Top 5 Weed Varieties To Beat The Summer Blues

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The summers are one of the best times for cannabis lovers. Summer is the best season to enrich yourselves with the best strains of marijuana that is available in Canada weed online. When you live in colder places like Canada, you have the benefit of going out on summers in the outdoors amidst the lush green of nature. While enjoying the outdoor music fest, taking a hike through a pristine and primordial forest, or simply watching the sun glow, you could enjoy some of the strains of marijuana that will blow up your mind and impart you with an unmatched experience of getting high. 

 In this article, we have outlined the top 5 varieties of weed that will help you beat the summer blues if you are having any. You can just stay indoors and simply chill in your backyard while smoking some pot and spending your day. Read on to find out the details.

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1-The Green Gelato:

While the genetic engineers created this strain of weed, they apparently had the summer sun on the back of their minds. Green Gelato is basically the result of outbreeding Thin Mint GSC with the Sunset Sherbet Strain. This weed variety actually ticks off all the boxes of a strain that is significantly dominated by Sativa. That offers you an experience of a high euphoric state that makes you creative and uplifts by relaxing your mind as well as your body. The users of Green Gelato can experience a calm and laid back mood while edging off of pain, stress, or depression. 

Green Gelato could be an excellent smoking option for the ones looking for adventurous summer days of hiking, skating, or surfing. The weed will drastically lighten up your mood and make your feel energetic. Her pungent smell and flavors of citrus and sweetness will make your summers worthwhile. 

2-Fat Banana:

Fat Banana is basically the outcome of a forceful selective breeding program between Chiquita Banana and OG Kush. When you search for Canada weed online, you will definitely come across Fat Banana, which is one of the prevalent strains and is absolutely loved by the weed smokers. The breeding efforts put in to cultivate Fat Banana have resulted in the package of serious punch and production of high levels of THC. You will have a strong stoning experience with the indica-dominated strain. 

The connoisseurs and the collectors of Cannabis are very much appealed by the Fat Banana strain because of the massive level of psychoactive element produced in it, which is uniquely blended with tropical fruit and terpene profile of earth. 

3-Pineapple Kush:

The name of the variety of Cannabis is enough to whet the appetite of the pineapple lovers. Let us warn you that Pineapple Kush will lead to ravenous cases, and you might need munchies kept prepared by your side. Pineapple Kush is prepared out by breeding OG Kush with Pineapple, which resulted in a heavily indica-dominated variety. Pineapple Kush is named after the stunning fruity taste of tropical pineapple that is imparted from the marijuana that you purchase from Canada weed online

She has such a flavor profile that absolutely complements the summer meals and can be blended well with the fruity cocktails. When you plan on smoking Pineapple Kush, you will undoubtedly receive ample muscle relaxation and therapeutic feeling, while your senses are all calmed down. To have an experience of lazy summer afternoons, Pineapple Kush is an ideal smoking strain. 

4-Sour Diesel:

Are you planning on taking a surfing session this summer? Well, then don’t forget to bring your ally –Sour Diesel along with you on your high-trip. A vape or bowl loaded with the Sour Diesel flowers before hitting the waves of the ocean are much needed. Your focus will be enhanced, and you will be all geared up for the adrenaline rush that you are about to receive. This strain of Cannabis has its origin from California and is basically used by smokers before they are about to go on an adventurous trip. 

She offers medium levels of CBD combined with a high and potent concentration of THC, imparting you with crystal clear head-high experience with a few drags. The Sour Diesel variety is the child of Northern Light, Original Diesel, Hawaiian, and Shiva. By having this drug, you will experience a potent augmented taste with high notes of herbal yet sour flavors. 

5-Amnesia Haze:

Many pot smokers will recognize the name of this legendary strain, which is the brainchild of an American ex-pat and was synthesized in Holland. This strain will have a psychedelic effect on your mind, with long-lasting and intense levels of high. The concentration of THC in Amnesia Haze is about 22% and is dominated by Sativa-genes. So if you in for an outdoor celebration or about to go on a music concern –Amnesia Haze is the strain of Cannabis that you would want to purchase from Canada weed online. 

She is such a variety of marijuana, which will make the smokers go bare feet on the ground, and their bodies will groove to the syncopated reggae rhythms. Amnesia Haze offers you with the citrusy flavors and will leave the taste buds in a state of wanting for more. 

Bottom Line:

In this article, we have listed the top 5 strains or varieties of Cannabis that you could buy from Canada weed online. But, there are a few more that you could consider while making your choice, including –the Royal Cookies Auto-flowering strain, Blue Mystic, Shining Silver Haze, Royal Gorilla Auto-flowering, or the Hulkbery variety. They all are prepared from different kinds of plants and will impart you with different types of smoking experience. 

Selecting a strain is an essential part of smoking, and while doing so, do not forget to consider the climatic conditions and what kind of high you are in the mood for. Cannabis is a hardy and versatile plant that grows in different environments and climatic conditions yet gives out the best results possible. To beat the blues of summer season, you could try out some fruity punchy flavors of Cannabis, which can be well blended with the summer smoothies. Now, take your cannabis smoking into different levels by giving the various strains of the weed a try. 

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