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They say laughter is the best medicine. If you had a bad day or bad health, laughter is the cure to all. And as a matter of fact, cannabis has been associated with laughter for good reasons. Buds, marijuana, and other strains can help you see the lighter side of life. No matter how bad has your day at work was, you can now buy bc buds online, sit back, and relax. Your therapy is on the way. Here are some strains that are known to give the heartiest laughs.

Laughing Buddha

The name speaks for itself. The ‘laughing buddha’ has been amongst the most sought after Sativa strains in the cannabis world. The proud winner of the 2003 Cannabis Cup, the laughing buddha is a must-try for all those sad and forlorn people out there. If you are lucky enough to find & purchase this rare species, you can rest assure that you’ll have a chill night afterwards. For most cannabis consumers, the thought of laughing buddha itself is enough to make them smile.

Black Diamond

A must-try for cannabis enthusiasts, black diamond has been popular among experienced skiers. Though a hybrid, it has a durable Indica nature and leaves behind a good impression when consumed. The black diamond is more of a relaxed and mellow bud than being upbeat. Consuming Black Diamond can lead to uncontrolled laughter. You will go on laughing again and again. If you are enjoying a movie while you smoking up this strain, you might find it unusually and irresistibly funny all of a sudden. Even the horror movies might sound comical when you are high on this particular bc bud.


A total party material, Chemdawg also is a hybrid. However, it falls under the high Sativa clan. It controls your body powerfully. It can make you act silly and increase your social activity commendably. Never miss out on the chance to grab a bag of Chemdawg if you come across it. But yes, beware of its strong influence on your body. You might end up laughing so bad that you might not be able to stand up straight. Whatever the case, your party is going to be lit.

Blue City Diesel

The Blue City Diesel bud is the most popular bc bud online. A favorite among the 20s group, these huge frosty buds have a hint of blueberry. The diesel aroma is not to be missed. There isn’t a person until now who didn’t like the BCD. The alertness mixture with a relaxing nature helps you feel eclectic. You will find yourself not only relaxed but also cheerful at the same time. A quick consumption is just enough to make you smile for your life. It will help you laugh at anything. Try the Blue City Diesel next time you plan to visit stand-up comedy shows. You might be the happiest audience out there.

Purple Monkey Balls


Can you even say it out loud without giggling? Undoubtedly, the high lives up to the name- Purple Monkey Balls. The more often and louder we say it, the more we laugh. You will feel sluggish and tired while consuming it. But then, the laziness comes along with a sweet and sedated humor. It might leave you laughing energetically but will bring satisfaction in your lives. The balls at the very least will help you be the conversation starter. And rest ensured, the conversation is going to be worth it!

Different people respond differently to different kinds of strains. We cannot guarantee to make you laugh, but these buds will at least help you forget your problems for the time being. The name of the strain can be deceiving, so don’t assume the bud lives up to its name when you buy bc buds online. With that being said, Purple Monkey Balls are proof that sometimes the name does say it all. 

Why do you end up laughing? Owe it to the giggly strain’s ability to raise dopamine in the brain. You can now explore yourself. Buy BC buds online from trusted sellers. Have a heartful laughter session. Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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