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The story of Everything that led to the legalization of weed in Canada!

Weed online Canada

Are you in a state of dilemma about planning your next holiday trip? Is cannabis on your mind? Why not turn to Canada, which is on its second-year of marijuana legalization. For green-minded travelers, Canada is your next destination! As a matter of fact, the set of rules followed in the territories, and 13 different provinces are pretty much different –which includes the consumption and selling of weed online Canada. Therefore, you need to do a little homework before you just jump at the conclusions. 

Canada is the first country that is offering its people with legal places to blaze. Here, we have decoded the rules and regulations that are needed to be followed in Canada when concerned with weed. And what is the story behind its legalization, let’s find out!

The real reason behind marijuana legalization in Canada, decoded!

Although Canada played a major role in the history of drug prohibition, today, the country has taken some astounding steps towards the legalization of the drug. Yet while people are rejoicing about the fact, they are still confused behind the real motive of the government in taking such a drastic step, while it was altogether against it a few years back. Here are some of the reasons that will get your facts checked and your doubtful mind sorted:

1-People will smoke week no matter what: Anyone who is up for smoking weed would do it anyway with or without legalization of it. We are all well aware of the fact that no matter what the situation is in the country, cannabis will be available at the user’s disposal. Also, legalizing something as weed won’t increase its consumers when criminalization couldn’t prevent it. 

2-Government can legalize it and implement tax: Since the government was well aware of the fact that the Canadians were using weed even when it wasn’t legalized, why not make it available to them on legal terms and implement taxation! Therefore, the availability of authentic weed online Canada is a no shocker as it is legalized and regulated by the government. It makes more sense to decriminalize the use of marijuana in Canada than to maintain criminal law records on matters that aren’t supported or obeyed by the citizens. 

3-Cannabis can be taken out of the black market: Legalizing the use of recreational weed in Canada was a significant step taken towards denying the funds for the rise of the black market. Now that the government will regulate and tax the supply of weed, there will be a commendable drop in drug dealing in the black market. And tax revenue shall also be fetched by the government while meeting the needs of its country-people. 

 4-New industry has been introduced: Canada is the second as well as the largest country to have declared about the legalization of marijuana in its nation. Therefore, it has opened up gates to a new industry with more job opportunities, developing and selling edibles of cannabis, establishing more retailers/dispensaries, and much more. Canada will also be in a good position to export or develop some global-spanning companies when other countries decide to authorize the cannabis industry. 

What is the legal amount of weed that you are allowed to purchase?

Whether you are buying weed from a local retailer or relying upon weed online Canada, you can carry or legally possess 30 grams of cannabis in Canada. If we look at it, precisely it is about 60-75 pre-rolled joints for you. That is the amount of weed you are allowed to carry or possess at once. Depending upon your geographical location in the country, you will be charged for weed accordingly, inclusive of the taxes. 

What is the legal weed smoking age in Canada?

Across Canada, there are different provinces that permit the legal use of weed for people with an age of 19 or above. But, in Alberta, the legal age has been reduced to 18 while in Quebec, it increased to 21 by the freshly elected government. 

Are you allowed to smoke weed in Canada at any place of your choice?

We can only wish we could smoke weed anywhere and. But, every province in Canada has banned the smoking of cannabis or cigarettes both in the enclosed public spaces, including the public transit facilities and even at workplaces. In British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta, people are permitted to smoke cannabis in places that are permissible to the smoking of cigarettes. 

Not much time has passed to Halifax allotting around 84 taking zones on the property of the municipality throughout the entire Halifax region, which is for the smoking of weed. You can look for the exact locations in the Halifax Regional Municipality to find out about the exact locations that allow the smoking of cannabis. 

Where exactly can you purchase cannabis in Canada?

When it comes to the purchasing of weed in Canada, each province in the country has a separate set of rules. In almost all the provinces of Canada, cannabis is being sold in the retail shops that are regulated by the government, or some of the private dispensaries deal with the selling of weed. You can also make your purchase of weed online Canada without having to be worried about its authenticity as all the products are being well regulated by the government. 

Bottom Line:

If the thought of making your purchase from a retail shop overwhelms you, the Canadian government has facilities for that as well. Several authentic dealers will help you buy weed online in Canada, without going against the authenticity of the product. Long before the decision of legalization of cannabis in Canada was made, there were several smoking lounges established in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. 

But, in the present scenario, these coffee or smoking lounges are not quite on the legal side of the matter. It’s not just you who is confused! Several rules and regulations are giving heebie-jeebies to the people. Everyone is confused about where smoking of weed is permitted and where it isn’t. There has been no final decision made about the places of permitted to the smoking of weed. But one thing you can be sure of is –purchasing of weed online Canada is legal!

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