How to Buy Weed in Nova Scotia

All the way on the southeast side of Canada, Nova Scotia sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Compared to the other provinces, Nova Scotia is one of the smallest but has a bustling population that is home to many stoners. With all kinds of history and natural beauty this province is one of Canada’s best places to purchase some recently legalized marijuana! This article will take you through all the options you have available to buy weed in Nova Scotia. Also, you will see the laws that govern weed in this province and all the reasons you need to see as to why this place is the place to buy cannabis in Canada.  

Nova Scotia and Cannabis: Some statistics say that Nova Scotia smokes the most out of any province in Canada. Needless to say, weed is pretty well accepted in this little coastal province.  You can smoke or vape weed anywhere you can smoke cigarettes these days and it is doubtful anyone will look at you weird for being high in public. Of course, you should try and be discreet as there are plenty of places where you’re legally not allowed to smoke at. 

Buying Weed Online in Nova Scotia: You can buy weed online through West Coast Bud.  Since stores can get busy in this province you can dodge the lines and get whatever you need from a larger selection online. Plus, if you stash your weed in your home, getting it delivered straight there seems like the perfect option to save a trip to the store.  

Rules: The legal age to buy or possess any kind of weed is 19 in Nova Scotia. This law is enforced in every marijuana retailer in this province and you will have to have your ID ready if you plan to buy. You can only keep up to 30 grams (a little over an ounce) on your person in public but you can keep as much as you want in your home.  Smoking in public is fine so long as there are not any other smoking restrictions in place in that area. Places like school grounds, office buildings, and bars that have a no smoking policy are illegal to smoke up in.  Also, you are perfectly fine to grow up to four plants per household in Nova Scotia. If you have the seeds and the means to grow, give it a shot, as it can save you a ton of money if you smoke habitually. Lastly, neither the drive nor the passengers of a vehicle can smoke weed while inside of it. Of course, driving while high is illegal and can get you into a lot of trouble. 

Why Buy Weed in Nova Scotia? This province is one of the most laid-back when it comes to weed and it is a wonderfully, comfortable place to have a great high and see what sites it has to offer. There are a ton of historical towns and monuments that make Nova Scotia a special place to experience Canadian culture and really soak in the environment while you’re bouncing around the cities.  However, if you are looking for a more nature-based experience, Nova Scotia has a surprising amount of natural beauty despite its size.  You can swing by the coast to see the vast Atlantic Ocean or visit Cape Breton to hike one of its 26 trails and take in that salty ocean air on a spiritual stoner experience you can always remember.  Plus, being that Nova Scotia is right on the coast, there is plenty of delicious seafood that you can chow down on for a stoner feast that many would love to take a bite out of!

Bottom-Line: This province is a perfect place to get all your cannabis needs and even stick around for a while to enjoy some of the legal buds you just bought! Always keep in mind the regulations in place for cannabis consumption and possession and other than that, be sure to take it all in and not cough too much while enjoying this beautiful Canadian province.