West Coast Bud VS Shamrock Cannabis

If you have a hard time deciding between West Coast Bud and Shamrock Cannabis, be sure to read this article. These are two popular options for mail-delivery weed services in Canada. Still, one of them is a better choice than the other. When you want to find the best online marijuana store, there are a few features you want to keep in mind. We are going to be comparing ourselves to Shamrock Cannabis and explaining how we are the better choice. So, how do these two weed delivery stores compare to each other? Keep reading to find out!  

Product Range

First, we want to check out each online store’s product range. We will be looking at the different items you can buy from each to see who has a more comprehensive selection. Why is product range significant? Without a substantial range available, you might not be able to find the products you need. The more that a store has to offer you the better.  This is how the two compare in this field.  

West Coast Bud

We have you covered with anything you could possibly want at West Coast Bud. Our team makes sure to stock unique and innovative products for our customers to try. Plus, we have an extensive selection of strains. Our store has cannabis, edibles, concentrates, vapes, pre-rolls, syringes, and plenty of bundled items for you to explore. By keeping a variety of goods available, we are confident that you can find something you love in our online shop. So, how does Shamrock Cannabis compare?  

Shamrock Cannabis

This brand also has a pretty good selection available. We saw there was cannabis, edibles, vapes, and concentrates in their store. Overall, they too have a substantial product range. You could probably find what you wanted there.  West Coast Bud still had a lot more to offer. If you wanted to try a new consumption method, you would have many more options on our website. For example, we offer syringes and more concentrates. Although there are still more comparisons, we have to make.  

Product Quality

The quality of a shop’s products is more important than quantity. We decided it would be beneficial to check out some reviews online and see what customers said about each store’s goods. Both websites’ products average between 4 and 5 stars with their rankings. This shows that many customers were satisfied, so we decided to check out reviews posted on other pages. We noticed no complaints of products not being fresh or other similar issues with both shops.  Let us delve even deeper.  

West Coast Bud

We always do our best to provide you with high-quality products. We test new items before we put them up for sale. By doing so, we ensure that everything we sell is of the best quality. You will never get something lousy from us. By selling medical-grade and certified products, we ensure that we have the best options for you. So, do customers agree? From the reviews we found, they do! Customers are satisfied with their orders and appreciate that the weed is fresh and packaged nicely. You can even read some testimonials of our customers on our website. Our products are high-quality, but how about what Shamrock Cannabis offers?  

Shamrock Cannabis

Many of their customers also seem to enjoy the products they receive. Some customers felt that their AAAA products should have been marked lower. On top of that, their products were almost consistent, but not quite. By consistent, we mean that the products were high-quality pretty often, but lower quality products would slip in. Customers mentioned that the quality of their samples was not nearly as excellent as the actual product. Overall though, many customers did not have any issues with the quality of Shamrock Cannabis. However, you might be paying too much when you shop with them. We covered this below.  


How much items cost is also pretty significant to consider when deciding between two companies. Almost everyone will wonder about prices first as they try to determine if they are getting the best possible deal. One of the most prominent aspects of pricing with online dispensaries would be if they required a minimum amount spent before you could get your order shipped. This often forces people to more than they would normally.  

Who Has Minimum Spending?

Frequently, weed delivery services will have a minimum spending amount that you need to reach before they complete your order. $100 seems to be the most common minimum online at the moment. Luckily, neither West Coast Bud or Shamrock Cannabis has a minimum requirement of $100. When you order with West Coast Bud, you do not have to worry about that. However, Shamrock Cannabis does have a minimum spending amount. You would need to order at least $25 worth of goods- before shipping, sales, and other discounts are applied. This amount is not a lot when compared to what other services charge. Still, having a price requirement to check out can be a little annoying. We were happy to see that it was not as high as it could be. Many other stores have a higher price set. If you want to skip those requirements, West Coast Bud is a great alternative.  

Strain Costs

On average, an ounce (28g) strain costs $119 on Shamrock Cannabis. West Coast Bud offers its products on an average of $99 for the same amount. That is a $20 difference before any sales or promotions are applied.  Overall, this shows how West Coast Bud has a much better value than Shamrock Cannabis. If you want to get more out of your money, it would be wiser to purchase from West Coast Bud. Consumers also want to factor sales into the pricing. After all, if a store is always running great deals, it can be more worthwhile to shop there.  

Who Offers More Sales?

West Coast Bud for sure. We are always offering special deals and promotions on our website. No matter what time of year you visit, you will be sure to find something you love at a fantastic price. After browsing the Shamrock Cannabis store, we found very few sales were going on. A lot of their prices are pretty fair, but there were not many special deals that we could see. Overall, we would have to say that we have more sales happening on our website at any given time.  

Customer Service and Shipping

Next, we wanted to take a look at the customer service levels each of these brands has. Shipping factors into this, so we will be briefly covering this as well.  A sign of a good brand is that they work hard to resolve issues. For example, if your package went missing or was never sent out. Your first response would probably be to contact customer service at the store you ordered from. How they respond determines the quality of their service. Did they send the package out, send you a replacement, or offer you a refund? These are our findings on what customers reported.  

West Coast Bud

According to our Trustpilot page, our customer service teams are doing excellent and keeping our customers happy with their orders. We respond to emails quickly and take the time to resolve any issues with your order. The customers also seem to be content with our shipping process. We get the order sent to you fast, and it arrives right at your door. When customers did have problems, they said that we addressed them right away. Overall, we think that we have excellent customer service to offer. We ship your products out on time and will do any wrongs right during the process- so do not hesitate to reach out if something seems to be wrong with your order. Now, let us see how Shamrock Cannabis did.  

Shamrock Cannabis

There was only one review on Shamrock Cannabis’s Trustpilot account, so we decided it would be better to check them out elsewhere. We found posts on a few different pages by customers saying they appreciated the customer service and had no shipping issues. Overall, they seem to be willing to resolve issues as well. Their customers mentioned problems being corrected and had no problems interacting with their customer service teams.  


West Coast Bud has Shamrock Cannabis beat when you compare all of these features. Our prices give you a better value, we have a more comprehensive range of products to choose from, and we offer better sales and special deals. Because of that, we hope that you consider ordering from us for your next marijuana product purchase. If you want to try something new, be sure to check out our online store. If you need help finding a particular item, our staff would be happy to help you. Keep in mind that we are always willing to answer any questions that you may have! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you feel you need to ask us something.