8 Ways To Become an Economical Stoner

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Buying marijuana online has made it so easy for the stoners to buy their favorite stash. Even during this pandemic, they can still get the weed delivered at home in Canada. But easy availability can sometimes make stoners out of control. One day you wake up and realize you spend too much on weed.  If you are someone who wants to enjoy marijuana in a budget, there are many ways you can become an economical stoner. For anyone wanting to save money on weed without compromising on the pleasure, they only have to make some adjustments. Controlled use of marijuana can benefit you in more ways than one. It will save you a lot of money, help in control tolerance, and make the weed last longer.  Read: Buying local vs. purchasing weed online: Which is better? It doesn’t really matter whether you are a new user or an experienced stoner, becoming an economical stoner is always wise. Here are the 8  smart ways you can save money on weed and make your marijuana last longer:
  1. Buy in Bulk and Ration It 
Buying marijuana online in bulk can save you money in a long run only if you ration it well. One of the best ideas is to divide and rule. Separate the weed into different containers marking them for days you want to use them. Just like the medicine box, you can use the cannabis containers to separate the weed stash and use them on different days.  Make sure to equally distribute the weed so that you don’t overuse them. Don’t use more weed just because it’s a weekend. It will defeat the whole purpose of becoming an economical stoner. It will not only save money, but it will help you control tolerance so that you can enjoy a better high.   2. Use Vaporizers Vaporizers are one of the best devices for using the cannabis. Unlike smoking the joints, vaping can save you money. Using the weed rolls involved burning the weed inside it, which is a total waste of the product. Combustion burns the weed and you can get high pretty fast. The high can be very strong at the first, but it can wear off easily after sometime. With vaping, the heat is used to release the cannabinoids present in the weed. You can enjoy better and consistent high that can last longer. At the same, the weed is not burnt and remaining products can be used for making edibles or drinks. You can imagine how much money you can save by using weed wisely.     3. More edibles  Edibles provide delayed by prolonged high, better than any type of methods. While it may take a lot of weed to make edibles, it is totally worth it as a money-saver option. You can use the weed left from the vaping and make edibles like brownies and cookies. You can make them large batches and store them.  Edibles provide better high that last for hours, which means you don’t have to waste weed on smoking. This way you can easily save money on your marijuana. You can buy marijuana online at the most amazing prices at West Coast Bud. Buy them in bulk, use them wisely and become an economical stoner.    4. Burn it Slowly When you are smoking joints or a bowl, you burn more than you inhale. This happens when you burn a large area of the joint or bowl, not realizing that a small amount of weed in enough for getting high. If you want enjoy high while saving money and reducing wastage, start smoking efficiently. Burn a small portion of the joint or bowl, instead of setting the whole set-up on fire at once. As you inhale, you will appreciate that a small amount of weed is enough to make you high. This way you will a lot of weed and money as you don’t have to buy them again and again. Becoming an efficient weed smoker is the first step towards becoming an economical stoner.     5. Try a Dugout  The technique used by the soldiers in war has become a great option for saving money on weed. You can buy marijuana online and use the dugout method to become a better stoner. A dugout is a method of storage of weed and hit size. You know how much weed is in one hit and how much is left in the storage. Regulating the use of weed is one of the best ways to save money on marijuana. Moderate intake of the weed can help you get high and stay that way for a long time. This method is efficient in both ways – saving money while getting you high on little amount of weed.     6. Store wisely  Proper storage is essential for making your weed last for a long time. Keep the weed in different smaller jars. When you keep them together in a jar, they can get oxidized. This happens as you use the weed and airspace increases. With smaller jars, you can reduce the oxidation and keep the weed fresh and nutty. Make sure to use airtight jars to store the weed as you don’t want the marijuana to dry out. Buy marijuana online and separate them into different smaller jars as it makes the weed last longer and help save money. At the same time, use several storage options to make the weed last longer than usual.     7. Smoke Fewer Times  You don’t need smoke all day long to enjoy the high. Smoking joints throughout the day can put a dent on your reserves. Make sure you leave a gap between two sessions so that you can enjoy your high while using the weed wisely. Don’t smoke joints if you had it last night. Having the weed for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not wise for your health or money.  Reducing the number of joints you smoke in a day can help you save weed as well as money. the best way to address this issue is to do the math. Once you have the number, it will surely wake you up and make you consider your usage. Being aware of your weed consumption can help you become an economical stoner.     8. Try Other Herbs  If you don’t want to waste marijuana, you can try mixing some other herbs into the mix. Not only it will diversify your weed intake, it will save money too. You can either use other herbs and weed together or use the herbs on off days. Either way, you will be saving money on weed and will become an economical stoner.  You can try using herbs like the mullein and damiana, they are very popular. A different flavour can enrich your experience while helping you save money. You can buy marijuana online as well as the other herbs. Online stores are now offering a wide range of options that you can choose from.  The Bottomline These are some of the best ways to save money on weed and become an economical stoner. Use these methods to smoke weed wisely and ensure that you don’t burn through your stash quickly.  West Coast Bud is your one stop destination for buying the best quality marijuana in Canada. You can buy marijuana online from our store the most reasonable prices. We have a wide range of weed selection to meet your needs. Explore our website for more products. You can e-mail West Coast Bud at [email protected]

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