How To Use & Clean Bong: Everything you need to know

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The bong is a filtration device that looks like a smaller and portable hookah. It is considered as an important marijuana accessory among serious cannabis users.

Picking out the right bong can give anyone a hard time, whether they are just starting to use weed or they have been doing it for years and want something better for smoking. Even though marijuana Canada is easily bought, there are many types of bongs to choose from and therefore one may take a lot of time before deciding on the best one.

However, there are ways that can help speed up the process and allow you to find what you’re looking for – the perfect bong to accompany your planned marijuana trip. Although one needs to consider several things before making a choice, it will really help in choosing a good bong if you pay attention to the important factors.

What is bong?

The bong is a smoking device which uses water to cool the smoke for a smooth intake which is not harsh to the throat or lungs. Although it is difficult to trace the exact origin of the bong, it was first talked about in Africa, the Middle East, and Thailand.

Mostly used in smoking tobacco, marijuana as well as different kinds of herbs; the usage of bongs has continued to gain popularity among many cannabis smokers as they provide a blend that is both strong and smooth. However, there are some things you should do first before you make your bong purchase like understanding what it is made up of, what kind are there, and lastly: how one can be able to use them effectively? There are so many types of bongs being sold nowadays that it may seem difficult to choose from them all, but considering this stuff will ensure that you pick out just what you want or need.

The Parts Of A Bong

Understanding the different parts of this device is important for using it well. Generally, a bong has a simple structure with six major components. Now we will look at the key titles and roles of each part of the bong:
1. Bowl: The part of the bong that holds dried herbs or tobacco for smoking is known as the bowl.

  1. Downstem: This tube connects the bowl to the water chamber and it helps in directing smoke into the water so that it can be filtered.
    3. Water chamber: This is where smoke gets filtered and cooled. It processes the smoke first before it is inhaled, as it is filled with water.
  2. Mouthpiece: This part is located on top of the water pipe and it is where the smoker draws in the smoke from.
  3. Percolator:The smoke gets dispersed into small bubbles which maximize its surface area thus enhancing faster cooling process.
  4. Ice Pinch: The neck of the bong has a small groove or dent that can hold ice cubes and this will help in cooling the smoke while passing through.
    It is important to note that there could be other parts in different types of bongs apart from the ones discussed above. This depends on how they are designed and what they are meant to do.

What Types Of Bongs Are There?

It is easy to find the appropriate bong in the market today because there are so many types of bongs. Some examples are straight-tube bongs, beaker-shaped bongs, percolator bongs etc. Apart from the shape, the other important consideration is the type of material used in making the bong since it can either be made of glass, acrylic, silicone, ceramic or even bamboo. Every kind of bong has unique characteristics and benefits that make it special such that one can choose depending on what he or she likes or wants to smoke.

How Does A Bong Work?

Now that we know about the structure of bongs and the different kinds there are, we can see what makes a bong tick.

For a start in the case of a water bong, the user lights up some dry herbs or tobacco which are contained in a bowl that is placed on the top part of the bong. Inhalation of smoke by the cannabis consumer leads to pulling of smoke through an air tight passage with very little space left for passage – just enough for one person through a chamber containing water and suspended from a glass vessel or “beaker” shaped. The water has a cooling effect on the smoke as well as filtering it hence making the inhalation process enjoyable. As a result, the smoke passes through the cooled and filtered smoke into the user’s lung through a tube or stem where it produces certain intended medicinal/toxic effects.

Moreover, there are also gravity bongs either homemade or bought. This is how a gravity bong works: the user turns the chamber upside down or lifts it slowly, and this allows the smoke to come out and be inhaled.

How To Use A Water Bong: Step-by-step instructions

Using a bong is not as complex as it seems. In most cases, a water bong functions by passing the smoke first through water, which filters and chills it, so that it does not immediately get into the lungs of a person. With the passage of the smoke through the stem after lighting the cannabis packed bowl, it gets to the chamber filled with water. In turn, the water filters out and chills the smoke making it less harsh for inhalation when using the provided opening for the same. For this reason, bong use is popular – especially with veteran marijuana smokers.

1. Fill Your Bong With The Correct Amount Of Water

The initial stage in using a water bong involves putting water inside the chamber. One should not make a mistake of using hot water because besides being dangerous to the lungs, it may cause the glass to break. Instead, one should use very cold water or even better put some ice cubes inside the water so that it cools the smoke well. Make certain that enough water is present for completely covering the downstream to enhance its maximum filtration.

2. Grind up your weed

Grind your marijuana in the next stage. It is important to grind the weed because it will make the ground marijuana to be easily packed in the bowl and thus provide for a smoother funner experience. Although one may opt for a specialized grinder to accomplish this, careful splitting of the herb can suffice when done by hand if you want an even burn when smoking from bowls.

