Is CBD beneficial for cats and dogs?

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The effectiveness of CBD in the field of medicine for humans has already been proven. But does it apply to your pet too? Well, yes. And most people are not aware of this fact. Around 63% of veterinarians have reported having being questioned about the use of CBD for their pets. A pet owner even mentioned that CBD tends to make aggressive pets calmer and relaxed. Analysts also have predicted that the market of CBD pet care will reach around $125 million by the year 2022.  When it comes to pet ailments, CBD provides relief from seizures to anxiety. Studies have revealed that CBD oil is effective and safe for pets. Conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety, and chronic pain can be treated using cheap weed available online. Before you place your order for weed online, make sure it has been legalized in your region, or you’ve to face serious legal consequences.  Definition of CBD CBD is a compound, which can be naturally found in both hemp and marijuana. Certain hemp strains have high concentrations of CBD, which has high medicinal value. Most cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant. The 2018 Farm Bill has recognized hemp as a product of legal agriculture. To be legitimate, the CBD must have THC of less than 0.3%. THC in high amounts will lead to tremors, depression, disorientation, vomiting, hyperactivity, seizures, death, and even stupor. Since dogs and cats are very sensitive to THC, you should always look for THC levels while you’re buying cheap weed online. Things you should look for while buying CBD for Cats and Dogs  The legalization of weed in several countries has made access to weed for people easier than ever. An increased level of THC in the product might be toxic for your pet. Also, harmful contaminants or chemicals might be present. Also, the ground in which hemp is grown might contain foreign substances and heavy metals. So, there are certain things you should look for while getting weed for the treatment of your pet online. 
  • Organic hemp 
Always go for the product that had been grown organically in the US. Look for the areas producing the best hemp. Make sure the practices used for manufacturing the hemp is good. 
  • Tested by labs 
The product should be certified and tested by an unbiased, neutral source. It must be tested in a third-party, independent lab. The labs should test THC and CBD levels and find out traces of pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals that might be harmful to your pet. 
  • Reputable seller 
Don’t lead with swindlers just because they’re selling cheap weed. Check for reviews of customers, or reviews posted by other sites. Check out whether independent lab results are posted on their site showing the product is contaminant-free and pure. 
  • Absence of Xylitol 
Xylitol is quite dangerous for your pets and can prove to be fatal for dogs. It’s a kind of sugar substitute.
  • THC-free 
Every product has labels showing the level of CBD and THC present in it. This is the most important thing you should look for while purchasing weed for your pet. Make sure the weight of THC is 0.3% or less than that. In simpler terms, it should have three parts of THC for one thousand parts of oil.  How much CBD should you give to your pet?  Before starting a regimen of CBD for the pet, it’s very important to consult the veterinarian. For most effectiveness, CBD oil is administered in food or orally. It’s highly recommended to start from a very low dose, such as around 2 mg/10 lbs./month. Keep a check on the reaction of your pet, and slowly increase it to twice daily. Eventually, then increase the dosages.  Since cheap weed is available online, buying them for your pet won’t empty your pocket. The American Kennel Club has revealed that when it comes to side effects of weed, very few of them have been noticed in pets. Just like humans, not every pet reacts in the same way. You’ve to wait for an hour or a half to get the result.  As per American Kennel Club’s reports, fewer side effects caused by CBD are:
  • Drowsiness: CBD has a calming effect, which might cause a little drowsiness, especially when it’s used in higher doses. 
  • Dry mouth: You might notice increased thirst and more water intake in your pet. 
  • Low BP: When given in high doses, CBG might lower the blood pressure, which can generate a sense of light-headedness. 
How is it beneficial for your pets? There have been reports suggesting an improvement in the quality of life of several cats. Cat owners have been using CBD for years now. A pet owner has strongly recommended the use of CBD for alleviating conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, pancreatitis, asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections, and seizures. The availability of cheap weed online has made it even easier for customers, and almost everyone can afford it.  When it comes to our loyal, furry friends, Dogs, CBD has helped alleviate several conditions such as inflammation, behavioral problems, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, cancer, and dermatitis. The Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic, Oregon has revealed that products of CBD derived from the industrial hemp, has shown great therapeutic results.  Conclusion Nothing super alarming has been found about the CBD yet. So, pet owners must use it carefully, only after consulting their veterinarians. If you take the points mentioned above into consideration, you will have a very good experience with CBD. Sometimes, the CBD products might contain high levels of THC without being mentioned in the labels. This is why it’s always better to buy from reputable online stores. You wouldn’t want to take risks with your friend’s health, right? So, do proper research before you bring it in practice. It’s always better to take professional help, instead of trusting on unreliable advice over the internet.  Read: Beginner’s Guide: What are the different ways to use cannabis? If you’re looking for a reliable site to get the best CBD products, then West Coast Bud is your one-stop solution. Being a very reputable site in Canada, all the details and contents of the product are listed clearly. All our products are subjected to stringent quality-assurance tests. We bring the most reliable, quickest, and safest products to you. Our team has tailored the safest and discrete ways to deliver the product at your doorstep without much delay. You can find all extracts and strains on our site. We proudly provide free gram and one-day shipping to our new customers on their first order. All you need to do is verify your age, email, and ID, which shows your photo, name, DOB, and address. If you’re 19 years of age, no one can stop you from getting weed. If you’ve got further questions, you can contact us via mail at [email protected] or fill the application form available at our website. 

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