Proven Health Benefits With The Use of High Quality Marijuana

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The cannabis plant is very rich in various chemicals including cannabinoids that are capable of interacting with the human brain. Some of these are easily identified such as THC and CBD, however, there are also other less popular ones which can be found in this green leafy matter like CBG or CBN.

With many people arguing about whether it should be used or not, discussion on cannabis health benefits reveals many ways in which this drug may be good for someone’s well-being. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and trying to understand marijuana better or someone who knows the ins and outs for years – there is one common topic for discussion among all of them – medical cannabis as an effective solution for overall health?

Join us as we explore how cannabis can be used for medicine and is good for the environment. This article explains why medical marijuana helps people deal with pain better; it also reveals some interesting features of cannabis and outlines a growing body of knowledge about medical marijuana in Canada.

Pain Management

Pain is something that every person goes through occasionally, when going about their normal business or if they are very sick. It is especially difficult to deal with continuous diseases. There are people who have to go through a lot every day despite taking various medications, massages or visiting doctors in order to keep comfortable. However, would there be any other solution left? A lot of people now prefer cannabis health benefits as an analgesic, particularly in cases such as low back pain.

Moreover, medical marijuana could be highly beneficial in managing consistent pain experienced over a long time in patients with fibromyalgia; cannabis health benefits may also be utilized to alleviate other disorders e. g. anxiety and melancholy. 

  • The Lancet Commission on Pain published a review which stated that cannabis is harmless when compared to morphine and similar drugs that are prescribed for chronic non-cancer pain. 
  • A study done by researchers at Tel Aviv University revealed that consumption of cbd-enriched oils extracted out of medicinal marijuana can greatly help lower chronic pain levels among individuals having fibromyalgia syndrome without leading to sleepiness or drowsiness as side effects.

Different ways exist through which marijuana can enter the body system giving different effects and uses of cannabis health benefits. Smoking or inhaling it makes one to feel the effect very quickly thus being used for managing severe pain. On the other hand, taking it orally either through eating or drinking can cause a slow onset but long lasting effect that is more appropriate in the treatment of chronic painful disorders. Applying cannabis topicals like lotions and balms enriched with cannabis give localized analgesic anti-inflammatory properties void of psychotropic activity when used alone.

Reducing Anxiety and Depression

Even the easiest jobs seem impossible when one is under the weight of depression. In contrast, anxiety makes us uncertain about how well we can follow through with our life decisions. Also, the very act of staying present may appear impossible when one is overcome with too much stress.

The most widespread mental illnesses in America are the anxiety disorders, as identified by The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), which affects over forty million American adults each year. This is a disturbing disease that denies people the chance of enjoying their life to fullest in many cases; it remains undetected for long periods since help is sought only when it becomes unbearable.

This is where cannabis, which is most commonly known for potential cannabis health benefits in curing anxiety and depression, comes in.

  • Depression: Although research on the benefits of cannabis for mental health is not yet conclusive, there are indications that some cannabinoids e. g CBD may have some antidepressant activity. Contrary to THC, CBD found in Indica strains is not intoxicating and cannabis health benefits on the mood could be as a result of many different things. Among these, it interacts with some serotonin receptors within the human brain that have been linked with mood control. It may strengthen the endocannabinoid system too. Research also suggests that CBD might possess anti-inflammatory as well as neuroprotective agents that could relate to depression considering the increasing knowledge about inflammation in mental health disorders.
  • Anxiety: Some people exploring the benefits of cannabis for mental health have claimed that marijuana helps them feel relaxed and at peace. Such a trait would assist patients who are disturbed with the symptoms of anxiety. The interaction between THC, an active compound found in cannabis, with the endocannabinoid system within the brain may result in anxiolytic impact. This ECS has a significant function in controlling stress stimuli, where THC acts upon certain cannabinoid receptors influencing some neurotransmitters associated with anxiety.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the benefits of cannabis for mental health, one must remember that cannabis consumption does not necessarily lead to anxiety reduction in all cases. It is important to note that while some users claim that they feel better and less anxious when using marijuana, there are those who experience increased levels of anxiety or even paranoia. Dosage, strain strength, individual susceptibility factors, and past history of cannabis use are some of the factors that can affect the impact of cannabis on anxiety.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a very serious sickness that affects the mind and can develop after one has been through a trauma or a horrifying experience. These are some of the signs of PTSD, which may disrupt different aspects of normal activity such as intrusive recall, sleep disturbance, decreased affectivity as well as social withdrawal. Such symptoms may inhibit proper functioning of an individual in performing daily activities and compromising healthy interpersonal interactions.

