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BC Bud Online: How Does the Marijuana Grading System Work?

bc bud online canada

Whether you have been using marijuana for a long time or just started exploring this whole new side of the weed industry, one thing that you will learn to assess pretty quickly is the weed quality. With a high demand prevailing in the market post-legalization in Canada, there is a surplus inflow of BC bud online. In order to avoid acquiring low-grade cannabis products, it is essential that you learn more about the grading system being opted for proper segregation of weed.

We will explain each and every grading system to our best knowledge to help you acquire the highest quality of marijuana.

So, without any delay, let us get into the grading system for BC Bud online.

Grading and Levels of Marijuana

When talking about the marijuana/cannabis industry, you might find different types of grading system, which entirely depends on the seller. However, things are a bit different in Canada. In this country, everything has been planned out for the buyers with the prime objective to provide the highest quality of cannabis.

Here is a list of one of the most opted grading system preferred in Canada.

1-The AAAA Grade:

If your marijuana packaging reads “AAAA” grade in the quality section, you can be assured that it is the best quality available in the market. This particular grade is where everything is in line for the marijuana strain you have purchase. The factors such as look, smell, as well as taste of the bud are close to perfect. Regardless of the variants like Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid, this grading system ensures you the best quality weed available in the market.

  • Smell: Pleasing & pungent
  • Aroma: No presence of unintended notes like the musty or moldy smell
  • Structure: Proper amount of trichomes need to be present
  • Buds: Needs to be dense & well-kept
  • Color: hints of purple and orange with predominantly dried up the green color

Poor trims with minimally healthy coloration suggest that the level isn’t as high as stated. The taste of the BC buds needs to be similar to its aroma and nothing less.

2-The AAA Grade:

This particular grade is among the popular and common ones you will come across when making a purchase. This is what most buyers tend to consider a standard level for marijuana purchases. It is still among the excellent quality strains that can be relied upon. In order to be considered an AAA quality bud, the marijuana strain needs to be close enough to the highest-quality strain. A bit of discoloration can be surely be expected. However, if you get hold of a sample that too tanned or browned, it’s definitely not of the AAA grade.

The THC levels in any particular strain aren’t critical for determining its grade. This segregation and grading process comes from elements such as looks, smells, as well as the taste. With all these factors in place, you can easily place the bud’s potency at its highest level. Most buyers go for this variant if the AAAA grade product isn’t available when needed.

3-The AA Grade:

If you are worried about budget restrictions, the AA grade might suit your budgetary as well as quality needs. The quality is obviously not as good as the AAAA/AAA quality buds, but it will surely suffice. While once or twice you might stumble upon bud online that is of amazing quality, this isn’t usually the case.

The strain quality is more likely to align with poorly cultivated marijuana. You can easily confirm the AA grade with the presence of off-color and brown appearances. Plus, the smell of the product you receive would be nowhere close to the aroma of the AAAA grade weed. The lower your weed’s grade quality, the darker its ash gets while smoking a joint. Purchasing the AA grade weed might be something that is perfect for your budget, but there will always be a trade off in quality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

4-The A Grade:

Any weed product of this level is just like scraping the barrel’s bottom. Most of the time, it is suggested that you refrain from the consumption of products with this grading. The sellers might give you the assumption of it being a good quality weed strain, but you need to be aware that it surely is of the lowest quality. If you have budget constraints, you need to consider reducing your purchase size and opt for higher-grade marijuana as opposed to purchasing any A grade weed buds. *Luckily for our customers, we don’t carry any A grade strains, we do have budget strains but it definitely won’t compromise your high. Check below for the most popular strains on our site.


Now, when it comes to buying bud online, the best is definitely the strains that rank in the AAAA or the AAA grade. However, the ones from the lower grade are something you should definitely avoid, especially if you are planning on using the weed strain for medical use. As you venture down towards the last two tiers of grading, you will definitely see a significant decline in the quality of the weed you purchase.

Looking for a high-grade BC bud online? Look through the extensive collection brought to you by West Coast Bud for the cheapest and highest-quality cannabis bud online in Canada. We provide you access to the most popular weed strains as well as marijuana-based products from various categories at affordable prices.

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