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What to keep in mind when you order weed online?

order weed online at westcoastsupply

Whether you have been an experienced cannabis consumer or just a beginner, ordering cannabis can be a bit tricky. While several countries and states are now doing their best to legalize the use of cannabis for both medical as well as recreational purposes, the legal status is still restricted to certain places. Talking about Canada, you can order weed online from reputed sources without having to go through the hassles of searching for things on the black market.

But, if you are new to the field of ordering weed online, you need to keep in mind certain do’s and don’ts that will help you with safe purchase.

Before we go ahead and look through the ways to order weed online in the best way, let us take a look at the associated advantages. 

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Advantages of Buying Weed Online

  • Convenient shopping from the comfort of your home:

Convenience is one thing that makes e-commerce websites so popular. You do not need to travel, spend on gas, or dress-up in order to reach the shopping site. When you order weed online, all you need to do is click on a few buttons, and you are good to go. 

  • Privacy:

Well, most of us love to socialize and talk to people, but when it comes to things such as weed, you might want to avoid getting a bit too friendly with people. Not everyone likes people that enjoy a few joints for their recreational needs. So, when you order weed online, you can avoid all these awkward conversations and enjoy your joint without any interference. 

  • Huge collection of products:

While the physical stores come with limitations in terms of product selection due to space constraints, the online stores have it all and more. They can also deal with a big customer base with the faster dispatch of products when you order weed online.

  • Better Prices:

With no need for physical stores and shorter chains for the manufacturer to customer transit, you get access to better price tags that can also be fairly discounted at times. Plus, less traveling costs to get the weed. 

  • Helps patients with critical & severe conditions:

Patients that tend to suffer from severe conditions and can’t visit physical locations can benefit a lot from the online stores. They do not have to walk or travel to the store, just a few clicks of the mouse will suffice. 

So, now that you know about the benefits that you get when you order weed online let us know the rules and regulations you need to adhere to when making a purchase.

Order Weed Online: Things to Take into Consideration

1-Find the Right Weed for You:

When talking about making a purchase for weed, trust us, not every variant is perfect for you. While one weed type might be suited to your needs, others might not be as great. So, when you opt to order weed online, make sure you check through all the available options, read through the features, and order according to your requirements. 

2-Read through the Reviews:

It is obvious that any company/brand would try to sell you its products at any cost. However, you need to be a bit clever than that. One thing you can always trust is the reviews posted by customers related to the product. In this case, you need to look for reviews related to weed products from a seller that you would want to purchase from. 

This will help you verify the reliability of the company and help you select a product that is likely to be the best fit for your recreational or medical needs. 

3-Research about the Source:

While the reviews surely work for you for a quick and reliable order weed online, opting for research will take you a step ahead. Whether you choose to order weed online via small retailers or going with the mass chain dispensaries, good research will always bring you fruitful results. You always need to check the company’s rating with different regulating agencies to ensure that you are purchasing from a reliable name. 

4-Learn the local regulations and laws:

While everyone wants to order weed online, very few of us know the associated rules and regulations that you need to adhere to. There are several potential buyers that might want to make a purchase from areas that haven’t yet legalized weed in any way. This includes both medical as well as recreational legalization move. 

Now, if you happen to live in a place that has legalized marijuana for medical use but not for recreational use, you cannot get access to marijuana without a prescription from a certified healthcare professional. The same applies to places that have partial legalization with varying limits on the amount one can use or carry legally. So, it is important that you learn all the local regulations and laws in your area before you start looking for a suitable seller. 

5-Check the reliability of payment gateways:

The issue with online vendors is the fact that you cannot meet your sellers in person. So, how do you trust them? The best way is to go for sellers that opt for well-known and reliable payment gateways. So, when you order weed online, keep in mind that the payment gateway should be something that you can rely on. 

It is always a good idea to be a little extra careful when it comes to the payment part of the online ordering process. Remember, banking information is something that needs to be dispensed only with someone that cares about your privacy and don’t scam their way into your bank account. 

6-Choose Your Closest Service Provider:

Another thing you need to keep in mind when you order weed online is to select a service provider that is closest to you. Why, you ask? This is because in case there is an issue with your order, you can easily get in touch with your seller and ask for a replacement or refund for your purchase. In case they are unavailable, you can go all the way to the physical location to get your issue resolved. 


Remember, there is no right way to order weed online, especially due to the fact that it is such a controversial subject. However, with these tips in mind, you can surely bag yourself a deal or two without having to worry about anything. If you happen to live in Canada, this guide will help you pick the best weed buds for your recreational or medical needs while you save a few bucks to get that sweet candy on the side. 

Looking for a reliable source to order weed online in Canada? At West Coast Bud, we bring you an amazing collection of weed and weed products that will help you enjoy a good Sunday evening or aid to your medical needs. Scroll through our collection today and use the coupon code 420 to get a site-wide 20 percent off on all products. 


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