How To Detect And Deal With Powdery Mildew In Weed Buds?

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If you love smoking a joint or have been prescribed the use of weed for medical purposes, it is critical that you get your hands on the highest quality of this plant. One thing that has been known to ail the integrity of this plan is the powdery mildew that looks white in color. So, if you have recently opted for Canada mail order marijuana, it is critical that you look for the presence of this mildew in the plant.

The mycelium network of this mildew is spread all across the plants present in the farm right before it starts sporulation and starts showing up visually. When opting to smoke or use weed/cannabis, you need to ensure that your bud is free from such mildew growth.

What is Powdery Mildew?

Powdery mildew is a white-colored fungal growth that is known for reproducing at a rapid rate (both asexually and sexually). The fungus has just two motives in its entire lifestyle.

1-Eat the plants

2-Reproduce and Make More of the Powdery Mildew

Fortunately for the users, this white mass can easily be spotted. It stands strongly against the greenish hue of the cannabis plant. It can easily be removed from the plants with the use of proper treatment when spotted early during its reproduction cycle. However, if you have acquired any bud with this fungus, you need to discard the bud immediately. In order to obtain high-quality buds, you should always opt for reputed sellers for Canada mail order marijuana.

The presence of powdery mildew can interfere with the plant’s capability to photosynthesize. When left untreated, the powdery mildew surely leads to poor yields and stunted growth. While it isn’t the ultimate death sentence for the plant, it can surely be a significant issue for the crop owners.

Causal Factors of Powdery Mildew

High Humidity:

  • If you plan on ordering your marijuana online from a place with high moisture content, you might need to content check for any presence of white powdery mildew. This is because the WPM requires high humidity to thrive. This could be a bit of an issue as the young weed plants thrive best in humid environments, as well. Luckily, the high-humidity factor can be problematic only if it is combined with the next factor which is no/low airflow.
  • If you have received a package that is free from any WPM, your content might still be vulnerable to fungal infection if you happen to live in a country or region with high humidity. In order to avoid any contamination post-purchase, you need to buy a dehumidifier in order control the humidity in the space.

No/Low Airflow:

  • The WPM will have a hard time surviving in places with proper airflow. This is because the fungus requires time to settle down on the leaves. Low or no airflow, along with high humidity, provides it an ideal condition to set its base on the plant. For example, a plant with fan running beside it will have lower coverage of the powdery mass as opposed to a plant with no airflow.

Poor Ventilation

  • If the weed you order has been grown in a specific indoor area, there are chances that the room is seldom opened. This means fresh air doesn’t get a chance to replace the infected air. If the growers happen to plant a fresh crop by replacing the old one, the spores will surely land on the new plants as well. This is an endless cycle that can only be disrupted with a continuous flow of fresh air.

Leaf-On-Leaf Contact

  • If you happen to own a bud that is affected, it is critical that you throw it away immediately. There is a chance that your newly acquired marijuana strains can get infected from the one with WPM.

How to detect WPM’s presence in your weed?


The best way to detect the presence of WPM in your Canada mail order marijuana is to take a look at it thoroughly. If you happen to notice white growth, you need to discard the product immediately and opt for a fresh one.


Weed flaunts a wide range of aromas starting all the way from berry-like smell to something that is similar to the weird smell of the wild skunk. However, you can detect the presence of fungus in your weed with a distinctive smell. A bud infected with WPM will smell like that of human urine or sweat.


While good quality weed can have great effect on your overall well-being and health, the one infected with the fungus can wreak havoc to your ailing health. You might be an asthmatic whose condition can worsen with the spores of the mildew entering the lungs. Further, you need to note that certain variants of mildew product a toxin termed as mycotoxin, which can’t actually be burned. This leads to a rampant transfer of the toxin to the body. This is why it is critical to check for the presence of any fungal growth before you start smoking your bud acquired from mail order marijuana online. The key is to opt for reputed dispensaries with a lot of product reviews and testimonials.

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