5 Smart Ways to Consume Various Cannabis Products

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Cannabis users have many ways of consuming their favorite herb, and all these ways have some positives and negatives. Ever since cannabis was legalized in Canada, one can now easily access online dispensaries that have witnessed a tremendous increase in their numbers whereby customers can buy and receive several kinds of weed easily at their homes. Whether one is using marijuana as medicine or for fun, the demand for better and convenient ways of consuming it remains high and on the rise.

How cannabis is consumed determines everything about its efficacy and how it feels. Smoking, vaping, edibles, topicals – all of these choices have particular advantages and differences that accommodate differing tastes and preferences on consumers’ ends. Experienced users may also look into trying out new methods of consumption to enrich their cannabis experience, whereas beginners might prefer added comfort in exploring less complicated options available before they get used to this type of herb stuff.

Legalization of cannabis has resulted in increased demand for easy-to-use and innovative cannabis products across Canada. Both seasoned consumers and those who are just starting out on their cannabis journey want to try different ways of using marijuana and related goods, looking for options that fit into what they like and how they live. With development of the marijuana sector, buyers should anticipate an extended range of commodities and consumption techniques aimed at spicing up their weed experience.

Below are some of the most common and efficient ways people consume marijuana:

Pills and Capsules 

People who want a simple way of using marijuana may find pills and capsules to be an easy option that solves everything. These are very much liked because they are so easy to use. Most THC pills and capsules have cannabis oil in them, with the cannabis extract suspended in oil. With such formulation, one can take exact dosages, and therefore it is most suitable even for fastidious dosing personalities.

Another benefit of pills and capsules is that they can be used by individuals with respiratory problems. Because of their ingestion nature, these commodities do away with inhalation and therefore present an alternative that is much safer to such people who might not be comfortable with smoking or using the vape on marijuana.

Pills and capsules come in predetermined dosages to make sure that one consumes each dose all the time. This matters a lot especially when it comes to patients who are taking medical drugs from cannabis since it assists in preventing overdose accidents. Through consuming pills or using capsules, one will take the right quantity of marijuana without fearing that he or she has taken a lot more of cannabis products than expected.

In addition, there are pills and capsules meant to be taken in certain amounts only so that users can always know if they have consumed too much or little of them. Therefore they are appropriate for any environment where one may need to act normally but secretly consume cannabis hemp.

Furthermore, pills and capsules suit those individuals who do not have experience in marijuana smoking or who would like to begin with low dosages. They are safe and convenient even for beginners due to their ease of use and predictable dosing compared to other cannabis products.

Bongs and Pipes 

A bong is a water pipe that one can use to smoke marijuana better known as cannabis. There are different kinds which are available for people to choose from, including many others. However, it should be noted that this device contains a water compartment that plays an important part in cooling off the smoke to give a less irritating inhalation on the throat and lungs.

Moreover, the water contained in the bong serves as means through which some of the toxic substances within the smoke are eliminated, hence increasing its harmlessness. In addition to this, bongs provide an instant and very strong high thus being preferable for most experienced consumers. 

It can be said that compared to other devices bongs are easy to carry around because they are very portable. With time, bongs and pipes become easy to use devices that facilitate the consumption of cannabis


Bowls are there for people who would wish to take their cannabis just the way it has always been done and also in a very simple manner. These are small pipes that can be held on one side containing a bowl at the front which is similar to those old fashioned tobacco pipes. The bowl is an easy and comfortable solution of using and carrying marijuana for a few users.

The bowls come in different varieties; glass, metallic, wooden, ceramic among others which allows everyone to have what they would prefer. People who are starting out usually see bowls as being less intricate than the alternatives, hence regarding them as the perfect introduction to cannabis use. 

This makes them portable hence easy to move with even little space available for storage. Although glass bowls are fragile, there are ones made from timber or metal that can last longer. 

One should make sure that he or she buys good cannabis stuff from trustworthy online store so as to have some fun. Medicinal marijuana patients who like dosage control and uncomplicated eating rituals would find bowls very appropriate. Moreover, for individuals who want an easier option amidst complex ways of consuming it, a bowl can serve as a welcome change.

In conclusion, bowels have a plain nature that may create fun and leisure hence becoming more preferred among cannabis lovers who like it easy and quick to take their weed.


Among the many consumers of cannabis, dabbing has become very common especially among those who know about drugs. In essence, dabs refer to the highly potent cannabis extractions that contain very high amounts of THC, the psychoactive agent known for producing the feeling of being “high.” This sticky oil is got by taking these concentrates which are rich in THC out of the marijuana plant with some solvents such as ethanol or butane.

These dabs come in different shapes like wax, budder, shatter, hash among others with each one having its uniqueness and strength. It is also common for the dabs to be considered a healthier alternative compared to the conventional cannabis products due to the non-application of chemicals in their manufacturing process.

For you to dab, you will require either a dab rig, torch or e-nail. The mouthpiece of the vaporizer or dab rig should have a little quantity of dab placed on it before heating using the provided torch or e-nail. This leads to inhalation of the resulting vapor/smoke through the apparatus commonly referred as dabbing.

Dabbing is now popular because there are many types of dab rigs, pens and vaporizers sold today. They are available in different brands that are easy to carry and use hence convenient for people who are moving around. Moreover, with dabbing, one can get clean vapor without any adulteration risk. These modern devices are now fitted with extra features that make them easy to handle and ensure user’s safety.


Rolling joints is a very common way of using marijuana that many people engage in today. It is very easy to do as one only needs the bud and rolling papers. The rolling papers come in different forms like wood pulp, rice, hemp among others and this affects the nature of smoke produced. Despite this, the rolls have an equal burning property to guarantee that everything burns properly and one gets a satisfying experience from smoking, irrespective of the kind of rolling paper employed.

It’s simple – just put the bud on the rolling paper, roll it, and light fire to inhale the smoke. This is a reliable technique that provides top-notch quality for smokers, including both novices and experienced users.

Firstly, joints are easily portable. In certain parts of Canada, taking your joints along with you for smoking anytime is possible depending where you are found. However, it is crucial to note that buying high-quality cannabis online from trustworthy sources like Weed Coast Bud will serve the intended purpose well.

The Bottomline

The listed procedures are very useful in taking marijuana because they take care of all types of people and what they would like to achieve from the drug. Depending on what you want to achieve, you will need to choose a method. Make a choice of method that you will use to take your portion of cannabis. Ensure safe shopping by ordering marijuana online from trusted vendors.

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