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What are the actual reasons for weed legalization by the Canadian Government?

What are the actual reasons for weed legalization by the Canadian Government? 1

Canada is at the edge of the fresh Cultural Revolution & a dramatic social change with the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana in the year 2018. Although this move was planned out ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped into his position in the year 2015, the country had been scrambling to prepare for this big day. While this federal cannabis law sets in a broad territory, the 13 Canadian regions and provinces have established their local rules for marijuana to be sold and used.

Earlier, youth, as well as adults in the country, used to buy cannabis via illegal means. This move by the government is basically two-fold planning that involves:

  • Reduction of criminal involvement for cannabis sale, and
  • Reduction or cap on its overall availability

However, the actual picture could be much bigger than is being seen here. Here are some of the real reasons the Canadian government has legalized the use of marijuana/cannabis.

1-More Research in the Field:

With several scientific research suggesting that cannabis could be great for your health, there still isn’t enough evidence to provide definitive proof. Studies throughout the year have shown results that state that regular and capped use of cannabis helps reduce anxiety, inflammation, pain, epilepsy attacks, and much more.

However, more research is needed to confirm these benefits for the users. With the legalization of cannabis/marijuana, the demand has also increased. This has called in for more scientists to dedicate themselves to the study of this wonder plant. So, the more people that buy cannabis; the more research will be devoted to understanding its usage and benefits.

2-Reduction of Trafficking:

With the legalization of marijuana in the market, there surely has been a reduction in the illegal trafficking of the product. The concept of the illicit trafficking of items significantly impacts the local as well as international market.

It affects the economy of the country with reduced acquisition of associated taxes and similar things. In essence, the legalization of cannabis has led to benefit for the Canadian economy. With usage taxes implemented over the manufacturers as well as users, the country has undoubtedly started helping. Plus, given a chance to buying cannabis products in a secure way, has diverted users from an illegal pathway to the legal one.

3-Reduced Use for the Youth:

It’s been decades since marijuana/cannabis entered the mainstream for recreational use. The youth has always been attracted to its qualities and get involved in the illegal procuring of such substances while risking their entire future. With the legalization of cannabis, the Canadian government aims to reduce cannabis usage among youth by introducing a cap system to this legal method of purchasing cannabis.

4-Cannabis is Safer than other legal drugs:

While alcohol and tobacco earn hefty tax for the country, they still do way more harm to the users as well as the ones around them.

In comparison, cannabis or marijuana has been shown to cause much less adverse effects for the user. The preconceived “Pot Head” notion has created a negative stigma around the use of cannabis. However, scientific studies and deductions over the year clearly state that this is actually a healthier choice as compared to consumption of tobacco or alcohol.

5-Low Risk for Dependency:

Contrary to the general belief, cannabis isn’t as addictive as people assume it to be. People have been misled with regard to marijuana in a systematic manner when they order cannabis for recreational use. In research conducted by scientists, it was reported that cannabis led to dependency in 9 to 10 percent of the adult users. On the other hand, cocaine gets 20 percent of its users addicted followed by a whopping 25 percent for heroin. The worst in this scenario is tobacco with a 30 percent addiction count.

Types of Marijuana Legalization Facets

When it comes to marijuana legalization, there could be places where it could be partially restricted or legalized for a specific section of the community. Read along to understand more about the legalization standards and their types.

1-Completely Legalized:

If you need cannabis for recreational use, you should opt for states that offer completely legalized cannabis or marijuana. This facet of legalization represents scrubbing off the legal penalties enforced by the government for using or possessing marijuana. This rule in most cases paves way for legal sales & home-cultivation.

2-Marijuana Decriminalization:

This facet of marijuana legalization involves the elimination of prison or jail time for the limited or capped possession of cannabis or marijuana. However, other penalties tend to remain as they are. With this rule in place, the ones caught selling or possessing marijuana that surpasses the legal limit are penalized just like a traffic violation. Some states also prefer to make the rules stricter by adding in jail time for those that carry or sell marijuana beyond the legal amount.

3-Medical Marijuana:

This form of marijuana legalization allows the doctors to recommend the use of marijuana for different conditions that range from PTSD to IBS. Apart from medical use with a doctor’s prescription by your side, you cannot possess or buy canna in these states for recreational use.


With Canada stepping into the legalization scenario, more and more countries have started considering the positive effects of marijuana legalization. In time, there will inevitably be more countries joining into this legalization move which benefits the economy as well as reduces criminal cases in the area.

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