Dry Weed? How To Rehydrate Weed

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Irrespective of the quality, cannabis bud will always dry up at one point or this is a harmless thing. Improper drying such as prolonged exposure to air or ineffectual curing may cause dryness, but what does it matter in a larger sense, if we can just put some moisture back into those dried up weeds?

Most people would probably throw away any dried buds as soon as they see them but this is nothing else than a big mistake. Wasting occurs when one smokes a dry herb that has an awful taste, is rough in the throat and chest hence posing health hazards, and which does not give a comfortable experience. Moreover, it becomes difficult to roll with dried herbs, therefore serving as another reason for non-combustible consumption of the same.

Nonetheless, there are a number of advantages to be had from saving dry weed. Rehydrating cannabis bud not just saves money through recovery of dried products but also lowers the amount of rubbish produced. It’s okay because there’s a way in which you can make use of your dried weed again after all. This procedure has an economical importance as it helps cut on commodities going into waste or otherwise lost.

Weed can Dry out for Various Reasons

As long as marijuana is kept over a long time, it will dry up no doubt about that. It is made up of leaves or buds which lose their moisture as a matter of fact. Leave your stash for some time and most probably it will dry. Properly storing it is essential, unless you want your marijuana to stay the same over long periods.

A number of elements facilitate the drying of weed. Some of the main causes are explained below:

Weed Processing

Drying and curing are crucial stages that must be undergone by raw cannabis plant material, which includes leaves, flowers, and buds, for it to be eligible for sale. One of these phases is very important because if done improperly then the product may not last long or even be of use at all. Dry weed may taste very harsh. It is difficult to tell whether marijuana is dry enough before smoking because during drying moisture evacuates from inside but does not appear outside until burnt.

Poor Storage 

One can easily buy marijuana on the internet and have it brought to one’s home without much stress. Although, if you don’t keep it well then it may lose some moisture. Putting weed in a storage that has an inappropriate nature will make moisture escape hence leading to dryness. The problem with dried weed is that aside being tasteless it might as well fail to make you feel any better. Therefore, it is important that you store it in mason jars that are known by many to be among top choices. Ensure that you select a container with a cover that seals perfectly for maximum freshness and potency of the product bought online.

Too much heat

Decarboxylation is a process that takes place in marijuana each time it is heated too much. However, it is not advisable to expose weed to very high heat. Sometimes, one may need to warm up marijuana slowly so that it can stimulate and let out the CBD or THC content.

How Does Rehydration Works

The rehydration process works by manipulating the amount of water vapor in the air. To do this, you put a dry object together with something moist inside a container that closes tight. Moisture then moves between the two objects until there is the same amount in both places. It’s kind of like when water evaporates from a lake and then falls down as rain somewhere lower.

When it comes to rehydrating weed, this basic idea is key. If you’re going to add water, make sure it’s distilled. Distilled water doesn’t have any extra things mixed in that could hurt your weed, so it’s much safer overall.

Simple Ways to Rehydrate Your Weed

Choose the method that fits your liking best: Here are some simple and efficient ways to rehydrate your dry weed.

Moist Bread

Just get some wet bread and seal it. Do you recall the relative humidity principle? It can be applied in the following ways: dampen the bread slightly without getting it soaked, then place it beside the dry grass on one end of a tight-fitting cap or cover in a moisture-free environment. Allow these two commodities to stay together for some hours. Ensure that you keep on checking the state of the bread to see that it stays damp. In case of anything just wet the bread again and do the same till the weed gets back its initial form of moisture. After that, move the freshly moistened weed into an appropriate storage jar.

Terra Cotta Disc

Terracotta discs are widely used by most cooks in keeping the moisture content of brown sugar. One can easily get these discs from the local markets or order through the internet. The procedure is simple, soak the disc in warm water for thirty minutes, using the same procedure explained before. At this point, place the moistened disk and the dried weed in a well sealed container so that it may start reabsorbing moisture. It’s important to keep a check on the moisture level of the weed so as to avoid overhydration. After confirming that the weed has regained its moisture fully, take out the disc from the jar.

Use Fruit Peel or Herbs

To rehydrate weed, you can also use herb or fruit peel. Take any herb or fruit peel e. g. apple, grapes, lime, orange or any other and put it in the same jar as the dried weeds. By doing this the moisture contained in the peel will be transferred slowly to the weed and this will effectively restore its moisture.

In another case, if you don’t prefer using fruit peels, there are herbal alternatives such as mint, rosemary, or thyme. Do the same thing as described earlier but this time use herbs instead of fruit peels and if you wish.

One reason why fruit peels and herbs are preferred is because they help in adding some flavors and scents that can make the weed better after being moistened again. Ensure that you keep any rehydrated weed in a tightly sealed container so that it stays fresh. If you buy cannabis products on the internet and keep them well, then you don’t have to worry about getting dry weed.


Proper storage is the ultimate determinant. By properly keeping your valuable marijuana in a sealed container, you can make it stay for long. In case you realize that your marijuana stash is dry, remember the listed ways on how to revive it and apply them. This is an easy way of saving yourself a lot of money and trouble.

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