How to Buy Weed in Quebec

Along the eastern side of Canada, Quebec is the largest of all the provinces and is known for its vast hills, forests and beautiful cityscapes.  This mostly French speaking province is one of the most unique places you can come across in Canada and has recently become a popular place many people go to buy some weed and explore. In this article, you will find all you need to know about how to purchase your favorite marijuana goodies and the rules surrounding this brand new cannabis industry that has amassed all kinds of popularity throughout Canada.  

Quebec and Cannabis: There are plenty of people in Quebec that smoke weed however, the laws here are among the most strict out of all the provinces regarding cannabis.  If you’re planning to smoke it’s a good idea to do it discreetly but being high should not be a big problem if you plan on going to explore throughout Quebec. People know it is legal there and most have been smoking for a long time.    

Buying Weed Online in Quebec: Buying weed online is an especially popular choice in Quebec. If you live away from the cities and do not have access to in-person stores, this method is the way to go.  Buying online can, honestly, be even better than going to a weed shop. For the most part, buying online has bigger selections on products, typically good deals available only online, and you can get it delivered straight to your front door. Most people in Quebec are fairly discreet when it comes to smoking as well, so if you are only planning to smoke in your home, it is a great idea to stock up using West Coast Bud.   

Rules:   Recently, Quebec has raised its age to purchase, possess, and partake in any cannabis products from 18 to 21.  You can’t smoke anywhere publicly either and this includes places like common rooms in apartment buildings and anywhere where people can freely gather. Consuming cannabis has to take place in a private residence. Any household can only keep up to 150 grams of marijuana stored at any time (this is a lot of weed so you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking this law) and you can only carry up to 30 grams on your person publicly.  Also, you can’t have any weed on you at all if you are near a school, daycare, or any kind of detention center. Plus, if you’re around minors at all, you have to keep your bud locked away at all times. Growing plants is also prohibited in Quebec for right now although this is being debated in the courts as of right now and you may be able to grow soon if any changes go through smoothly. Finally, you can’t drive high or have any passengers smoking while you’re driving. Any weed getting transported in a car has to be sealed and kept out of reach.   

Why Buy Weed in Quebec? Despite some of the tough laws that surround marijuana in Quebec, many people have come to this province to buy weed.  For those that are looking to take in Quebec’s unique culture and beautiful landscapes, it is a great idea to grab a few edibles to really enjoy all the activities you can find available all over. In the cities like Montreal and Quebec City, cannabis is widely used and there are no shortage of pretty lights to see and wonderful places to get some authentic French cuisine for your munchie necessities. However, if you don’t mind the cold and want to head north, there are some incredibly gorgeous places to see as well.  The historic village of Tadoussac is a great stop in the northern parts of Quebec that’s known for its picturesque homes and distinct natural beauty. You can also join up on a whale watching tour and if you’re lucky, you can get to experience the breathtaking sight of seeing a whale up close!    

Bottom-Line:   There is no question, Quebec is a perfect spot to add to your list of cannabis-legal locations that you should visit.  There is a great culture surrounding weed in the cities and plenty of beautiful places to go and enjoy up north if you are planning a grand high adventure with a few friends. Always keep in mind the rules this city has in place for marijuana users and, of course, don’t forget to be safe and enjoy everything this wonderful province has to offer, including its legal weed.