BC Bud Online: How Does the Marijuana Grading System Work?

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It does not matter if you have been consuming marijuana for quite some time now or you are beginning to venture into the new sector of the cannabis industry – weed quality is something that you will be able to judge very quickly. With the high demand after marijuana was legalized in Canada, there has been an excessive inflow of BC bud online. To prevent buying poor quality marijuana, one should know the types used to separate weeds and stay educated on such matters.

To the best of our knowledge, we shall describe every grade in order to ensure that you make your purchases on the topmost quality of marijuana.

Grading and Levels of Marijuana

Canada has put in place a well thought-out system for the marijuana sector with the intention of making certain that users can get the best possible marijuana products. This differs from other places where grading may depend on who is selling with no clear cut criteria, but Canada uses uniform ways of determining the quality of cannabis so that consumers are sure of what they are buying. 

The Canadian cannabis market is highly regulated, and thus, customers are assured of transparency and uniformity that is not common in most other places. Quality control measures and efforts to satisfy consumers have been integrated into every part of the industry starting from growing up to selling off.

Below is a list of a commonly used grading system in Canada.

1-The AAAA Grade:

If you see “AAAA” on your marijuana packaging under quality, then you can be sure that you got yourself the very best stuff. This is the grade where everything is as it should be with regards to your marijuana strain purchase. It has very good factors just like the appearance, smell, and taste of the bud. It does not matter if it is a pure Sativa or Indica-soma mix because if it was graded properly – the weed should be top tier.

  • Smell: Pleasant & strong
  • Aroma: No any odd notes detected e. g. dusty, moldy aromas
  • Structure: Right number of trichomes should occur
  • Buds: Thick & tight
  • Color: Mostly dried up green but with some purple and orange hints

Inadequate trims characterized by thinly spread out light color suggest that the product may not be of the promised level. The taste of the BC buds needs to be similar to its aroma and nothing else.

2-The AAA Grade:

This is one of those grades that are very popular with buyers. It is what many purchasers take to be the average level of marijuana buying quality. Nonetheless, it remains an exceptional type that can serve its purposes well. A marijuana strain is said to be of AAA grade if and only if it is very close to the highest quality strain – some little staining may occur. Nevertheless, a too much tanned or browned sample is far from AAA grade.

The level of THC in a given strain does not matter much in determining the grade. These are some of the factors used in segregating and grading it like color, smell and taste. When all these elements are intact, then you would expect that the potency of the bud is at maximum strength. If the product is unavailable and people need it, they usually prefer the AAAA grade ones that cost more rather than opting for AA ones.

3-The AA Grade:

In case one has some concerns on whether they will get good value for money due to tight budget, then AA grade is the one to consider. It may not be as great as those of AAAA/AAA grades but it serves its purpose. Although there are exceptions where you find an excellent quality budpouch online once or twice, this is not the usual experience.

The quality of strain is more prone to match under cultivated weed. This follows easily since a bad marijuana has many visual signs like being discolored and having a brownish appearance. Moreover, you wouldn’t get an Aroma in your received commodity like that in an AAAA graded marijuana. The ash turns lighter when you smoke a joint of higher grade quality weed while it gets darker in low grade weed. Buying AA grade weed may fit well with your budget plans, but you can’t avoid compromising on quality.

4-The A Grade:

It is like scraping the bottom of the barrel when one uses weed products of such low levels as A. In most cases, people are advised against consuming commodities that have been graded like this one. Although sellers may make you think that it is a premium marijuana variety, remember that it is probably the worst type. If you don’t have enough money to spend then before going for any A grade weed buds first think about decreasing your purchase size and going for higher grade marijuana.

As for West Coast Bud, we don’t sell the A grade marijuana. However, we have some cheap marijuana options and always something on sale, so you can be sure to get the best cannabis experience possible while not worrying about money.


At present, the top grades for anyone interested in purchasing marijuana online would be either the AAAA or AAA ones.

Nonetheless, one should stay away from anything less than AA grade especially if he or she intends to use marijuana for medicinal purposes – disappointment it is. 

The quality of cannabis decreases significantly as we move down the grades. Moving from the topmost quality grade, characterized by bright colors, strong smell and covered in many trichomes, to the lowest grade one experiences a fall in quality just like descending into darkness.

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