10 Easy Ways To Tell Good Weed

Ways to check if your weed is good

You never know what you get when you buy weed online in Canada. And the only way you can  tell is after it arrives at your doorstep, AFTER you’ve already purchased it. So how do you tell if your weed is good?

Here we’ll break down 10 easy ways to tell if your weed is good or bad.

  1. Color

The first thing you should notice is the color of your weed. High quality cannabis typically has a green color ranging from lime green to a light green, mixed with purples, blues, reds, and pinks. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tell if your marijuana is good or bad is by checking the color.

Remember, brown weed is bad weed. When weed turns brown, it’s due to oxidation and could contain pesticides or mold. Brown weed is harsh on the lungs and has lower potency. Best to avoid anything that looks brown. But also yellow, red, or tan, is probably also a low quality bud, so best to stay away.

  1. Smell

Another simple way to tell if your weed is good or bad is the smell. Good weed smells fresh and has a very strong, distinct odor. Some people have even reported a skunk-like aroma. Weed should never smell like old grass or hay. If it smells like hay, stay away!

  1. Taste
    Taste is one of the ways to determine the quality of your weed. Good bud tastes fresh and has either a hint of chocolatey bitterness, indicating an indica strain or citrus flavor, indicating sativa.
  2. Crystals

You’ve probably seen super close up pictures of buds on social media and noticed those tentacle-like extrusions that look almost alien. Those are trichomes, and they determine THC potency in your marijuana. Good bud has plenty of VISIBLE crystals. No crystals probably means it’s low quality.

  1. Feel

Sticky Icky, that’s how good marijuana should feel. If your marijuana doesn’t stick when handled, it’s probably too dry. But you also don’t want it to be too moist. Properly cured marijuana has a sweet spot between a little dry, and a little sticky.

  1. Seeds, Sticks and Stems

If there’s seeds, sticks, and stems, get your money back immediately. Good marijuana should have none of these, and the thicker the bud the better. This is another easy way to tell how good your weed is.

  1. Orange Hairs

Little orange hairs is a good sign of pollination and maturity in marijuana. High quality marijuana should have plenty of little orange hairs, avoid if you can’t see any.

  1. Well-Trimmed

Although it’s not specifically about marijuana. A well-trimmed bud is an indicator that the grower takes the time and effort into his plants. Especially if it is hand-trimmed nicely because big trimming machines can damage the fragile trichomes, so hand-trimming although takes longer, produces a nicer product all around.

  1. Contaminants

    Contaminants like mold and little bugs are something everyone should watch out for. Especially if you see little white hairs that look like spider webs, it’s a strong chance they’re spider mites. If you see something off, better to avoid it.


  2. Tested Products

Lab tests are a sure way to tell how good your bud is. It not only tells you the THC level, but it can also tell you the genetics and if there are any pesticides or contaminants. By purchasing lab-tested products, you can ensure your marijuana is of high quality.

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