange, you should leave it for a few seconds, and then place a small piece of hash onto it. Just like if you’d use other cannabis extracts, you need to cover the hash with a carb cap, and then lift it and start inhaling to enjoy the effects.

What are the health effects of hash use?

 As for the effects of hash, many people use it for recreational purposes, and it can provide you with a more euphoric high than cannabis flowers. Also, hash is great for relaxation and increased sociability, and it can have a beneficial effect on your behavioral inhibitions. Some users decide to turn to hash because of its high potency, compared to cannabis flowers, meaning that you get the same health benefits such as reduced pain and anxiety, and it can also help people struggling with depression because of the sedative effects and stress relief.

Does hash have any side effects?

When you decide to smoke hash, you should know that you may experience some side effects of hash. Hash consumption can lead to undesired effects as well, such as sensory distortions, nausea, loss of coordination, and increased sleepiness. Also, some people note the increased anxiety, so the effects depend on the individual. You should be aware of all the side effects before using hash, and it’s better to consult with a specialist to make sure you don’t have any underlying health conditions that can be restrictions to your sedative cannabis experience.



Hash has been a great cannabis concentrate for many years, leaving people with sedative effects and euphoric high that’s hard to get with cannabis flowers. It’s pretty versatile, and there are many ways to make it, that’s the reason it’s been so popular in different cultures. Also, there are many dispensaries where you can get high-quality hash, and you need to make sure you order it from a reliable supplier. But always remember to contact a healthcare professional before turning to cannabis treatment, as it can cause undesired effects.


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