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It is argued by them that laughter is the best medicine. It is interesting to note that no matter how bad your day was or if you feel sick, laughter can really help out with anything. And it is interesting too that cannabis most times seems to intensify laughter; but it is not without reason. The different forms and varieties of marijuana are seen as something through which one can see the bright side of life. No matter what difficulties one may have experienced in the office. However now you can easily order BC bud online at West Coast Bud and get back home to have some rest and wait for your medicine. These are some laugh-filled famous varieties:

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a very popular Sativa strain within marijuana circles. It won the 2003 Cannabis Cup and it is recommended for people who are in low moods. The strain is very difficult to find, but in case you come across it and buy some, then be sure that you will have a calm evening. Just mentioning Laughing Buddha alone can make most marijuana lovers grin from ear to ear.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond strain has become very common with experienced skiers as well as cannabis lovers. Despite its hybrid nature, it leaves a strong indica footprint that one cannot easily forget. With regards to its effect, Black Diamond mostly leads to calmness than activeness. Whenever one consumes Black Diamond, he or she will engage in laughter that cannot be controlled given the fact that he will just laugh and laugh again. This is one of those strains that will make even the most mundane scene in a movie hilariously captivating. A comedy is no longer just a comedy especially when smoking that BC bud brand; it can turn even horror films into comedies.


Chemdawg is a hybrid strain known for its strong sativa effects and is one hell of a party strain. It takes absolute control of your limbs making them floppy, but very fun to everyone around. Take any chance you get to buy Chemdawg because it’s incredible. But watch out for how intensely it can affect you too because one may end up on the floor laughing and unable to stand straight up. However, having Chemdawg with you ensures that your party will be fun and full of activity.

Blue City Diesel

Among the BC buds that can be found on the internet, the Blue City Diesel is number one and mostly loved by people in their twenties. These are big sized nuggets covered with a layer of ice and have a mild blueberry taste but smell like diesel for real. Whoever has tasted the Blue City Diesel has been conquered. The strain is both soothing and stimulating hence very popular. A simple dose will make you happy and cause you to laugh easily. Why not attempt Blue City Diesel before going for a stand-up comedy? You will probably outshine everyone there with your high spirits.

Purple Monkey Balls

There is no question that Purple Monkey Balls deserves its strange name. The more we say it…the more we laugh…and laugh hard too! But expect some slowness and tiredness when taking it, although there will be a lovely quiet comedy amidst all this. You may end up laughing out loud heartily, but it does give a feeling of well-being in you. It can’t be less than an interesting chat opener and probably ensures an engaging conversation follows after all.

The different varieties make people react differently. Although a chuckle isn’t guaranteed, these flowers will surely take off some stress for a while. Mind you, don’t take the name too seriously when buying BC buds online; it could be deceptive. However, Purple Monkey Balls reminds us that there are occasions when names truly represent the essence.

Why then laugh? This laughter is possible because the giggly weed increases dopamine in brains. And now it is time for you to go about and do your own exploring. Go ahead and buy some BC buds from West Coast Bud and enjoy lots of laughter along the way.

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