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6 Signs That Indicate You are Using Too Much Weed

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Smoking weed comes with many benefits. Now that it’s legal in Canada, people can buy weed online from the comfort of their homes. This easy availability of weed has made things both easier and complicated. Easy because you can buy weed online conveniently. Complicated because people may be using too much weed without their knowledge. 

Easy availability of weed is not the only reason why people may be using too much weed. Some get addicted and while some don’t realize. The point is to be aware of how much weed you are using. In the long run, using too much weed can become a problem. 

Use of Weed – Benefits and Needs

Weed or marijuana is used for both recreational as well as medicinal purposes. It comes with many health benefits. The CBD present in weed can help in pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep and much more. While the THC compound present in the weed is mostly responsible for creating the feeling of high. 

Weed is widely used for various purposes. Using it consistently or on a daily basis is not a bad thing. But things can go out of hand quickly. It is important to understand the need for weed use and use it wisely to reap the benefits for a long time. 

Signs that you Are Overusing Weed 

Smoking weed everyday can be fun, but don’t become addicted to it. Meaning, don’t let weed become a crutch from being a habit. There is such a thing as smoking too much weed. You can be one of those weed smokers living in denial. There is a simple way of finding out if you are using too much weed. 

Here are the signs that says you are using too much weed:

  1. You Smoke Immediately After Waking Up Everyday 

If you smoke immediately after waking up, you could be over using weed. The first thing you need in the morning is water and breakfast or juice. Weed should be done while you are relaxing or after coming home from work. If you consistently use weed every morning even on weekends, it clearly means that you are addicted. 

Using on weekdays is understandable as you there is too much work-related stress and you want to de-stress. But if you are using it every morning after waking up, it means you are overusing weed. No doubt you can easily buy weed online in Canada, but using it wisely is the key to enjoying the various benefits of weed. 

    2. Too Many Smoking Devices 

Do you have a bong, a dab, a vaporizer, a bowl or pipe and rolls in the house? You are clearly using too much weed. You may be getting addicted to weed. It may be time to relax and go easy on weed. 

If your house is littered with smoking devices from the bedroom to the bathroom, it is now time to give it a rest. This can be the beginning of the downfall. Soon you will be leaving weed lying around the house. If your house smells like weed all the time, it also indicates that you are smoking weed too much. 

Having more than three smoking devices in the house is not ideal. No one would like to visit your home if it smells like weed all the time. 

    3. Losing Loved Ones Over Weed 

If you have lost friends, spouse, GF/BF or family members over weed, there can be no other signs clearer than this that you are going overboard with weed. If your partner is constantly complaining about the smell or your indulgence, it is time to take it slow with weed. 

People in denial don’t realize that they have a problem until it becomes apparent. When you lose friends and significant others to weed smoking, it means you are spending more time with weed than real people. If people have stopped coming to your home or inviting you for your weed smoking behavior, this is another sign that clearly states that you are overusing weed. 

You can buy weed online and enjoy it anytime, but that doesn’t mean you should be using it all the time. Addiction to weed and drugs starts this way and ends very badly. You don’t want to lose important things in your life due to weed. Contemplate and recognize the pattern and address the issue as soon as possible. 

    4. Smoking Weed Before Every Task

Are you a kind of weed user who has to smoke before doing anything, such as cooking, smoking, going to the office, sleeping, watching TV or simply leaving the house? This is the sign that says it all. You are getting overboard with weed. This is a habit that is going to hurt you in the long term. Soon the habit of smoking before every task will result in you sacrificing other aspects of your life. 

It is important to recognize the signs and work on it. If weed is taking over your life, it’s best to slow down and seek help if needed. Many weed users have fallen prey to this habit and have suffered. It is important to address this issue before it becomes a nuisance in the future. Enjoy your weed, just don’t go overboard with it. 

    5. Budgeting Problems 

If you have been sacrificing real food so that you can save money to buy weed, you know this is not good news. After paying the rent and spending on the essentials, if you don’t have enough money to buy weed, you shouldn’t sacrifice the important things. If you are too addicted to smoking weed, you might end up eating soup for food and spend the ration money on weed. 

It is true that you can buy weed online at affordable prices now. You can stock up on weed and use it wisely. But if you are overusing it, you are soon going to run out of weed and end up buying them with the grocery money. It is important to manage your money wisely and use weed economically.

    6. You Talk About Weed All The Time 

If you are constantly talking about weed all the time, you have a serious problem. It is a trait of a person who is obsessed with something. In your care, it’s weed. If you are constantly looking for topics related to weed so that you can talk about it, it means you are overusing it. It’s a sign that says that you need to calm down and take it slow. 

You may not realize that you are talking about weed obsessively, but other people will notice it. And, when they do point this out make sure to take a look at your habit and not freak out at people. They might be just pointing at the obvious. If you freak out at small things, make sure to review your weed smoking habits, it will help you in the long run. 

The Bottomline

These are some of the obvious signs that you are overusing weed. You can buy weed online now, which is great, but just don’t make it a habit of smoking every day. Weed offers a wide range of benefits and should be used as per the needs. 

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