How To Buy Weed In New Brunswick

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New Brunswick is one of Canada’s 3 coastal provinces and has all kinds of beautiful rivers, mountains, forests, mountains, and sightseeing attractions. It’s a small province located right above the northern border of Maine and is many American tourists’s first impression of Canada.

Since weed has become legal in Canada, it has become a very popular spot to visit to relax, get high, and enjoy the never ending activities that are available when you are in this province.

This article will focus on how to buy weed here both in shops and online, and what kind of laws are in place that accompany this new cannabis industry that has taken Canada by storm over the last couple of years.

New Brunswick and Cannabis:

Surprisingly enough, New Brunswick is among the lowest of all the provinces in terms of people that partake in cannabis.This could be due to the fact that many people choose to smoke weed discreetly because laws are still rather strict when it comes to cannabis, even after it was made legal in 2018 throughout Canada.

New Brunswick has a bit more conservative approach to marijuana usage, so if you are planning to go out to see the sights, you may want to smoke beforehand or stock up on some edibles because you cannot consume cannabis publically in this province.

Buying Weed in New Brunswick Online:

Buying cannabis products online is the vastly more popular option in New Brunswick as it is more convenient and oftentimes cheaper.

For those that are willing to wait the extra day or two to have their weed shipped to their house, this is the perfect option. Since, for the most part, people smoke weed inside the comfort of their own abode online orders are a great option for this province.

There are plenty of online options available that you can order from but it is important to only do so if you are of age and to do your research to make sure the website you’re ordering from is a legal distributor.


Much like many other Canadian provinces, you have to be at least 19 years old to purchase weed in New Brunswick.

If you would like to try out cultivating your own cannabis plants, each household can have up to 4 cannabis plants so long as they can’t be plainly seen by the public eye. Of course, there are some landlords that do not allow plants at all so be sure to check your residence’s rules on this if you have a landlord.

You cannot consume cannabis in public at all in this province and it is restricted to private residences.

Also, it is illegal to drive while smoking weed or to smoke while you are in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Not to mention, it is also illegal to smoke while operating a boat. Being that this is a coastal province, this is important to specify.

Why buy in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a beautiful coastal province with all kinds of things to see and do that are great for a long high adventure.

Despite not being well-known as a haven for smokers all over, it is perfectly fine to be high in public and many American tourists that cross over the border take advantage of this to full extent.

You could find some great thrills flying down some of the rapids that can only be found in this province. Really, there are all kinds of wonderful water activities for the summer to be had if you are a fan of getting wet. Just be sure to not get any nugs wet while you’re out!

If you’re looking for a beautiful hiking experience you could always venture to Fundy National Park as well, where you can take in some of the vast natural beauty while on your stoner adventure in New Brunswick.

Bottom Line:

New Brunswick has a ways to go when it comes to making weed easily accessible to its locals but if you are a tourist looking to put this province in your cannabis bucket list, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better location.

Of course, be sure you abide by all the laws that govern marijuana usage in New Brunswick and consume as safely as you can to enjoy the full experience of this gorgeous place that is now a part of the legal cannabis map!