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4 Misconceptions About Buying Your Weed Online

buying marijuana online

While scamming is so much in practice, people are mostly not comfortable buying weed online due to the obvious security issues. The majority weed buying population bargain it through second hands and therefore is aloof to the working of the network. The blog talks about some of the frequently asked questions and misconceptions about buying marijuana online.

1. It is not legal.

Buying marijuana online is absolutely legal if you get it through authorized and licensed websites for weed, marijuana and other goodies, and of course, you can order only if you are in a legal state. For instance, simply drop the idea if you live in Kansas and you are about to order weed online from let’s say, Colorado. Any online dispensary undergoes several layers of legal hoops before they are granted permission to go forward with delivery of the product. You can, therefore, rest assured that the transaction is legal and will cause you no judiciary troubles.

2. It is not safe

Most cannabis buyers understand online marijuana purchase as getting it handed over from a shady person mentioned on the Craigslist who is most convenient to be contacted in the area, who in most cases takes their money and walk away without providing anything in return. The simplest drug deal story where the buyer gets cheated.

However, buying marijuana is absolutely safe as long as you are buying it from a legal online dispensary. Your personal details are protected and cannot be stolen or sold or used against in any way. Online purchase of Marijuana is much more discreet and anonymous than the alternative.

3. They’ll deliver anywhere.

Buying Marijuana online doesn’t mean that the delivery options are ubiquitous. If you happen to order cannabis to a state that hasn’t yet legalised marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, no online dispensary will accept to deliver it to you. The legal online dispensary does not risk their license to deliver to places that might actually mean breaking the law. No under-handed methods are used by online dispensaries to deliver marijuana in any form. For those who live in states where cannabis isn’t legal, its time you get involved in your state’s legalisation efforts.

4. You Can Maybe Pay With a Card

Buying marijuana and any kind of cannabis is yet to be legalized under federal laws. This prevents banks from accepting transactions and doing business with dispensaries, growers, etc. The most convenient factor of online shopping- using credit and debit or net banking, here faces limitations.
Buying marijuana online has all the benefits of online shopping except for payment methods. Even when you are buying it online, you are supposed to pay in cash or in some cases using crypto currencies through various applications. You are good to go as long as you have ready cash when your packet is delivered at your doorstep.

School’s out! Be smart.

Remember there is nothing wrong or unsafe with buying marijuana online as long as no underhanded or illegal methods are used. Choose the right people. Do not buy cannabis off a site like the Craigslist, or social media mostly Facebook. That would be asking to get busted in the most open way.


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