Coronavirus & Cannabis: Precautions to Take When Consuming Your Favorite Weed Oil

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After the occurrence of SARS and MERS, COVID-19, just another form of coronavirus has come up a while ago and is still quite dangerous to the survival of mankind. Although there can be much hype about this ailment in the media, it is important to stay focused, keep a cool head, and be careful. 

Coronavirus couldn’t bypass Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Trudeau, a key victim at the early stages of the pandemic that struck and shocked the world, caught the attention of many Canadians who have been left pondering about the vulnerabilities of their leaders when it comes to such viruses like coronavirus.

Staying Healthy As Cannabis Users: Coronavirus Precautions

Refrain from Sharing Bongs, Joints, or Blunts:

The well-known and loved “Puff, Puff, Pass’ ‘ customary practice followed while consuming marijuana through smoking joints, bongs or blunts has been there since time in memorial. This is one of those elements in the marijuana culture that make people feel close because they are meant to be enjoyed by a group of cannabis lovers. Although, in such cases, it matters much that we do not engage in such practices as smoking of cannabis rolls, bongs or blunts until the time when it will be fully safe again from the Covid 19 virus. It is better to wait for positive news before consuming anything you bought from the store at cheap prices.

Clean Hands Are A Godsend:

It is important to focus on the need for hand washing before and after touching anything that may be infected with COVID-19. Although it appears insignificant, heeding to such measures can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Reputable professionals, such as the World Health Organization, recommend washing your hands properly using soap as the most efficient way against covid-19.

By spending only about ten to twenty seconds washing your hands, you lower the chances of getting infected.

Refrain from Accepting Rumors:

Amidst this period of uncertainty, it is important that we stick to confirmed information obtained from reliable sources like WHO and CDC. Trust should only be put on information approved by these honorable organizations. Despite Coronavirus & cannabis claims from some users of weed oil suggesting its effectiveness in combating COVID-19, such assertions are unfounded. Although cannabis has undergone considerable study regarding its possible health advantages, there is no data showing that the connection between Coronavirus & cannabis can have beneficial effects against this virus.

It would be unreasonable to take seriously any claim that weeds or CBD products could cure COVID-19. The medical sector is putting all available resources towards finding a vaccine for this fatal virus, and spreading baseless talk slows down the fight against the pandemic. We must avoid propagating groundless stories, rather follow what the public health officers tell us.

Smoking Weed with Coronavirus Might Not be Advisable:

No matter if you are fighting off the Coronavirus or just an ordinary influenza, it is recommended that you do not smoke anything at all, even your most loved weed oil for sale. It is important not to inhale smoke when one is tackling with COVID-19 or diseases of similar nature. Such infections weaken the respiratory system and smoking makes it even worse because the organs are overloaded and there is additional pressure on them due to the condition itself.

Below are a few issues that one may have to deal with if he or she smokes while having coronavirus:

  • A constant cough
  • An increase in phlegm production
  • Trouble breathing
  • Inflamed throat

Breathing hot smoke might seem harmful especially since one is already down with some kind of a respiratory illness; be it the flu or the virus Covid-19.

Be an Introvert for the time being:

As much as one is outgoing and likes meeting people, caution should be taken due to the current pandemic. Think about remaining in a safe place so that there can be less transmission of the virus or infections. In case hugging or shaking of hands is what you are used to, it would be better to suspend them for now and use other ways of greeting like a simple bow, or an Indian greeting “Namaste”.

This is not meant for one to panic out and isolate completely. On the contrary, one should keep watch and reduce contact with other people to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Were you planning on going out today to meet up with friends or have some fun using weed oil for sale near me? It’s advisable to refrain for some time.

Masks Only If You Are Infected:

You might be wrong to think that donning a mask will shield you from catching infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health agencies state that masks are mainly meant for stopping the transmission of the virus by people who have contracted it, and also as a safety measure for medical personnel in such environments. Moreover, the CDC insists that one should wash hands regularly as this is a much better way of prevention than only putting on masks, so don’t rely on the connection of Coronavirus & cannabis to avoid getting infected.

Understand the Symptoms:

It is unnecessary to worry whenever you get a cough or low-grade fever and especially now that we are switching seasons and there is a lot of flu going around. One of the issues that come with coronavirus is that it has similar symptoms as the common cold. Therefore, if you use weed oil for sale, think that you are getting the common cold and take some precaution about it then you must call or communicate with your healthcare provider without wasting time. Don’t make up stories and stay calm unless you get a positive COVID-19 test result. Pretend it is just an ordinary cold or cough and take the same measures as usual for prevention with it.

Some signs of COVID-19 include;

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headache

These are symptoms of influenza or common cold too which creates a problem in early detection of COVID 19. To avoid complications, seek medical attention immediately in case of any of these symptoms. Take care and don’t panic.

Wash Hands after Receiving a Delivery:

Ensure that you wash your hands after getting any package especially if you had bought it from an online store such as West Coast Bud. We are a trusted online dispensary and we make certain that our deliveries follow the strictest guidelines to combat the spread of covid-19. Nevertheless, we recommend you stay safe too.

Remember to wash your hands well once you receive the package. Do not touch your face if your hands are not clean. In the face of COVID-19 that has affected the world globally, it is important to promote public health and safety without engendering mass hysteria. Simply enjoy your weed and stay at ease, as the medical personnel and researchers try their best to stop its spreading and look for Coronavirus & cannabis positive effects.


The community will only become more frightened, irrational and panicky even after top officials have declared the Coronavirus a pandemic. When you think you may be infected with coronavirus, just contact your healthcare provider and do what they say. It would be better not to be around people; rather, one should chat through social media and messengers.

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