What are the actual reasons for weed legalization by the Canadian Government?

What are the actual reasons for weed legalization by the Canadian Government? 1

The legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 led to a major transformation in its culture. Planning for this move had taken place from the time when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got into power in 2015 up until a very busy last few years for the nation. Although the federal law on marijuana provides a starting point, every thirteen territories or provinces in Canada have made some rules about selling and buying weed, right?

In the past, young people and adults alike had to get marijuana illegally. The government’s weed legalization initiative aims at that:

  1. Decreasing illegal trade of marijuana.
  2. Setting controls and/or restrictions across the board.

Nevertheless, there could be other reasons behind the Canadian weed legalization than those mentioned above. Listed below are a few hidden reasons that explain why the government of Canada has decided to legalize cannabis.

More Research in the Field:

Many scientific studies show that cannabis may be beneficial to health, but it is not proven. Studies that have been carried out for a long time now indicate that cannabis can be useful in treating certain illnesses and diseases when used properly and under control such as anxiety, inflammation, pain, epilepsy seizures among others.

Nonetheless, it is important to confirm if these advantages truly apply to consumers. Weed legalization has resulted in increased requests thereby forcing many researchers into analyzing this multipurpose herb. As a result, the more people buy marijuana, the greater analysis will go towards understanding how it can help and what it can help with.

Reduction of Trafficking:

It is evident that allowing marijuana to be sold freely in the market has greatly reduced smuggling of the commodity. Trade is a major problem, and it affects the economies at home and abroad, thus it tampers with the taxation sector and other related earnings of the country. In short, weed legalization has played its part in boosting the Canadian economy. Canada has taken some important steps including imposing certain taxes which are now beginning to pay off in relation to this matter. Moreover, it offers safe ways of buying marijuana so that people don’t have to break the law when they want to use it legally.

Reduced Use for the Youth:

The use of marijuana has been common among those who enjoy themselves since a long time ago. Many young people are attracted to its properties that they end up breaking the law buying it and putting their future at risk. By legalizing marijuana and various products like edibles, the Canadian authorities hope to prevent young people from using marijuana by introducing a controlled marijuana market.

Cannabis is Safer than other legal drugs:

Despite the fact that alcohol and tobacco provide huge amounts of taxes to the government, they still cause bigger problems to people and society at large.

On the other hand, marijuana use is said to have less negative impacts on individuals. There is a general perception concerning the harmful nature of cannabis linked with the figure of the “PotHead.” This notwithstanding, research has revealed that taking cannabis is better for one’s health when juxtaposed to taking either tobacco or alcohol over a long period.

Low Risk for Dependency:

Many people think that cannabis is highly addictive, but this is not entirely true. A lie that has been followed in regards to weed but particularly when people buy it for fun and games – this statement contradicts the one before. From studies done by researchers, they concluded that marijuana causes addiction among approximately 9-10% of grown ups. The figures show that the rate at which cocaine users get addicted is 20% while for heroin it is even higher, estimated about twenty five out of every hundred people that use heroin would become addicted to it. It should be remembered that tobacco is ranked as the most addictive substance, considering that about thirty percent of people who use it end up being addicted.

Types of Marijuana Legalization Facets

It is possible for marijuana to be legalized but under certain conditions or made legal for some particular groups only when analyzing whether marijuana should be legal. Read on for information on different forms of weed legalization, as well as how they are categorized.

Completely Legalized:

In case one wants marijuana just to have fun with, they need to think about the states which fully allow the use of cannabis or marijuana. Full legalization involves doing away with any form of punishment that may be imposed by the law from using or possessing marijuana. Such a policy in most cases also allows for legal trade as well as domestic growing of marijuana.

Marijuana Decriminalization:

Another aspect of legalizing marijuana is aimed at doing away with imprisonment for having small quantities of weed. Nevertheless, most fines stay the same. According to this approach, anyone who is found selling or holding marijuana more than what has been allowed by the law is dealt with just like it would for a traffic offense. Perhaps in certain states, there could be tough rules such that any person caught selling or found with marijuana over the legalized sizes may face imprisonment too.

Medical Marijuana:

Under this form of cannabis legalization, physicians can recommend marijuana for different illnesses such as PTSD and IBS. Nevertheless, it is illegal to have or buy marijuana for fun in these states, unless one has a script from a medical doctor.


Legalization of marijuana in Canada has led to other nations seeing the benefits too. It is projected that this movement will continue gaining momentum, hence being advantageous to economies while also helping in lowering crime rates all over the world.

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