In recent times, individuals are now much interested in alternative techniques that can assist PTSD patients handle their ordeals better. It is argued by some individuals that marijuana should be legalized because besides being a recreational drug, it can also be used medicinally due to the benefits of cannabis for mental health. According to studies, cannabis health benefits may be very useful in relieving most of the PTSD symptoms such as flashbacks; the analysis showed that they were now less intense by approximately 65%. 

PTSD is characterized by sleep disorders such as insomnia and bad dreams. Some studies have hinted that certain forms of cannabis, particularly the type with high CBD content, may help in getting a peaceful healthy sleep and prevent on the other side too many nightmares in patients. By inducing calmness and reducing stress levels, these cannabis health benefits may encourage better sleep among people who have experienced trauma.

Treatment for Epilepsy

Cannabis has been employed for many generations in the treatment of epilepsy. Epileptics who take cannabis are less likely to get into a seizure as it has also been proved that it prevents the occurrence of seizures in such people.

These days, many different cannabinoids are identified, and two of the most studied ones are THC and CBD. CBD has especially been seen a lot in relation to this and it is believed to have some properties that can prevent one from convulsing.

Although the exact modes of action of these substances in preventing epileptic seizures are still not entirely clear, some preliminary findings have been obtained. CBD is thought to cause a decrease in seizures by changing how certain brain cells work and messenger chemicals are released. Moreover, CBD might be anti-inflammatory as well as protective against neurologic damage, thus adding to its overall antiepileptic efficacy.

There have been many clinical trials on the potential of cannabis health benefits in treating different forms of treatment resistant epilepsy, especially Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome patients. Positive outcomes have been documented showing that there were considerable decreases of seizure attacks in some groups of patients treated with CBD.

Cancer Treatment

There are many difficult side effects to cancer treatment and this makes the process hard for patients. Chemotherapy is seen as a very good way of dealing with cancer but it has its problems too; these include the famous vomiting, lack of hair and loss of energy which is so extreme that one may become immobilized by it. However, amidst these trials, there exists a potential source of relief: cannabis health benefits.

Cannabis has potential in reducing cancer therapy side effects such as vomiting, pain, insomnia and poor appetite since it is known for causing psychoactive effects, increases appetite, reduces vomiting and causes relaxation. Also, there is still hope for using it in a different way to help people sleep well – especially those that are sick and going through some medication.

According to the National Cancer Institute, cannabis health benefits may solve many problems that may arise during treatment. This is because when it comes to fighting off nausea, vomiting, or even general body aches one may not sleep well, the cannabis plant is seen as an all round important agent in fighting cancer. It also indicates a potential cure for depression, as well as loss of appetite, neuropathy and muscle spasms; this makes cannabis a medication that can be used to treat different kinds of diseases and disorders.

In addition, there are indications that marijuana might help with mood disorders (e. g., anxiety, depression), lack of motivation, and decreased libido. To some, cannabis health benefits represent optimism because marijuana helps them overcome insomnia including other related side effects of chemotherapy.

Improving Sleep

Sleeplessness is a condition that affects one out of three people for a period in their life and denies them the opportunity to easily fall asleep. It finds its basis in various issues such as stress, fear and sadness; and if not dealt with, it can completely control someone’s life. However, one should always try to rest, and this is where the cannabis health benefits may be useful.

Lately, marijuana has become one of the top suggestions for those who have trouble sleeping, due to its alleged properties that could promote better sleep and fight against sleeping disorders. Although the scientific community is still unsure about how effective cannabis health benefits are, there is a large number of people who report using cannabis and having better sleep. The key components contained in cannabis products known as THC and CBD determine whether cannabis may be beneficial for sleep-related issues.

Many people think that THC, which is the psychoactive component in cannabis, acts as a sedative hence facilitating quick sleep. THC that’s prevalent in Sativa strains interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, known to coordinate some important functions such as sleep amongst others. Studies have indicated that THC reduces sleep onset latency, amplifies slow wave or delta sleep and decreases middle nocturnal awakening.

