How To Access West Coast Bud Using A VPN

How To Access West Coast Bud Using A VPN 1

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are handy tools that helps mask your identity when browsing on the internet. VPNs work by encrypting your internet traffic through the provider’s secure network, helping you stay anonymous online. VPN services’ primary use and advantage are to prevent hackers, governments, and network admins from snooping on your browsing data. However, there is another crucial advantage to using a VPN while browsing the net: to access blocked websites.

Why are websites blocked? 

The reason why is a website is blocked largely depends on who it is restricting access to a website. If a government asks Internet Service Providers to block websites, this is a form of Government Censorship. 

Select and Download Your VPN

The first step to accessing West Coast Bud is to select the VPN of your choice. There are free VPN services available — if you don’t want to shell out for a paid VPN — we recommend Windscribe. It has a generous 10GB data limit, a decent privacy track record and 10 free locations to give you lots of options for accessing geo-locked websites. Paid VPNs are faster and do not come with pesky data limits. ExpressVPN is reliable and fast, allowing users to access websites with very low latency. However, there are many great VPN providers both paid and free to choose from. Once you’ve downloaded the desktop or mobile app of your chosen VPN, you can go ahead and sign in. Some VPNs have a Chrome extension, allowing for quick and easy connection. Then, click “Connect” and your network traffic will start to be encrypted and routed through the VPN’s servers.

Which location should I select?

Upon launching your VPN app, you’ll be asked to pick a location to connect from. This is where you will appear to be connecting from in the eyes of the website or service you want to access. If West Coast Bud is geo-blocked, you will want to select to country where you know the website is accessible. Choose ‘United States’ as your location. VPNs are faster, easier to use in the long run and provide less interruptions to your browsing experience. That’s it, simple! West Coast Bud should now be unblocked!

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    Very True! There are alot of free vpn’s out there; some vpn’s are accessible via Browser extensions such as Chrome. Comes in handy for avoiding geo-blocking. Freedom to browse the internet is important and VPN’s are very useful. Good article!

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