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What Is THC Distillate And How To Use It?

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Cannabis has been used to cope with various health conditions for centuries, and it’s not surprising that people are looking for the best solutions to consume it. Nowadays, THC distillates are gaining popularity, and who knows, maybe they’re the best solution for you as well?

One of the main properties of THC distillates is that they’re pure, and it’s hardly possible to find something else on the market with the same amount of pure cannabinoids. So keep reading this article to learn more about the THC distillates, how to use them, and all the health effects to help you find the right product for you.

What Is THC Distillate?

When you’re looking for the THC distillate meaning, you’re most likely to stumble upon the same explanation – cannabis concentrates after the distillation process. Basically, it’s an even more potent concentrate that’s made by distillation, eliminating everything from plant lipids to terpenes, and in other words – it’s highly potent with THC or other components cannabis oil. Such a process has been known for centuries with alcohol and other liquids, and not so long ago, people decided to give cannabis concentrates a try as well. 

The end result was more than satisfying – highly concentrated cannabis distillate that’s great for medicinal users with various health conditions because of its potency. It’s much more effective than THC concentrates, and that’s the reason many patients turn to THC distillates. They’re as free from any impurities as possible, and they can be consumed in various ways, and their health benefits are pretty impressive. 

How Is THC Distillate Made?

If you wonder how to make THC distillate, you need to understand what cannabis concentrates are in the first place. There are many forms of cannabis concentrates, from wax and oil to hash and live rosin, and they’re made by leaving only desired plant compounds by breaking down the plant with some kind of solvent. That’s the answer to the question: what is cannabis distillate made of? And as for the process itself – the mixture gets heated to the point when the necessary cannabinoid, such as THC or CBD, vaporizes. After that, it gets cooled and condensed, resulting in THC or CBD distillate. 

What are the Effects of THC Distillates?

As you already know, the THC distillate is a highly potent product, making it not suitable for novice cannabis users, and if you want to know the effects, it would be better for you to learn about the origin of the distillate and check the health benefits of the strain the distillate came from. You can experience anything, from euphoric high to the sedative relaxation, and you shouldn’t forget that all the effects depend on the individual, so it’s a good idea to start with a small amount, especially when we’re talking about something so high-potent and concentrated.

Is THC Distillates Safe?

The first thought that comes to mind when people learn about such products – is cannabis distillate safe? And the answer is yes, cannabis distillate is perfectly safe, as long as you take it responsively, use the right dosage, and order the product from a reliable store or dispensary.

How to Use THC Distillate?

There are many ways to use THC Distillates, and it’s not that hard to find the method of consumption that suits you the best. It’s pretty versatile, so many people even add them to food or their favorite creams, so it’s up to your imagination. Among the most popular ways to consume THC is by vaping, smoking, dabbing, and using it in a form of tinctures, edibles, and topicals. So people willing to take THC Distillates without any respiratory problems in the future can also find the best ways of taking them and get the same effects.

  • Distillates in vaping

If you’re curious about how to vape THC distillate, it’s worth mentioning that many vape cartridges already contain THC distillates, and they’re not that hard to find online or at your local store. Or you can reload the heating chamber of your vape pen with THC distillate, you just need to make sure that the THC distillate you’re using is actually high-quality, and it won’t provide you with unnecessary effects. Anyway, it’s always best to start with a low dosage and check your body reaction first, and after that, you can consider adding more THC distillate to your vape juice and cartridge.

  • Distillates in smoking

Now let’s learn how to smoke THC distillate. Smoking is the most traditional way of cannabis consumption, and many people also add THC distillates to joints to enjoy a more potent experience. You can do that by spreading some THC distillate on the rolling paper while rolling a joint, but keep in mind that by doing so, you increase the potency of your joint or blunt a lot, so it’s better to share it with a friend. Moreover, you can add THC distillate to your cannabis while smoking a bong, and be ready for a strong high effect.

  • Distillates in dabbing

That’s the way to get strong experience from these products immediately, so when you decide to dab THC distillate, be ready for some intense results. Dab rigs are made specifically for concentrates, and with THC distillate, you’ll face a whole new level of effects of cannabis, just apply it onto the banger with your dabber. Since this method is already more concentrated and long-lasting than any other ways of cannabis consumption, you need to be even more careful with that, to avoid struggling with overconsumption and any side effects of taking THC distillate.

  • Distillates in tinctures

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquids, and basically, it’s a cannabis extract that’s suspended in alcohol. If you decide to go with tinctures, you can just place a few drops under your tongue, hold them for a few minutes to dissolve into your bloodstream, and swallow. You don’t have to inhale smoke that way, and you can easily regulate the dosage, so it’s a pretty convenient way of taking THC distillates. Some people add tinctures to their favorite snack recipes, so you can experiment with them, just make sure you don’t add too much.

  • Distillates in edibles

If you don’t want to cook anything yourself using tinctures, you can go with THC distillate edibles. It’s going to take you a while to feel the effect that way because of the digestion process before entering your bloodstream, so don’t take too much right away. It’s another method of taking THC distillates without worrying about respiratory problems, and such a method is pretty discreet, providing you with long-lasting effects. You can find a variety of edibles, from cookies and brownies to gummies, however, you need to carefully control the amount of edibles you consume to prevent overdose.

  • Distillates in topicals

Topicals are the best method of using THC distillates if you need to cope with localized pain and targeted discomfort, and because of the high concentration, the effects won’t take long to be felt. They come in forms of creams, balms, and lotions, and you just need to apply them directly to your skin. This way is great for people who are worried about overconsumption, since it’s hardly possible to experience any side effects, and topicals are commonly used by patients struggling with various health conditions like arthritis and joint pain.

Pros and Cons of Using THC Distillates

One of the main advantages of using THC distillate is that it’s pure, and you don’t have to worry about any solvents or impurities. Also, distillates are incredibly potent, and there are no products on the market that have the same THC content as distillates, making them pretty popular among cannabis users. Their versatility is also a huge advantage because they can be used on their own, or they can be used as an addition to increase the potency of joints, be a great ingredient in a recipe and even your favorite cream.

As for the cons, potency can be considered as a disadvantage as well, since it’s pretty easy to take too much and experience the undesired effects. Moreover, some people note the lack of flavor and taste in THC distillates, when using cannabis, you can choose from different strains.


THC distillates can be a great solution for people willing to experience the euphoric high, and thanks to the high potency, it’s not that hard to feel. Also, the versatility of THC distillates make them quite popular among cannabis users, and you can find the best form for you to consume them and enjoy the effects.

However, you should make sure you order THC distillates from a reliable Canadian online dispensary, and that you’ll actually get the effects you need. Always check the labels and start with a small dosage to find the best amount of THC distillate for your body.

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