Contrarily, CBD is not psychoactive and might be advantageous in promoting sleep differently. Although there is not enough research on the impact of CBD towards sleep, it seems to indicate that CBD may be useful in treating some problems associated with sleep like anxiety and chronic pain. CBD reduces anxiety levels, induces relaxation which makes one fall asleep hence improving their sleep in certain cases. Moreover, there are indications that CBD could be effective in combating REM sleep disorder as well as excessive daytime sleepiness.

Weight Management

In the last few years, many researchers have been trying to find out more about cannabis health benefits and metabolism, eating habits, as well as how cannabis may influence weight control with specific focus placed on the role of cannabinoids which are the active compounds found in marijuana. Although commonly linked to increased appetite, such as through the use of marijuana or “munchies”, cannabis has a complex relationship with weight and can go either way when it comes to managing weight.

The weight loss property of marijuana is attributed to its ability to increase metabolic rate. Studies have emphasized on the contribution of cannabis towards weight loss endeavors.

A significant research found out that people who took marijuana and made it part of their daily life had reduced body mass index as compared to those who did not use marijuana with statistical significance of 3. 1%. Additionally, a different research established that individuals who took weed regularly had about four units less BMI than the non-consuming group (mean weight = 20lbs on average). Therefore, it can be concluded that cannabis use may be inversely associated with obesity risk profiles.

Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

There are unbearable experiences that one goes through due to headaches or migraines which could also pose a threat to one’s normal daily activities. However, suppose there was a way that nature provided for such problems? It appears that cannabis health benefits can be very effective against both types of headache – tension and migraine. According to research, cannabis may decrease the frequency of such events, reduce their intensity, and shorten their duration.

For instance, in a recent study that was published in the Journal of Headache, it was found that cannabis use reduced the number of migraines experienced by patients with chronic migraines who used it for three months in a month from around 11 to approximately 5!

However, cannabis does not only target migraines; it also provides great therapeutic solutions for people who experience severe pain after surgery due to certain medical conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia. Studies have indicated that consumption of marijuana decreases pain at very high rates; about 54% of the patients who had undergone surgery for trigeminal neuralgia and were smoking marijuana reported some form of relief.

Skin Health

The overall state of mind and self-confidence depend on the condition of the skin. If our skin fails to glow, then we might not feel good about ourselves and this may result in different skin related problems. To keep looking young and feeling confident, we have to take care of our skin by all means.

Getting perfect skin is not easy because many things come into play including genetics, age, too much sun and even how busy we are. Fortunately, there are herbal solutions, with cannabis health benefits seeming to be among the most effective ones.

More than four hundred cannabinoids can be found in Cannabis, and all of them have the ability to interact with the receptors found within our bodies. Such interactions may lead to anti-inflammatory effects that may be beneficial for the health of the skin. Studies reveal the potential of marijuana for treating common dermatological problems such as acne vulgaris or eczematous dermatitis, and therefore suggesting some importance in skin therapy.

The use of cannabis and other natural products can assist individuals in making their skin look young and full of energy. The fact that marijuana is able to serve many purposes is evidence enough that nature has a way of aiding us; therefore, this leads to improved skin appearance.

Cannabis Risks 

Even though cannabis is praised most times for having some medical value and being allowed for fun in certain places, it is not without its risks. The major one is the psychoactive agent known as THC, which when taken in large amounts or over a long period may cause lack of attention span as well as lack of coordination. Also, besides cannabis health benefits, some people have stated anxiety and paranoia after taking too much of this substance, so it’s also worth noting. Although studies are on their way to determine what happens if you use cannabis for a long time, one must be responsible enough, get educated properly to prevent and deal with any risks for a safe cannabis consumption.


Cannabis is a very important product that can help improve our health. Because it can be used in many different ways, and for many different things, people are encouraged to try out different approaches until they find the right one for them.

Despite the fact that there has been an exponential rise in the cannabis health benefits discussion in the last ten years, this growth has posed new problems. There is an emerging issue concerning how to determine cannabis health benefits, so more studies are necessary to determine its medicinal importance beyond reasonable doubt.

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