Marking Important Events in the Marijuana Industry during the Corona Lockdown

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The COVID-19 virus has taken the globe by storm. The foundations of the global financial systems seem to have been weakened by the spread of the flu, while the industries show signs of tumbling down. However, in such a scenario, the need for recreational cannabis is at an all-time high as a greater number of individuals look for ways to entertain themselves during the lockdown. The mail order for weed, Canada, is seeing an upward trend on account of major developments in the marijuana industry.  Here are some of the major developments in the industry as the world sees a major lockdown.  News #1: CBD Sales Soar as Coronavirus Spreads The CBD companies have been working hard as they see an unprecedented amount of orders from all across the region. The orders are chiefly from the individuals who fear the virus most and desire their safety right from the comfort of the home.  CBD is an extract of marijuana and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. The element is known to reduce stress and hence has grabbed the attention of the users. However, an alternate story floats across the internet. The coronavirus attack individuals with lesser immunity and stress emerge as one of the principal factors for people with lesser immunity.  This, in turn, has boosted the sales of the CBD oil all across the region. Search formail order weed Canada and you would end up with a ton of options. However, the scientific community disagrees with the same as it has not been officially confirmed that CBD lowers the chances of the novel coronavirus attack, and no such theory has surfaced across the scientific community. On the other hand, the official remedy for the same is yet to be declared at this point of writing.  Read: Top 8 Recreational Marijuana FAQs Answered for You News #2: Federal Agencies Take Steps on Cannabis Research and the THC Content There has been a significant improvement in the way the Government has been looking for research on the medical opportunities in the segment. In a notice, dated March 22, the feds registered the act.  The announcement comes as a surprise for the scientists and researchers who have been waiting for years for the ruling. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has announced a decree in 2016 that limited the use of weed for all kind of purposes. However, with the latest ruling in place, academicians and researches all across the nation now have unlimited access to the substance.  For the time being, the weed would be available only to the license holders of universities and investigative centers. However, the critics welcome the act with huge applaud. The following steps mark the openness of the Government towards the research and development of the community.  In a press release, the DEA Acting Administrator, Uttam Dhillion said that the Drug Enforcement Administration would continue to support the endeavor while stating better research and results by increasing the number of individuals in the field.  Currently, scientists receive their research cannabis from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). However, with new rules in place, the industry is expected to mark a major reform. The only approved cultivator of research cannabis for NIDA is the University of Mississippi from the past several decades.  News #3: Advocates Urge Law Enforcement to Release Cannabis Prisoners The curtailing cannabis-related arrest has received attention form the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). The individuals appeal that the prisoners with only drug abuse history and without any non-violent history should be released as the chances of contamination increases in the closely guarded cells of the country.  The concept is well received by Baltimore’s State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. Mosby announced that the action should be taken to reduce the chances of an outbreak in jails. The unsanitary conditions, along with the dense population, form the perfect breeding ground for the COVID-19, and hence severe action should be taken in place to make sure that no prisoner gets the virus.  On the other hand, there is a spike in the number of cases in prisons. At least 52 inmates and 30 prison staffs have tested positive for the disease.  The United States has the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world and currently holds 2.3 million individuals in prison. If the prisons see an outbreak, millions will stand at risking their life on account of safety in the region.  News #4: Operators excluded From Disaster Assistance As per the latest announcements, low-interest loans were supposed to be offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The program helps small businesses by extending loans up to $2 million. However, the state-legal cannabis businesses are the ones that would not receive any help from the Federal Institution. On March 11, the Government announced that the SBA would help businesses struggling financially. A sum of $50 billion was allotted for the task. However, as per the recent reports, a whole lot many companies have received the grant, with the cannabis-related companies being a part of it as per the public radio in New York.  On the other hand, the maximum amount for low-interest loans is still unknown. Chances exist that it could exceed by $1 trillion as per the stimulus crafted by the Congress.  However, one thing has been made sure. The cannabis businesses would not be given the opportunity in any such program. Meanwhile, the growing popularity of marijuana, not just for medicinal purposes but also for stress relief and post-traumatic disorders and other recreational opportunities, is expected to drive growth all across the nation.  News #5: The Effect of COVID-19 over the Cannabis Industry While a lot many industry pundits may announce that the Cannabis industry is recession-proof, much like the alcohol and the tobacco industry, the reality is that the Cannabis industry is facing a hard time. Critical components like the vapor have been manufactured in China (the epicenter of the disease). They are bought and sold in the USA. However, with the complete lockdown, finding new components has become a daunting task. The factories have been closed down for months now while the workers have been in the complete lockdown.  Not only have the products, the events been closed down as well. This, in turn, has affected the growth of the cannabis industry mail order weed in Canada as well.   However, the growing use of weed for recreational purposes is expected to help the industry flourish in all states. While a lot many states have considered the option of legalizing the products, the results are yet to finalized. The growing needs are expected to push the lawmakers to legalize the solutions all across the country.  Concluding Remarks The cannabis industry has been under tremendous pressure as the industry goes through many uphill challenges. On the other hand, only a few of the leading brands have been able to mail order weed in Canada in the time of hardships. However, post the pandemic, the industry is expected to see a major growth all across the globe.  Are you looking for premium, high-quality weed? Search no more! Visit West Coast Bud to get undisputed solutions that are second to none. For more information on the latest solutions and exciting offers do visit the West Coast Bud.

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