How To Detect And Deal With Powdery Mildew In Weed Buds?

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In case you enjoy smoking marijuana or you are under prescription of medical cannabis, then it becomes very important that you get the best quality herb. One thing that has been known to ail the integrity of this plan is the powdery mildew that has a white color. Therefore, if you just went for the Canada mail order marijuana then it’s crucially important for you to check whether this kind of mildew appears out there.

Just before spores production and visual appearance, the mycelium network crosses over all crops within the field. Before you decide on smoking or consuming cannabis – make sure your bud does not have such a mildew growing on it.

What is Powdery Mildew?

The powdery mildew is a fungus that appears in the form of a white powder and reproduces quickly through sexual and asexual means. With objectives focused on: 

  • Feeding itself
  • Expanding its powdery colonies 

It is difficult to spare cannabis for anything else.

However, there are ways of easily noticing this crafty intruder. The fact that it is pure white greatly differs with the rich green color of hemp hence seen easily. It is important to be fast when taking action against it if you detect it in the last stage of reproducing because this can stop it from spreading far and wide. But if some marijuana strains are infected by the fungal intruder mentioned above, they should be thrown away immediately. And for the best quality buds, stick with trusted sellers like West Coast Bud when buying from Canada’s mail order marijuana dispensaries.

Left uncontrolled, powdery mildew interrupts photosynthesis thus causing low yields and retarded growth of plants. Although not fatal to the crop, it creates an enormous obstacle for gardeners that emphasizes the need for watchful monitoring and preventative measures in protecting marijuana crops.

Causal Factors of Powdery Mildew

High Humidity:

When you decide to buy marijuana online from areas that have a lot of moisture, you may have to determine whether there is any sign of the white powdery mildew in your product. The reason for this is that the WPM cannot do without high relative humid conditions. It might pose some problems since the tender weed plants like it very humid too. Fortunately, only a combination of factors may render the high humidity unsuitable, such as no or little airflow.

Your package may not have WPM but remember that your content could easily get attacked by fungi especially when you reside on countries with high humidity rates. After making the purchase and before consuming what you bought, ensure that there is a dehumidifier controlling moisture in your room or house -otherwise spoilage will occur.

No/Low Airflow:

It will be difficult for the WPM to survive in areas that are well ventilated. The reason for this is that the fungus takes some time before it can settle on leaves. However, under low or no airflow but high relative humidity, the fungus finds the best opportunity for establishing itself in the host. For instance, the presence of a fan near a plant will make the powdery mass cover less space as compared to when there is no air blowing around the plant.

Poor Ventilation

In case the marijuana one buys is cultivated within some confined space, then most likely such rooms are rarely accessible. As a result, contaminated air cannot give way for fresh air. If by any chance the cultivators decide to put in place another fresh crop in exchange of the previous one, then it follows that the spores will fall on the new vegetation. It is an unending loop which demands fresh air flow to break.

Leaf-On-Leaf Contact

Should you have a bud that is infected, it becomes very important to throw it away without any delays. Don’t even consider other ways of using it, adding in recipes for edibles or anything else. Your newly bought marijuana strains may also catch the infection of the one having WPM.

How to detect WPM’s presence in your weed?


It is important to identify powdery mildew on cannabis buds in order to uphold the standard of products. If there are some white spots or powder remains on the top of your marijuana flowers – probably it is contaminated with powdery mildew. It is advisable to throw away such marijuana and get another one from a trusted vendor.

However, the emergence of online dispensaries has made it easier to obtain premium cannabis. For example, Canada has several online stores that sell a variety of weed strains and products legally even for medical and recreational purposes, such as West Coast Bud. Therefore, if you come across powdery mildew in your marijuana, just order another one through the Internet – it’s easy and doesn’t make you think about impurities.


When you explore marijuana smells, you find out that some are fruity while others are a little bit skunky. These kinds of smells are referred to as aromas. They are very important as they help in differentiating one type of marijuana from the other. However, in this pleasant smelling mix there is also another side of the story which is olfactorily corrupting – stink of impurity.

A giveaway that cannabis is spoiled is when it has a particular stench resembling urine or sweat. This smell is completely different from the natural tones of grassy marijuana or spice and it can indicate presence of spores in the latter. The presence of mildew, which is mostly found in wrongly kept or grown marijuana, endangers one’s health and reduces product quality.

Within the realm of growing cannabis, understanding these subtleties within the sense of smell could be key to a safe and healthy consumer – experienced growers and connoisseurs develop a very sensitive sense of smell.


Although high-quality marijuana can improve your general health and well-being, consuming infected one with fungus can be disastrous. For instance, if you are asthmatic and consume this plant because of CBD benefits, then any contact with the spores from mildew would only make your condition worse, especially because you inhaled them into your lungs. Also, remember that some forms of mildew secrete a non-combustible poison called mycotoxin, which leads to widespread poisoning through its transfer into the body. For this reason, it is important that you check if there are any molds when you are about to smoke the bud you bought through mail order marijuana online. Ensure to go for well-known dispensaries that have many products for sale and customer reviews available.

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