West Coast Bud VS Cannabismo

More and more online dispensaries are opening in Canada. You might be having a hard time choosing who to buy from since there are so many options right now. Even more stores are expected to open on top of that.

During your online search, you probably ran into West Coast Bud and Cannabismo. Both are popular mail order marijuana companies. However, do you know which one is better suited for you?

In this post, we will compare the two brands thoroughly, so you can see which one is the best.

Here we go!


Product Range

First, we realized you probably want to know what both sites have for sale in their stores. Both brands are focused on selling cannabis and other marijuana products.

West Coast Bud

West Coast Bud has a wide selection of products to choose from, giving you better odds at finding your new favorite. We offer just about any strain you can imagine. Plus, we have pre-rolls, CBD items, a ton of extracts, edibles, and accessories you can use. 

Overall, our selection covers everything. We made sure to create an inventory that offers something for everyone. We are confident you will not be disappointed if you check us out.



Cannabismo carries a lot of the same types of products as us. They have extracts and concentrates, vape, edibles, and flowers. So, their store has all of the basics covered.

We think that both companies compare well in this area. Each one has a wide selection of goods, so you can be sure to try out something new every time you make a purchase. In short, both brands have pages and pages of products for you to explore.

But, how do they compare in quality?


Quality of Products

The quality of the products is crucial to how you enjoy them at home. The lesser quality of weed does not meet all of the benefits you need- and probably paid to have. If you do not want to waste your money, you always want to know that the company has high-quality products.

When buying weed online, you do not get to see it first. The picture you see in the online store is not always the quality you get. You should always make sure the brands you order from are practicing stellar quality control before making a final purchase.


West Coast Bud

Our team does their best to ensure you are only getting the highest quality of products. We always test the items before putting them up for sale on our website. We do this, so you know you are only getting the best marijuana products from us.

When you find something you love from our store- you can stick with it. Our quality control team makes sure that the products are their best, every time. You often have to worry about getting excellent weed one week and dry, unusable weed the next- but not with us with other brands.

We make sure that your weed is smooth and has the taste you want. Overall, we want you to feel confident in ordering medical-grade marijuana from us. You can be sure our quality control is top-notch.



Cannabismo seems to have some pretty high-quality products as well, and their customer reviews mostly look good. However, they have a rewards system that incentivizes reviews. Customers earn points for posting reviews on specific platforms, such as Reddit.

This system can make it challenging to find real reviews, not ones where people were paid in points. Whether or not customers are telling the truth about their products’ quality is questionable because of this.


Customer Service

Customer service is also essential to an online dispensary. If something were to happen to your order, you want to be confident that you will still get it. Or that the company will do their best to work something out and satisfy you. That is just good business practice.

The following is what we found when it came to customer service. 


West Coast Bud

We are an established source for buying weed in Canada. Our customer service team does well to keep you satisfied and happy. Their talents and expertise have led to our loyal customer base. 

If you do happen to run into an issue with your order, we will do our best to take care of it right away. We try to ship out your package fast and get it to you reliably, but we still want you to feel comfortable asking us about where it is and when you can expect it.

We believe that excellent customer service is crucial to keeping shoppers happy; this should show through every time you place an order with us.



On the other hand, Cannabismo has some questionable customer service practices. While researching this article, we noticed a lot of complaints about not receiving orders on time.

Sometimes Cannabismo would respond by taking care of the problem. The company sent out the order again or refunded the customer their money. However, there were times where the customer only got silence back- no refund and no orders.

We think this might make Cannabismo a bit risky to order from. It would be best if you were not gambling with your money any time you place an order with a recognized marijuana dispensary.



Another aspect that is worth talking about would be the prices of the products. Many people want to compare before they purchase so that they know they are getting the best deal possible at the moment.

However, minimum spending can get in the way of that. If a store has a minimum spending policy in place, that means you will not be able to place your order until your cart has a specific cost attached to it.

There are many reasons why this can get annoying. So, which one of these stores has minimum spending?


Who Has Minimum Spending?

The biggest downside to Cannabismo is that you have to order at least $100 in products. If you do not reach that amount, the brand will not let you place the order. It can be a huge hassle when brands require a minimum spending amount.

West Coast Bud does not require a minimum spending amount. If you want to test out one product for like 20 bucks- we will still send it to you with the same care we take on larger orders.

Minimum spending amounts are standard in the marijuana delivery industry, although they should not be. Not every person can afford to pay at least $100 every time they need more medical marijuana at home.



So, how do the sales look? Both websites offer great deals and promotions. You can probably find something that fits your budget in either one of their stores.

In addition, they both have rewards programs and incentives for inviting friends to check them out.

Both brands offer sales year-round- you do not have to wait for a specific season or overstock sale to take part. The online stores have frequent sales running almost all of the time.



We were able to find a similar strain on both of the stores. This is how the pricing broke down:

Island Pink Kush

  • West Coast Bud: $99.00 for an ounce (28g) before sales prices
  • Cannabismo: $320.00 for an ounce (28g) before sales prices


The difference in cost for the same amount of the same strain was astonishing. We wanted to be sure this was not a coincidence, so we checked out another item.

Girl Scout Cookies

  • West Coast Bud: $99.00 for an ounce (28g) before sales prices
  • Cannabismo: $280.00 for an ounce (28g) before sales prices


Shipping Quality

The amount of time it takes to get your order is also good to know. However, with Cannabismo, it seems to be questionable whether they take their shipping services seriously. Too many customers mentioned missing orders online.

West Coast Bud does our best to fulfill every order that you place. We ship promptly and make sure you get your products fast. Our team makes sure that every item is packaged correctly and professionally so that they do not take damage in the mail.

Overall, we think that we have Cannabismo beat in shipping quality as well. We genuinely take the effort to get your orders to your home. If something were to go wrong, our customer service team would take care of you quickly.



To summarize, West Coast Bud can meet all of your needs. We have a wide selection of products, fair pricing, and will only ever offer you quality items.

The next time you are looking for an online weed dispensary, we hope you choose us! We will make sure that you have your order as soon as possible. Plus, you might be able to take part in some great deals or promotions.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them our way. We would love to hear from you and help you out with anything you need.