How to Buy Weed in Ontario

Ontario is home to the largest population of all the Canadian provinces and has a hustle and bustle like no other in its cities. It is also home to incredible natural wonders like Niagra Falls and the Bonnechere Caves. This province also has another thing that many people flock from all around for and that is its legal weed. Ever since it was made legal throughout all of Canada, Ontario has become a great place to snag all your favorite cannabis products. This post will take you through all the ways you can buy weed in Ontario, as well as, all the regulations and laws surrounding this. Plus, you’ll see all the reasons you need to choose Ontario as a great spot for your next high adventure.    Ontario and Cannabis: Ontario is a very lax place when it comes to weed. All kinds of people smoke it and it is perfectly accepted to be walking around high so long as you’re not causing any trouble.  Sometimes, you will even see some people smoking in public, as weed is treated like cigarettes in that the only time you can’t smoke it is in non-smoking areas. People in Ontario are in general, very inclusive when it comes to welcoming fellow stoners.   Buying Weed in Ontario: If you are hanging out in Toronto you’ll be happy to learn it is easily obtainable. West Coast Bud specializes in mail order marijuana.  There are also plenty of shops located across the country but this requires travel and is generally more expensive.  If you have not bought weed from a weed store before, you don’t need to be worried. Fortunately, it’s an easy process. You simply just have to pick out what kind of product you want, add it to your cart, and pay.   

Buying Weed Online in Ontario: Buying online is a popular choice for those that live outside of the metropolitan areas and has other benefits like deals you can only get from online shopping, a way larger variety than stores, and you get everything you need shipped to your doorstep after just a couple days! If you have the extra time and can wait a little while for your cannabis products to arrive, buying online is the perfect way to go.   

Rules: The legal age to possess, purchase, and consume any weed products is 19 in Ontario. All weed stores will card you if you look younger and you’ll have to verify your age.  Much like the rest of Canada, you can have only up to 30 grams (a little over an ounce) on your person while in public. Of course, you can stash away as much as you want in your private residence.  It is fine to smoke weed in public but you can’t if there are no smoking regulations around the area. Places like schools, daycares, and certain restaurants will not allow smoking or vaping of any kind. Transporting marijuana in your car is perfectly fine so long as it is in a sealed container that can’t be accessed by the driver or any of the passengers. Driving under the influence is against the law as well and is absolutely enforced for weed as well.  Finally, if you are trying your hand at growing, you can grow up to 4 plants per household. Of course, you can’t sell this weed and it has to be for personal use only.   

Why Buy Weed in Ontario? Ontario is a superb place to buy weed from if you’re just visiting or if you are in the cities that have a booming cannabis culture.  You can certainly find plenty of ways to enjoy your high in Ontario, whether it’s going on a walk through the bright lights of Toronto or taking a stroll through the historic locations in Ottawa.  The Distillery District is a very popular spot for stoners to swing by because of the abundance of delicious food and good drinks. Plus, it is a pedestrian only district so you don’t have to worry about driving while high and enjoy this fun-filled stop to its fullest extent.  

Bottom-Line: Ontario is a prime location to stop in and grab a few quality buds, whether you are just visiting or sticking around for a while. There is so much to do and so much to see in this bustling Canadian province and all of it is that much more enjoyable with a pleasant high on some newly legal weed. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind all the rules in place to protect the cannabis enthusiasts of Ontario and enjoy it as safely as possible. Finally, be sure to have enough cash on hand, because sometimes your stomach can be bigger than your wallet on those stoner adventures!