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Celebrities And Popular Personalities Known To Love Weed

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Now, more than ever, cannabis seems to have gained popularity, and almost everyone is becoming aware of its benefits. People are developing a better sense of tolerance towards marijuana usage, and some are known for falling in love with this drug with medicinal properties. Whether we talk about using CBD oil or about the consumption of cheap weed, marijuana is finding its path into our lives. And therefore, it should be evident that even celebrities and famous personalities are adapting this transformation. 

Of course, there are some of the connoisseurs of marijuana users in the industry that include –Cheech & Chong and Willie Nelson. However, we have stumbled across a list of the new potheads joining the gang. Keep reading to find out who made into the list of celebs who are rejoicing the acceptance of marijuana in the world. 

1-The 21st Century Ganja King –Snoop Dogg:

We decided to list Snoop Dogg as our number one because we believe that the list of celebrities who love marijuana would be incomplete without his name being mentioned. Snoop Dogg has been an advocate for the administration of cannabis for quite some time now. He is not only indulged in the consumption or advertisement of marijuana consumption. Snoop recently became the part of the marijuana industry by introducing his own brand –Leafs By Snoop. 

Snoop Dogg is definitely a wise man who has carefully invested his rap fortune into the weed industry, which is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming time. Now the celebrity is not only benefitting physically and medically with the use of cheap weed but also is making sure that his bank balance blossoms even more so. We have to say it –Snoop Dogg certainly knows to drop it like it is hot. 

2-The Dope Disney Star –Bella Thorne:

 Although Bella Thorne, the Disney star, who was entirely against marijuana consumption in her teenage, has become an advocate now and is listed among regular users of the medicinal crop. Bella claims that cannabis helped her to get better sleep at night and de-stressed her too after she had played an emotionally challenging character that has scourged her mentally while and even after she had filmed it. 

Bella Thorne not only wiped away her squeaky clean personality of a Disney character by engaging in the consumption of cheap weed but also the reports about her getting involved with some of the controversial artists in the industry has affected her reputation. We are looking forward to the day when marijuana consumption becomes so typical that even the Disney characters start promoting the medicinal weed without any hesitation. 

3-Getting the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ –Miley Cyrus:

It shouldn’t come across as a surprise that Miley Cyrus is listed amongst one of the celebrities who enjoys consuming marijuana. This, after all, hasn’t been a secret to her close friends or even people in the media. Miley also threw her long-term boyfriend –Liam Hemsworth, a party that was based on a marijuana theme. The reason that we added her to the list of newcomers to the world of cannabis consumption is –the singer had quit smoking pot a few years back but is back at it again!

Miley has been enjoying her decision to smoke marijuana once again. And unlike in most cases, people are influenced by their friends to consume cannabis; Miley’s Mom was the person who influenced her still to enter into the world of medicinal green. Perhaps, the open use of marijuana consumption isn’t limited to just Miley Cyrus; other members of her family, too, are a part of the green world. Miley even openly claims about marijuana being her “first and true love,” isn’t that just awesome? 

4-Marijuana for Enjoyment and Balance –Pete Davidson:

Pete Davidson, the SNL Comedian, has come clean since the past year about his experience with cannabis consumption and would even promote the consumption of cheap weed. This is not just because he enjoys the euphoria, but he experienced Borderline Personality Disorder, and cannabis helped him tackle the issues. 

Pete talked about how he has struggled with BPD for several years and how marijuana has been a constant companion that aided him in managing his condition and remain under control. Pete Davidson gained much popularity after engaging with the famous pop singer –Ariana Grande, and that is the reason he has been added to the list of celebrities that are mega potheads. Pete has started to gain tons of recognition and attention lately. 

5-The Cannabis Momager –Kris Jenner:

Kris Jenner could be a surprising individual added to the list of celebrities that enjoy drinking. There have been several reports released that suggest apart from being a member of the Kardashian clan; Kris is somewhat inclined towards pot consumption. She was even noticed enjoying a fat blunt of marijuana on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ as well as in some of the videos that were shot at various parties. 

Jenner is open about her adoration for green and cheap weed, and she also talked about how she cannot stop herself from laughing endlessly after the consumption of marijuana. We are just eager to wait and watch Kris Jenner promoting more tolerance towards the administration of cannabis and enabling its open consumption as well. 

6-Lady with Blunt Humor loves Blunts –Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence has traveled a great distance after ‘The Hunger Games’, and the hilariously funny and blunt actress is not even shy about her love for cannabis consumption. Apparently, she loves to consume the medicinal herb much more than just in a moderate amount. We love the way that Jennifer rolls. And she had also made claims about smoking right before the Oscars. Further, there have been reports about Jennifer out-smoking her co-stars too. 

There have been several incidents about Jennifer Lawrence enjoying pot smoking; one such event was encountered in the 60th Birthday Party of Ellen DeGeneres. This suggests that the actress is far away from being shy when it comes to her smoking marijuana. 

Bottom Line:

The transparent attitude of the celebrities coming clean about smoking cheap weed is quite refreshing. We could go on longer with the list of celebrities who have adopted this relaxed attitude and are not at all shy about addressing marijuana in the open. We hope that this list has revealed to you about the mega potheads that are loved in the industry. 

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