West Coast Bud VS Green Society

Are you looking for a new brand to supply you with quality weed products in Canada? There are many delivery options and services that you can find online these days- but how do you know who is the best?

In this article, we are going to be comparing West Coast Bud and Green Society. Both are good options, but one is definitely going to meet your needs more than the other.

Ready to see how the two match up? Keep reading to find out!

Delivery Services

Both West Coast Bud and Green Society offer reasonable shipping rates. You can even have your orders sent without the shipping charges if you order over $150 worth of items from either company. You would get express shipping on top of this.

Both suppliers offer you delivery services- your order arrives, and the package is brought right to your door. Ordering with both companies is simple and easy to do. One just gets it to you faster than the other.

West Coast Bud

West Coast Bud has the most reliable delivery system in the country when it comes to getting your weed products. We are fast and always make sure that you receive your order.

We do not have a history of shipping issues. Still, our customer service team is dedicated to getting it figured out if something were to happen. We will resolve the problem for you right away. Not every weed supplier is as committed to bringing you your products as we are.

Green Society

When it comes to Green Society’s delivery times, many customers have to wait longer than other stores for their order to ship. Others had issues with getting their tracking information. Overall, their delivery system is not the best- they are slow to ship and not prompt on sending you your tracking number.


Quality Control

Next, we want to talk about quality control. When it comes to marijuana products, you want to know that you are receiving a high-quality item. Otherwise, it might not offer you all of the medicinal effects that you need.

West Coast Bud

When it comes to quality, we are always cautious with testing the products we put up on our website. We want to ensure that you only receive high-quality goods every time you order from us.

Our dispensary can provide you with medical-grade cannabis. If you find a product that you enjoy using on our site, you can expect it to have that same quality next time you order it. We want to make sure that the items are consistent.

Green Society

Green Society does offer quality weed products. However, you might not receive the best quality every single time. Some customers of theirs have reported online that they got a bad batch of marijuana.

Even after contacting customer service- they heard nothing back. That is not to say that you will have this issue every time you order from them. The company’s customer service just seems to be unwilling to fix mistakes.


Are They Certified?

When looking for a marijuana dispensary online, you want to be sure that they are a certified provider. That way, you know that you are getting good products that do not fall into some kind of legal “gray area.”

West Coast Bud

Yes! West Coast Bud is certified through the Marijuana Medical Access Regulation (MMAR). It will only sell products that are approved through it. The certification gives you a guarantee that the products are high-quality and do what they advertise. 

We also test all of our products to ensure that they are the quality you are paying for. Our products always have their potency percentages listed as well.

Green Society

Green Society, however, does fall into a “gray area.” We searched their website and could not determine if they were a certified brand. We also had some trouble finding out if they test their products for quality.

We could not find lab analyses on their marijuana products, and there were no THC% and CBD% to be found. Not having access to that information can be a problem for many people. If you have a lower tolerance for THC, you want to be sure that your order contains less of it.

Usually, you want this type of information to be very apparent on a dispensary’s website. This shows that they care about you knowing exactly what is in their products.



So, how do the prices compare? Knowing which brand offers better deals is usually one of the things first on a person’s mind when checking online dispensaries. 

Both companies offer an Indica strain known as the Black Mamba. They both also have good ratings online. We found products they had in common to show how their prices compete.

This is how they compare:

Black Mamba

  • West Coast Bud: $20.00 to $160.00 (when not on sale)
    • A quarter (7g) costs $40.00 before sale prices.
  • Green Society: $34.00 to $220.00 (when not on sale)
    • A quarter (7g) costs $64.00 before sale prices.

Black Tuna

  • West Coast Bud: $35.00 to $115.00 (when not on sale)
    • A quarter (7g) costs $60.00 before sale prices.
    • A half-ounce (14g) costs $115.00 before sale prices.
  • Green Society: $35.00 to $240.00 (when not on sale)
    • A quarter (7g) costs $68.00 before sale prices.
    • A half-ounce (14g) costs $130.00 before sale prices.

As you can see, West Coast Bud is significantly cheaper. Our products are of higher quality too, so you are getting a much better value when you order with us. 


Product Range

Having a wide selection of products can also be pretty important. The more that a brand has to offer, the more likely you will find something you want to try out. These are the product ranges from both brands.

West Coast Bud

Our product range is hugely diverse- we offer almost all of the strains you can think of. We have edibles, vapes, shatter, and much more for you to consider. We have pre-rolls and bundles of weed too.

Aside from marijuana products, we also have mushrooms available as well. We are confident that you can find something you love when you decide to shop with us.

Green Society

Green Society also has a wide product range. They have edibles, shatter, and many other types of weed products. They, too, offer mushrooms on top of that.

Overall, both brands have a wide selection of products. There is a lot of variety between the two when you are looking to experiment with something new and different.

However, you want to consider factors like price and quality when looking through their products.


Customer Reviews

The final aspect you want to consider when checking out an online store would be customer reviews. The reviews show the experiences that others had with that dispensary and whether they would recommend them to you.

When you see many bad reviews online, it is essential to realize that the brand will probably treat you the same way. Some shady online websites will pay to have people write fake reviews for them to look good- beware of sites that only have 5-star reviews.

These are what people are saying online about both brands.

West Coast Bud

We found this review and unboxing online, where the customer rated us highly. They seemed to enjoy the products they used and explained the quality of each item they received.

Other customers online talked about our prompt delivery services and like the quality of our products. Overall, we think we have mostly positive reviews on the internet.

Green Society

The reviews for Green Society are more mixed. It seems that people either really love the company or try them once and decide the experience was bad enough; they never want to do it again.

While reading online reviews, we ran into some customers questioning whether or not the company was actually a scam. 

Although they do seem to struggle with getting people their products on time, we think they are not. Their customer service is also lacking, giving many of their customers’ reason to believe they are being scammed somehow.


To summarize, you want to consider a lot of aspects when checking out online weed dispensaries. Whether or not the company is certified in Canada is crucial, as this affects the quality of the products you receive.

Their delivery services, overall quality, and pricing should also be considered. We understand that you want to stay within a budget while shopping online, so we tried to compare pricing as transparent as possible.

Overall, West Coast Bud and Green Society would have to say that West Coast Bud is the much better option. You get great products at a lower cost- and everything is delivered to your home in a timely fashion.

In conclusion, we hope that you decide to check out our products and see the difference between our weed items and theirs for yourself.