3. Put a screen in the bowl

Some bongs require a screen to be placed in the bowl. This prevents the weed from falling into the water and clogging the stem. So if you have a bong screen, you need to make sure that it’s placed in a bowl. It depends on a bong, but using a bong bowl screen can provide you with a better experience while smoking a bong.

4. Fill the bowl with weed

Once you have fitted the screen in the bowl, fill it with marijuana. Put your crushed weed on the bowl part of your bong. Ensure that you stuff it snugly but not too tight. Before you put the bowl on your bong, you may use a bong bowl holder to help in this case if necessary.

5. Take the bong in your hand

After finishing the above stages, you can now begin smoking through your bong. Take the bong using one hand then position the mouth at the top of the apparatus. Confirm that you have fitted all the connection points on the bong correctly so that nothing unexpected happens when you smoke.

6. Cover the carb hole

The carb on your bong is for clearing smoke out of the chamber. In case your bong has a carb hole, then block it off using the finger and uncover immediately after smoke fills chamber. Alternatively, some carb holes can be covered using a slider available in certain bongs.

7. Light Up & Take A Hit

Using a lighter, ignite the bowl that contains your cannabis which has been powdered or granulated. While lighting it up, breathe in via the hole. When you draw in air, the smoke will move down into the water through the tube, where it will be filtered and cooled, and then it will get into your lungs since you are still inhaling. Well done, you can now take hits from a water pipe like a professional!

8: Exhale and Don’t Hold In Smoke

Just blow out the smoke. Do not hold it for long, particularly if you are a first timer; it may affect your health. Expect some coughing when you begin like most first timers, but only if you do it right and not otherwise.

How to Clean a Bong

It is important to clean your bong on a regular basis if you want it to work well, improve the flavor of smoke, and look good for longer. By cleaning, one eliminates dirty bong water, leftover herbs, or any other impurities that may affect how one uses it. Although washing it with some water is just a simple way out, using special washes might provide deeper cleansing which is also efficient at the same time.

  • One way that people use to wash a bong is by mixing rubbing alcohol with coarse salt. To do this, just clear out the bong and pour some rubbing alcohol in it followed by coarse salt.
  • For a proper cleaning of the bong bowl, it is important to clean the bowl and the bowl screen very well so that no marijuana remains in it.
  • The carb hole and other parts of the bong, especially those with lots of dirt, can easily be cleaned using a brush.
  • Ensure that the bong is completely clean by flushing it with water, alcohol and salt mixtures severally.
  • Either dry the bong well using a towel or let it air-dry.

Given the potential presence of poisonous substances, throwing away the handmade bong water bottle after using it is a good idea because it cannot be used again. This is because there are chances that it contains dangerous chemicals. It is better to choose glass or silicone bongs rather than acrylic or homemade bongs.

Tips for Having a Clean Bong

Tip 1: Never let your water sit

To keep your bong clean, it is important that you change the water every time. The flavor and quality of your smoke can be compromised when stagnant water gets stale and harbors bacteria. By using freshwater, you get a clean and pure taste, and if you use a bong that has cloudy water in it – then it may not be appealing. Thus, one should always replace the water as soon as the smoking ends in order to maintain hygiene and have a pleasurable time.

Tip 2: Keep your bong out of sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight can lead to the deterioration and discoloration of your bong’s material over time. To preserve its quality, store your bong in a cool, dark location away from sunlight. Sunlight exposure can also cause plastic or acrylic components of the bong to warp or soften, potentially compromising its usability and durability. Consider opting for silicone bongs if sunlight exposure is unavoidable, but regardless of the material, proper storage is essential for maintaining the bong’s condition.

Tip 3: Use Salt and Bong Cleaning Products for cleaning

Regularly cleaning your bong is crucial for maintaining its condition and ensuring a pleasant smoking experience. Using appropriate cleaning products helps eliminate any residue, such as plant material or dirty water, that may accumulate over time. A highly effective method involves combining salt and alcohol or utilizing specialized bong cleaning solutions. These products are specifically formulated to dissolve resin and other accumulated debris, restoring your bong to its original state. Alternatively, a mixture of alcohol and salt can yield similar results when cleaning your bong.


The use of a bong can heighten the marijuana experience as it gives a nice and pleasurable effect even to those who are used to smoking and those that are new in the field. Nevertheless, one must take great care of this apparatus by ensuring it is always in the best working condition through regular washing. Although there are different kinds of bongs, they all serve to improve the experience of smoking cannabis. Properly storing it can also help in increasing its longevity. If you make a good choice, use it right, clean it always, and keep it safely all around; then your bong will be good to you for many years, stay in great condition and keep on satisfying you.

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